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Candy Link 1.0.9
Eliminate Candy 3 is a fantastic journey witha delicious sweet candy world as the background picture comparisonfantasy gorgeous elimination games, candy eliminate exquisite, isyour essential casual games, the game will be massive checkpointswaiting for you to war!Super Meng rage Lianliankan "destroy Candy 3 fantasy trip" onceagain counter-attack! Fantasy scene, Super Meng candy, cutecharacters, a variety of ultimate blasting bombs and other propscool incoming!bring it on! Dancing your fingers, challenge the elimination ofthe limit, the highest fruit break points, come and experience thenew Lianliankan! Endless mode, pass through mode, and more gameplaywaiting for you to discover! !
大话三国 1.0.7
Aircraft carrier battle 1.0.8
To reproduce the classic naval aircraftcarrierbattle armed forces joint operations, designated missionobjective,landing, Morijima sneak into. Beauty commander, navalbattle with anew model, simulate the real battle scenes, the gamethrough fivebattle, full disclosure contained in the strategicthinking ofmodern warfare, tactical force! More pass through mode,a specialmode, endless mode three game modes! Nearly a hundredkinds ofmodern equipment, dozens of enemy ships with specialcreatedunpredictable battlefield situation! Build weapons, let youtakeyour own unique naval battle, a variety of modern fighter Takeyourpick, all kinds of modern warships your pick.