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Eid Live Wallpaper 1.0.3
Eid Mubarak!Eid Greetings from shurjoMukhi 2016This Ramadan we cometo you with a beautiful Eid Live Wallpaper to decorate yourSmartphone. This Wallpaper will enhance the beauty of yoursmartphone.Try it! Watch your Eid excitement grow as you touch thescreen. Gives your smartphone an exciting look, needs no launcherand works on all phones!One of the coolest live wallpapers outthere!
Hatekhori (Bangla Alphabet) হাতেখড়ি 3.0.10
“Hatekhori” is an app to help children to learn, read and writeBangla alphabet (bornomala) with animation, interactivity andaudio. Still thinking how to learn Bangla alphabet easily? Wait,this android app is the best answer for this question. It is aself-motivated Bangla learning and reading platform. Anyone, eitherchildren or adults, can learn Bangla alphabet with their correctpronunciation and begin to learn reading and writing Bangla in afunny and interactive way through this app.This free app is a bestbrainstorming toy for your intelligent kids. Features: * Users canlearn not only Bangla letters but also words and spellings. *Sentence making with handwriting practice using their fingers as apen is a special feature. * Best preschool learning app fortoddlers, also good for any early childhood education stage. * Thisapp is offline based, so you don’t need any kind of mobile orinternet connection to use. * This app is especially suited forpreschool children, just started to learn the language and foradults, who wish to learn as well.
Eid-UL-Adha LWP (Eid Mubarak) 1.0.1
Eid Mubarak! 2016Eid Greetings from shurjoMukhi.This Eid-ul-adha wecome to you with a beautiful Eid Live Wallpaper to decorate yourSmartphone. This Wallpaper will enhance the beauty and fun factorof your smartphone.Try it! Watch your Eid excitement grow as youtouch the screen. Gives your smartphone an exciting look, needs nolauncher and works on all phones!One of the coolest live wallpapersout there!
Bangla Ekush Live Wallpaper 1.0.4
Ekushey live wallpaper will remind you of the sacrifice of thosekilled during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations of1952.The live wallpaper is interactive, reacts to movement. Whenyou touch the Shaheed Minar, Bangla alphabet will flow from the topof the screen.keywords: Bangla ekush, ekush, amor ekush, amorekushey, amor, bangla alphabet, bangla, bangla bhasha, bangla livewallpaper, live wallpaper, bangladesh, bhasha shahid
Universal Meter Reader 2.0
shurjoMukhi has recently won two competitive grants from theMinistry of Information and Communication Technology to buildApp-based workflow solutions for Utility vendors in the PowerSector of the country. Under this grant, it has developed aUniversal Meter Reader App for the Dhaka Power Distribution Company(DPDC).Universal Meter Reader Android App can be used by meterreaders of Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC). The onlyprerequisite will be to carry an Android Smartphone with InternetConnectivity. Meter readers of DPDC can use to register the readingof the clients’ meters they are attending to in their peripateticrounds.This simple and universal Meter Reader App does1. Allow themeter reader to input the reading of the meter into the App2. Takea photo of the reading on the meter3. Register the location of themeter reader where the meter is being read using GPS or BTS basedlocation detection facilities of Smartphones4. Upload all the dataobtained as result of the above 3 steps to a central server inpredetermined format.This Universal Meter Reader App has a presetand well-documented way of invoking a webserver URL using POSTmethod where the following data and parameters will be posted tothe webserver:i. The Smartphone MAC ID the data is being sentfromii. The IP Address of the Smartphoneiii. The reading on themeteriv. The image of the meter as taken by the meter readerv. Thelocation of the smartphoneThe Meter Reader App is an innovation inthe field of G2G Service Monitoring and Delivery because nothinglike this currently exists in Bangladesh.
Amar Shadhinota Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
Amar Shadinota live wallpaper will remind you of the liberation ofthe then East Pakistan from Pakistan and establishment of thesovereign state of Bangladesh in 1971.The live wallpaper (LWP) isinteractive and reacts to movement. When you touch the nationalmonument, a few flowers flow from the top of the screen. And thereis an animated flag beside of the National Mausoleum for theMartyrs located in Savar, Bangladesh.keyword: Shadhinota, Bangla,Bangladesh, National Independence Day, Victory Day, Bangla Bhasha,Live Wallpaper, Just like a Waving Flag, Bangla Flag, Wallpaper,26th March, 16th December, National Mausoleum, Martyrs, Savar
Bijoy LWP 1.0.2
The 16th of December, 1971 is a red letter day in our nationalhistory. It was on this day we were to snatch our independencesafter a life and death liberation war for long nine months. Thisvictory was a victory of right against wrong. It was a war ofself-emancipation. Every year we observe this day in a colorfulmanner. This day reminds us of the supreme in a colorful manner. Inthis regard like other special days shurjoMukhi continues it'shabit to make the android phone users smile with all new excitinglive wallpapers. This time shurjoMukhi comes with exciting VictoryDay live wallpaper named ‘Bijoy 2013’. There is an animated flag onthe head of the rifle, which reminds us the symbol of victory. ItGives your smartphone an exciting look, needs no launcher and workson all phones!
Valentine's Kiss LWP 1.0.4
Valentines Kiss is the Live Wallpaper that will give a colorful andromantic touch to your smartphone.It is a special gift for thesweethearts of every age.One heart stays at the center of thescreen and you can set your beloved person's picture inside theheart-shaped middle of the wallpaper. When you touch the picture apair of lips will be growing leaving a 'kiss mark' on the screen.If you touch around the heart of the picture some more hearts willappear on the screen. Enjoy loving. Enjoy a Valentine'skiss.keywords: Valentines Kiss, sweet heart, kiss,valentine,valentine Live, valentine's day, be my valentine, valentine livewallpaper, 2013 valentine, my valentine,valentine's day, heart livewallpaper, heart's live wallpaper, kiss day
Bangla Noboborsho LWP 1.0.1
Hi!It's time to start a promising new Bangla year.Decorate yourphone with Bangla Noboborsho Live Wallpaper while you're waitingfor 1423 New Bangla Year's countdown! Try it! It gives your phonean exciting look, needs no launcher and works on all phones! One ofthe coolest live wallpapers out there! This is a live wallpaper notan App. User has to set wallpaper after installing.How To Set:- goto your home screen;- press the menu button on your device;- select"Wallpaper";- select "Live Wallpapers";- search and select for "Live Wallpaper"- select "Settings" to see the settings or select"Set wallpaper" to activate it.I hope you enjoy this Lovely LiveWallpaper and encourage us for further apps.keyword: Novoborsho,Bangla, Bangladesh, Happy New Year, Bangla Tradition, LiveWallpaper, Pohela Boishakh, Bangla New Year, Wallpaper, GonojagoronMoncho, Shahbag, Projomno Chottor
Widget - BPL 2013 Droid Live 1.0
Cricket now is mostly about the fascinatingshort version of the game called T20 cricket. With the BPL knockingat the door which is to start from the january 18, 2013.The BPLDroid Live Widget delivers a minute by minute update of all BPLmatches. A must-have for any fan of cricket in the shortform.Product feature bullets :• BPL droid live is an application for android operated devicewhich help you to• 1. Check the live score of BPL 2013• 2. Score will be updated after 30 seconds• 3. Scores of multiple matches can be checked in a samedisplay
PGCB Production Monitoring App 1.2
shurjoMukhi has recently won two competitive grants from theMinistry of Information and Communication Technology to buildApp-based workflow solutions for Utility vendors in the PowerSector of the country. Production Monitoring App for the Power GridCompany of Bangladesh (PGCB) is one of them.PGCB ProductionMonitoring Android Application is developed for the use by all theMangers, Engineers and stakeholders of PGCB and relatedorganizations so that officials will be able to select the type andfrequency of SMSs to be sent to their mobile numbers every day. Thesame App will also show a few other information considered vital oressential for the stakeholders to be abreast of.PGCB sendsthousands of SMS to dozens of officials of various Government andAutonomous Organizations everyday informing them of various powerproduction related statistics. These organizations consist ofGovernment and autonomous entities like the PDB, DPDC, DESCO,WZPDC, REB, Power Cell and the Ministry of Power, Energy andMineral Resources. These MIS SMSs inform the Mangers and Engineersand other stakeholders of these entities about: 1. Daily PowerProduction2. Hourly Power Production3. Area Based GenerationInformationBenefits of PGCB Production Monitoring App:• Mangers,Engineers and stakeholders of PGCB and related organizations willbe able to select the type and frequency of SMSs that gets sent totheir mobile numbers every day. • Money being spent on SMSs sent bydefault currently will be minimized as customization will lead toreduced yet better use of the facility.The success of thedevelopment can very well become a trail blazer inspiring others inthe Government sector to replicate its success creating a positiveinnovative trend of better monitoring and service delivery thisway. 1.2.9
BCS Master is a free App for anyone who wishes to pass the BCSpreliminary MCQ test successfully and to get their dream job inBangladesh Public Service Commission (bpsc). This App consists ofprevious year question paper as well as new questions which provideopportunity for the students to test their own level of knowledgeby participating in MCQ model tests This android App is also giventhe opportunity to meritorious students to earn monetary rewards byparticipating in daily quizzes. BCS rankings of the top scorers inthe daily quiz are maintained in the App Itself. Top scorers willbe rewarded as per the following rules: 1st Prize: 2500tk mobilerecharge for Monthly Top Scorer 2nd Prize: 1000tk mobile rechargefor Monthly 2nd Top Scorer 3rd Prize: 500tk mobile recharge forMonthly 3rd Top Scorer Other Top 10 scorers will also be rewardedwith attractive prizes. The merit list will be refreshed at the endof every month. Needless to say, Bcs Master (bpsc bd mcq) is also agreat resource for anyone wanting to increase their generalknowledge in general. Feature: # daily quiz-wise bcs rankings # mcqquestion wise bcs preparation # practice bcs preliminary model test# subject-wise bcs preparation # details information on how bpscrecruitment is done # mcq model test for all subject # previousyear question paper # bcs preparation #10th to 36th bcs questionbank # well design bcs app with all needed feature # bcs questionbank # bcs exam preparation # bcs preliminary preparation # bpsc bdguideline # random bcs test # best app for bcs preparation # bcsexam question # swipe supported # clean & user friendlyinterface # bcs # bcs preparation # bcs question # bcs questionbank # bcs app # bcs guide # bcs test # bcs exam # bcs preparation# bcs preliminary test # bcs model test # bcs preli # bcs mcq#timed mcq #bcs preli mcq
Toys-R-Yours 1.6
This is a mobile application for the Toys-R-Yours initiative takenby Ex-Cadet’s Forum. Using this app anyone can easily donate moneyfor the Toys-R-Yours initiative. The users can use any visa orMasterCard or DBBL Nexus Card, bKash, Qcash and Mcash to donatemoney. This app also helps the users to locate the toys drop offpoints and distribution points enabling them to reach those pointsand donate toys. This app also contains information regarding thepeople behind this initiative. You will find a lot of pictures andvideos of Toys-R-Yours initiative and get to know more about theinitiative. The most attractive part of this app is a game called“Bug Food Finder”. From children to adults everyone will love thisgame. This game is all about finding the right bug for the givenfood and tap them to make them disappear. Donate to theToys-R-Yours initiativeBring Joy to the Children
Big Bash Droid Live 1.0.4
Big-Bash now is mostly about thefascinatingshort version of the game called T20 cricket world.BigBash is oneof them. With the Big-Bash 2012-13 knocking at thedoor which is tostart from the December 07, 2012, the expectationsfromparticipating 8 teams from all across the Australia arehumongous.The “Big Bash Droid Live” Android App lets you view theliveScoreboards of current matches, the Points Table, Schedule andallthe latest News feeds right on your smart phone screen! It isallyou need and more to be the ultimate T20 Big Bash Leaguecricketfan.Product features:“Big Bash Droid Live” is an application for android operateddeviceswhich lets you• Live cricket scores• Scores will be updated every minute• Updated Points Table• The full match schedule for all the matchesSo download this Free App and enjoy! And don't forget, ifyouhave found the App to be useful, write some good reviews.
payPoint 1.2.0
payPoint mobile app is an android app version of the famouse-commerce portal “”.This mobile app brings onlinemobile recharge facility in such a way that you can easy rechargeto your android phone. Now you can semd online recharge to mobilebalance directly from your own mobile phone anywhere and anytimewith this free app. shurjoMukhi owns and operates the largest b2ce-commerce portal in Bangladesh named shurjoMukhi payPoint( which is being used by credit card, debitcard and m-wallet holders to carry out myriad financialtransactions starting from purchasing movie tickets to mobileairtime on the Internet. payPoint is integrated with shurjoPay, thelargest e-payment gateway or online payment gateway in Bangladeshowned and operated by shurjoMukhi limited. shurjoMukhi payPointoffers Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk and airtel prepaidrecharge online facility on the portal enabling subscribers of allthese mobile companies to recharge their mobile numbers usingcredit card or debit card from the comfort of their home or officeat any time.
Sydney Eats 1.0.3
Sydney Eats enables you to find restaurants right near you inSydney.Simply turn on your GPS and you'll receive list ofrestaurants right near you. Food lovers will now be enjoying theirmeal without any trouble to search their favorite restaurant. Thisrestaurant finder gives instant results based on your locationusing GPS. One can get complete address, location and direction byMap and contact number of their favorite restaurant.QUICKRESTAURANT SEARCH:Sydney Eats restaurant finder uses GPS/networkprovider to find location and provides fast and efficient way tolocate nearest restaurant details.GET TAXI SERVICE:Sydney Eatsrestaurant finder gives taxi vendor numbers to find taxi that canbring him to his favorite restaurant or any other restaurantwithout any trouble.SHARE YOUR FOOD:Sydney Eats lets you capture,share and relive your memorable meals with friends on Facebook andTwitter. Using this app you can review the comments for aparticular restaurant as well as you can comment on it. Use SydneyEats to remember all of your delicious experiences.
মোবাইলে মুক্তিযুদ্ধ 1.3.2
বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতা যুদ্ধ ছিল ১৯৭১ সালে সংঘটিত তৎকালীন পশ্চিমপাকিস্তানের বিরুদ্ধে পূর্ব পাকিস্তানের সশস্ত্র সংগ্রাম, যার মাধ্যমেবাংলাদেশ একটি স্বাধীন দেশ হিসাবে পৃথিবীর মানচিত্র আত্মপ্রকাশ করে।১৯৭১ সালের ২৫শে মার্চ রাতের অন্ধকারে পাকিস্তানি সামরিক বাহিনী পূর্বপাকিস্তানে বাঙালি নিধনে ঝাঁপিয়ে পড়লে একটি জনযুদ্ধের আদলেমুক্তিযুদ্ধ তথা স্বাধীনতা যুদ্ধের সূচনা ঘটে। পঁচিশে মার্চের কালোরাতে পাকিস্তানি সামরিক জান্তা ঢাকায় অজস্র সাধারণ নাগরিক, ছাত্র,শিক্ষক, বুদ্ধিজীবী, পুলিশ হত্যা করে। গ্রেফতার করা হয় ১৯৭০ সালেরসাধারণ নির্বাচনে নিরঙ্কুশ সংখ্যাগরিষ্ঠতাপ্রাপ্ত দল আওয়ামী লীগপ্রধান বাঙ্গালীর তৎকালীন প্রিয় নেতা বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমানকে।গ্রেফতারের পূর্বে ২৬শে মার্চের প্রথম প্রহরে তিনি বাংলাদেশেরস্বাধীনতার ঘোষণা দেন। This App is the best app for learning historyof liberation war of Bangladesh. In this app the history ofliberation war 1971, is available for all the sectors of the war.You will find separate history for each sectors. This app alsoincludes pictures, audio and video of the then events. This app hasa intrinsic motivation for it's users to learn history ofliberation war and test his/her knowledge by attending the quiz.This app has a ranking and scoring system which will give the userthe motivation to learn the true history of liberation war. war1971 muktijuddho muktijuddho71 mukti bahini bangladesh liberationwar 1971 bangladesh war freedom fighters muktijuddho 71 gameliberation war bangladesh independence day heroes of 71 bangladeshwar 1971 war game liberation war of bangladesh 1971 war ofbangladesh
Memory Game for Kids 1.0.4
Pairs Memory match Game for Kids is a puzzle game on google play Toimprove their short-term memory and speed recognition skills.Areyou ready to challenge your memory daily with "Memory Game forKids" ?A great game to exercise your memory!Memory game containsvery cute images of numbers, fruits, foods, animals which are onmemory cards.This game is for children of all ages - preschoolers,school children and teens. Both boys and girls will love thisgame.Recently, scientists have proven that regular mental andconcentration exercise can greatly improve memory of kidsMemorygame develops recognition, concentration and motor skills ofkidsMemory Game for Kids has cute sounds for kidsColourful HDgraphics, vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable images ofnumbers, animals, fruits and foodsSound settings to adjust or evenon/off game sounds and musicVisual memory trainingMatching game isdesigned and structured according to kid's mentalityFeature of thisGameApplication may contain ads to keep it freeAbsolutely FreeNopurchases portion in appNo special permissions8 levels in thegamelow memory games
হাতেখড়ি সংখ্যা 3.0.5
Hatekhori Shonkha is a free kids bangla sonkha(বাংলা সংখ্যা), 123numbers learning app. Hatekhori Shonkha provides a well designedgraphical contents for the enjoyable reading experience.
Hatekhori Juktakkhor হাতেখড়ি যুক্তাক্ষর (Conjunct) 3.0.5
Learning Conjuncts(juktakkhor) is not difficult anymore. Discoverthe fun and interactive way of learning bangla conjuncts usinghatekhori juktakkhor app. হাতেখড়ি যুক্তাক্ষর (HatekhoriConjuncts/hatekhori juktakkhor) is the only app which is onlyfocused on teaching juktakkhor, fola and ref. Conjuncts areintegral part of bangla language and by using this app anyone canlearn bangla conjuncts very easily.
Bug Smasher (Squash Game) 1.0.6
Bug smasher is an squash arcade game. Once the player starts toplay, bugs will come from the top of the screen and the player hasto tap on the right bug to smash it. During the game the playerswill be able to see their live score, lives they have and the foodon top of the screen. As the food changes the right bug will changeaccordingly. Type of bugs food:1. Bee for Honey2. Ant for sugar3.Caterpillar for Leaf4. Butterfly for flower5. Grasshopper forGrass6. ICT bug(circuit/transistor) for electronic chipsDuring thegame some coins will also come from the top of the screen and theplayer can collect them and later use those to purchase some itemsfrom the shops sections.Achievement Name: Novice KillerDescription:Once the player completes level 5, he will get the bug killertitle.Caterpillar RemoverDescription: Once he completes level 10 hewill get the achievementKilling MachineDescription: Once hecompletes level 15 he will get the achievementCommando Description:Once he completes level 20 he will get the achievementBugHeroDescription: Once he completes level 25 he will get theachievement
Car Racing Game 1.0.2
Car racing game will be a challenge for the racing lovers even themost skilled racing fans. Fastest cars are going to burn up thestreets. Lorries & other cars will be obstacles during theracing. Car Racing Features: - Breathtaking racing - More coins tounlock and upgrade - HD graphics - Realistic car racing feeling -Super fast speed
Jet Copter Flying Game 1.0.2
Jet copter flying game is a super cool, challenging & powerfulvisual impact of the vertical shooting game, where you will beflying the most advanced fighter aircraft in space combat with theenemy. The thrilling fast-paced game allows you and goes throughsuper hit, and extensive combat experience.The game also offers youto get the fuels during the fly.You will be challenged differentplanes, copters, parachutes, obstacle walls etc.
প্রাণিসেবা (praniSheba)
shurjoMukhi praniSheba is a digital platform using IoT (InternetofThings) and RFID technology in rural areas of the countrytodetermine and record cow species, genetic development,informationconservation, reproduction, dairy management andprovision ofprimary treatment. A cattle insurance policy tosafeguard cattlefarmers is part and parcel of the platform. Aboveall, the platformaims to implement the government’s mission andvision for ruralsocio-economic development through the use of ICTin livestockextension activities.
Ansar & VDP URP
This application help to HRM entry system. All Ansar’sinformationincluding name, address, educational informationcollected andupdated in main HRM system.