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Oil Tank Simulator 6.5
A simulation game in which player has torefill the gas station and return to the whare house in the giventime!Challenging Mission to complete on given time,* Realistic sound effects.* Realistic 3D graphics.* Map of the environment.* Different camera Views.
Brightest FlashLight APP- Tactical LED Flash Light 1.5
Hy guys! Today i’ll bring up with a new FlashLight lite App whichis very easy to use. Actually every Android Mobile has its ownFlash Light multi LED on his back or head that is not a meter butthe meter is that how to operate this camera light without usingcamera and another purpose of take a Flash Picture. So the Solutionof this problem is here in inside this App which is easy to use LEDFlashLight App which is provide a high Super bright & StrobeLight. The Brightness of the Mobile LED flashlight isadjustable,increase and reduce with help of this lightweightapp.This Brightest FlashLight App have some more Functionalities.Let’s start to discuss its all function of Tactical Flash LED lightwith brief.Function of Tactical FlashLight App:Bright LED ControlFlashlight:As i already said that This APP is able to control theBrightness of LEB of any Android Mobile. It means that we canreduce and increase the LED Brightness through with this tinyflashlight alerts.Camera LED Light:As everyone know that everyMobile has hi own led light but the problem is that, This led lightis just controlling in between use of camera. But now you can usethis led light with one tape as darkness flashlight.Caller Screenand SMS tiny Flashlight Alerts:The biggest specialty of thisFlashlight App is that it can also follow the rules and tactics ofcall terminologies. Its means that this app can able led torchlight to help you in call alerts. Let’s suppose your mobile isringing but you your mobile silent then the camera led light isblinking during the call screen brightness ringing.Screen LockerEffect:This app also provide the facility to activate Screen lockerwhen you use high power flashlight due to less battery powerconsumption. Convenient torch light:This application is veryconvenient with every mobile’s torch light even its android or IOSno matter what mobile is used. This app is very convenient withstrobe flashlight & SOS light which means its represent thefacility to location locker flash alerts led and memory full flashalerts. And its very helpfull to find strobe light frequency andalso control the led blinking which is 0 to 9. So you can blink youled back for fun and to make any event happy at you home withoutany extra expenses. Screen brightness and Color Switcher torchBulbActually Color torch bulb is prank for kids so my app isamazing kid addictive app too like color switcher game 2D and ithas the facility to adjust screen brightness by just one tape onscreen resolution. This app is full of brightness controllingfunction so if your mobile default brightness is out of control theyou use my Tactical LED Brightness app for this purpose too.DailyUsage of Flashlight for normal person’s life:-- Use it duringElectricity failure-- Use this in books reading and writing smallwords. In short use of led light flashlight app in studies.-- Helpto find lose thing at home or at any place in dark.-- Use to findthe routes in dark at midnight walking .-- Track exact locationwith the help of Brightest led.-- Attractive Flash alert light onyour mobile phone.Main Features of Tactical Brightest FlashlightLED APP& Torch light Brightness and Screen light too&Strobe Light with speed blinking mode& Very Easy to use andeasy to operate& Emergency SOS Light for auto help mode&SMS and Call Screen Notifications flashlight alerts & Lockscreen handler app& Color Bulb amazing addictive feature.
Fashion Doll Dress up & Princess Makeup Salon 1.1
Welcome in Model and mermaid Princess Party. You have to lookgorgeous all of others models and dolls of this party members. Butthe problem is that your girl Fashion Styles are not coming todayto makeover of yours. So Now it is a great challenge for you tolook beautiful and romantic in this royal Princess Doll party. Butthe Problem is that you are not an artistic of makeup or makeoverand you have no idea about your Doll dress up Style according tothe party theme.But you have to prepare yourself according to partytheme style and you have to choose best dress up from your outfitadvice.Now you have two Options. First option is that you are goingto train yourself according to latest model and actress trendyfashion style 2018 in this royal princess makeup and dress upGames. But there are a lot of chance of failure. I think you don’ttake risk at your week movement of life. The movement in which maybe you become a trendy Fashion Doll Princess of this avatar makerworld by just show yours beauty and dressing sense. The Next Optionis that you have a lot of time to party ahead and you belong torich family too. So you can spend a lot of money for getting thisdoll model title. So you just use your time and money and come inthis mermaid Princess makeup and doll dress up games party salon.Inthis salon games you got everything like relaxing spa starting thenmodern styles makeover and then multiple realistic doll girldresses to dress up for a party.The relaxing Spa with nailsmanicure and pedicure and head and foot massage are also availablewith are our specialty. You can try every dress which is availablein salon game and then take your dress up decisions. The benefitsof trying is to enhance your dressing style sense and emergencymakeup art latest style.So let’s start with spa relaxing. In whichyou can easily release your all tensions and our worker done agreat spa massagers. Then the beautician done you doll makeoverwith important eyelashes and unique nails or lipstick ets. The it’stime for your dress up and cheshire. You can choose any dress formlobby and increase you look. We have some extra package for you inthe shape of matching shoes and matching jewelry are also availablewith every single cloths. So you just have to come in single pieceof dress and we will make you the queen of style world.Features oflatest Fashion Doll dress up & princess makeup salon style:--Realistic Model and environment of salon and cheshire.-- RealisticSpa and Special nail art treatment.-- Latest makeup and makeoverCosmetics are available-- Multiple Doll dresses and model cloths totry-- Free fun for kids, girls and adults too-- All the Lipsticksand nails colors are available-- Easy to play free fun princessdress up games.