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simPRO Connect
simPRO Connect is the field extension ofsimPRO Service and Enterprise. Staff in the field retrieve andupdate job times, materials, details, and even take payments onsite in real time, enabling seamless data communication with theoffice.simPRO Software develops business management cloud solutions forthe trade services industry.
simPRO Connect V2 2.1.7
simPRO Connect is an out-of-office extension of our flagshipproduct, simPRO Enterprise. It enables staff in the field toretrieve and update times, materials, job details and even photosfor each job in real time.For over ten years simPRO Software has provided leading-edgeField Service Management software designed for the trade andservice industry.Note: This version to be used in the event v3 is incompatiblewith your device
LaserPro Connect 3.7.311
LaserPro Connect is an out-of-office extension for LaserProEnterprise. It enables staff in the field to retrieve and updatetimes, materials, job details and even photos for each job in realtime. Note: LaserPro Connect works with LaserPro Enterprise only.
simPRO eForms 3.1.809
simPRO eForms digitises your forms workflow,ending your dependency on paper forms. Field employees complete andsubmit PDF forms to the eForms Portal, where they can be viewed,downloaded, or automatically actioned.eForms:- collects signatures and drawings- processes form submissions in real time- captures unlimited photo attachments to each formTo begin using eForms you’ll need an active user licence. ContactsimPRO to purchase licences.
simPRO Connect Beta 3.6.6
Ready to test drive the next versionofConnect, the field extension of simPRO Service and Enterprise?Connect Beta for Android is your chance to try out ourlatestsyncing improvements before they hit the main app, and tohave asay in how efficiently the app works for you. This is abetaversion, so keep in mind we’re still working to make it aspolishedas we can before releasing it into the wild.While we’ve tested this version thoroughly in-house, we needyourhonest feedback to help us understand how efficient the app iswhenyou’re using it in the real world. Please let us know yourfeedback,suggestions, and any potential bugs you find via theConnect Betawebpage we included in our invitation text!You can install Connect Beta alongside your existing Connectapp,and switch between the two at any time.
simPRO eForms 4.4.1
simPRO eForms digitises your forms workflow, ending your dependencyon paper forms. Field employees complete and submit PDF forms tothe eForms Portal, where they can be viewed, downloaded, orautomatically actioned. Using simPRO eForms you can: - collectsignatures and drawings - process form submissions in real time -capture photos and add attachments to each form To begin usingeForms you’ll need an active user licence. Contact simPRO topurchase licences.
simPRO Mobile 8.6.4
Achieve end-to-end operations management with simPRO(, a complete job management software solutionfor your business. The simPRO Mobile app gives field staff theability to do more on the job. Update job details, access site andasset history, view timesheets and present quotes with ease. FIELDSERVICE FEATURES: Enhance your field processes with simPRO Mobile,an end-to-end field app. Streamline field service workflows, managecustomer assets, increase first-time fixed rates and enhance thecustomer experience. * Live scheduling updates * Record travel timeand time spent on-site * Access scheduled and assigned, as well assearch for any pending or progress jobs. * See who else isscheduled to be on-site for the job * Status changes, such as acompleted job card, will trigger workflow processes for officestaff * Offline functionality * Invoice and accept payments in thefield, with different options including cash or credit cardpayments (Square Payments integration available depending onlocation) * Click-to-call site and job details * Pre andpost-audits for enhanced safety * Pause work to stop the clock atany time * Comprehensive asset management * Inventory management *Add notes, photos and other attachments with immediate sync tooffice * Capture staff and customer signatures and email a signedjob card directly to any contact * High accuracy GPS navigationTIMESHEET FEATURES: Build a workforce of time-savvy staff. Easilytrack costs throughout project and service work, and providescheduling information to field staff to maximise productivity. *Clock on and off daily * Create new time blocks for quotes, jobsand activities * Use pre-defined travel schedule rates (eg afterhours or long distance) to categorise travel time * Add or editbillable and non-billable work hours in real-time orretrospectively * Update records in real-time or retrospectivelyfor billable and non-billable work * Easily spread time betweenmultiple cost centres based on hours or percentage of working time* Access site, customer and schedule notes along with other keydetails such as activities, job descriptions and cost centreinformation * Copy time blocks for employees, contractors and plantequipment * View multiple weeks including past, current andupcoming scheduled time. * Compare work scheduled and completed toidentify and rectify unaccounted blocks of time or conflictsCUSTOMER QUOTE AND SALES FEATURES Upsell and close more sales inthe field with simPRO Mobile. * Add images, videos and manuals tocreate visually appealing quotes on the fly * Offer multiple quoteoptions such as basic, intermediate and premium * Incorporatememberships and other services with standard pricing and savingsdisplayed * Apply add-on pricing for discounted rates such as formultiple or same-day services * Email quotes and invoices to thecustomer