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Stickman Click Death Story 1.0.0
shu shanyuan
The story begins with the scared stickmeninthe cafeteria, News Room and mortuary room¡­With this newcoolisometric version of Causality you can control the weather,lightthem on fire, bring the dead back to life to kill more!!Remember,dont let a stickman see another stickman die! See how thestoryunfolds¡­Causality Story!
Santa Beard Makeover 1.0.0
shu shanyuan
How to play the online game WhileSantadiligently prepared for the holiday his disheveled beardandmustache became hang scraps and soiled. Select deliciouslyscentedsoap and wash Santo. When the beard and mustache are dryShearshreds. Give a festive Santa face shape. When Santa is ready,youwill need to dress it up a Christmas deer. Find everything youneedin a locker for deer festive attire.
Boy Ear-Infection 1.0.0
shu shanyuan
Tony is a fashion icon for boys, heloveslooking awesome and being in trend. Today he went to thesaloon toget a haircut, some spa and a new earring in one of hisears. Theearring part went bad so he had to rush tot he hospitaland get hisear healed for infection by a doctor. Help Tony recoverhisawesomeness with a perfectly clean and healthy ear!
Beauty Girl Nails Heal Spa 1.0.0
shu shanyuan
Anni Nails Heal & Spa and help Annitotreat her hand because Her Nails look awful and she hasseveralinjuries on her hand. Anni's nails look awful and she hasseveralinjuries on her hands. Now, you play as her doctor and givehergood treatment for her hand. And then she feel better,pleasechoose the most beautiful nail designs, so she can have abeautifulmanicure. Have fun with this game!
Cooking Christmas Cookies 1.0.0
shu shanyuan
Its almost Christmas! Time for somedeliciouscookies. If you practice your Christmas cookies early,youll surelyget them perfect when you make them on Christmas day!Bake thesedelicious cookies and then adorn them so they lookfestive for theChristmas table!