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Fleet Battle - Sea Battle 2.0.65
Fleet Battle brings the classic Sea Battle to your smartphone ortablet in a cool blueprint look. The game offers everything thatmade the classic so popular. Defeat ship after ship and risethrough the ranks - from Seaman Recruit up to Admiral of the Navy.Pit yourself against the computer or your friends and prove youhave the makings of a real Fleet Commander. If you're looking for afun, fast-paced naval combat game - look no further. Features: -Play with Friends: Online/WiFi/Bluetooth - Quick Match: 24 hoursinstant multiplayer - 3D ships: collect your fleet of battleships -Play the game in standard or classic mode - Medals: earn medals asyou rise through the ranks - Free chat (with parental control):chat with the whole world Imagine yourself in charge of the flightdeck on the aircraft carrier, a common sailor on a submarine orpatrol boat, gun crewman on an agile cruiser, sonar listener on adestroyer or the captain of a deadly battleship. Do your duty onall the ships of your grand armada, take command of the navalforces at your disposal and place your boats in the perfectformation. Destroy the enemy flotilla in a blitz of tacticalprowess. Be prepared for combat, Commander! This app is perfect ifyou travel or to bring back wonderful childhood memories. Yourpocket battleships are always ready to fight boredom. Support: Areyou having problems with the app or have any suggestions? We'd loveto hear from you! Write us at:
Air Battle - Air Fleet 1.3.8
Sirens are wailing, the enemy air fleet is approaching: let the AirBattle begin!Take control of the command center and coordinate theair defense in your area in Air Battle. Discover enemy aircraft andcommand the shelling in your sector by determining the correctcoordinates, just like in Battleship.Features:- Based on the rulesof Battleship - Cool illustration- Classic, timeless gameplay- Playonline against your friends- Compete against friends over WiFi-Ranking system with achievements - Free and in EnglishSupport:Areyou having problems with the app or have any suggestions? We'd loveto hear from you!Write us at: support@smuttlewerk.deKnown by manynames:Affonda la flotta,Air Battle,Aqua ¡Boom!,AtaqueAéreo,Bataille navale,Batalha Naval,Batalla Aérea,BatallaNaval,Battaglia Navale,BattleShips,Battleboats,Battleship,Battleships,BitwaMorska,Broadside,Broadsides,Combat,Combate Naval,Convoy,Flottacontro flotta,Flottenmanöver,De Groote Zeeslag,Guerra Barcos,Guerrade barcos,Hundir la Flota,Hundir Los Barcos,Kryssarspelet,KuguKauja,L'Aero Naval,Laevade Pommitamine,Laivanupotuspeli,MagneticNaval Battle,Meritaistelu,Morskoi Boi,Naval Battle,Nyakryssarspelet,Okręty,Play Marine,PocketBattleships,Radar,Salvo,Sänka Skepp,Schiffeversenken,Schiffe-Versenken,Schot voor de boeg,SeaBattle,Seeschlacht,Sjöslaget,Slagorde,Slagskip,Sprekende zeeslagper computer,Submarino,Sunk,Swiss Navy,Sænkeslagskibe,Torpedó,Touché-Coulé,Trafalgar,Travel Battleship,TravelSea Battle,Two Worlds Collide,Vlootgevecht,VolldampfVoraus!,Warfare Naval Combat,Warship,WarshipChess,Warships,Wings,Zeeslag,Zeeslag Atlantis,Zink deschepen,Ναυμαχία,Морской бой
Nosferatu - Run from the Sun 1.4.1
You are the cutest, the fastest and the best vampire of alltime.Can you escape the sun long enough to achieve the fattestHIGHSCORE on the planet?Whatever you do, be careful where you jumpto, little Nosferatu!Features:- Simple and precise touch control!-Many power-ups - lots of hoarding!- Many missions - manysuccesses!- Play the game again and again - endless fun!- Great 2Dgraphics!- Great music!Run, jump and collect - whatever comes yourway, whether it be coins, humans or powerups - grab it!It allbelongs to you!WAIT NO LONGER - GET NOSFERATU NOW!Check ourfacebook page fornews:
Space Battle - Star Fleet 1.3.8
Sirens are wailing, the enemy space fleet is approaching: let theSpace Battle begin!Take control of the command center andcoordinate the space defense in your area in Space Battle. Discoverenemy spaceships and command the shelling in your sector bydetermining the correct coordinates, just like inBattleship.Features:- Based on the rules of Battleship - Coolillustration- Classic, timeless gameplay- Play online against yourfriends- Compete against friends over WiFi- Ranking system withachievements - Free and in EnglishSupport:Are you having problemswith the app or have any suggestions? We'd love to hear fromyou!Write us at:
Nosferatu 2 - Run from the Sun 1.3.5
The popular endless runner with over 5 million downloads featuringNosferatu, the friendly vampire, is moving on to the next round.The Garlians have returned and want to enslave humanity again. HelpNosferatu and his friends against the evil aliens while usingnumerous pets and mounts. There are plenty of free bonuses forcompleted missions. Race with your friends in the league and showthat you’re the best and fastest vampire.Features:- Run & Jumpwith cool and unique characters- Collect & Customize manyadorable pets and let them evolve- Progress on a wonderful worldmap- Join your friends and see who’s the best- Simple and precisetouch control - "One-Finger-Style"- Fun events and pricesNote: Anetwork connection is required.Nosferatu 2 - Run from the Sun iscompletly free to play, however some game items can also bepurchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.Support:Are you having problems with the app or have any suggestions? We'dlove to hear from you!Write us at:
Garden of Fear - Maze of Death 1.4.3
You wake up in a labyrinth. You don't know why you're there. Youonly know that something is awfully wrong!All you have is aflashlight, some charcoal, a compass...and a really bad feeling inyour stomach!--------------------------------------------GOAL OFTHE GAME:The labyrinth has 8 exit doors, 2 on each of the outersides. Only ONE of these doors will let you escape this maze ofmadness! The other seven will lead you back to the middle thelabyrinth. Advice: use your charcoal and make a mark before youenter one of the outer doors.Advice: cower in the alcoves and turnyour light off when the monster is coming at you. Beware:SuckerSpawns will still see you, even with lightsoff.--------------------------------------------You think you gotnerves of steel? You think nothing scares you? You know nonightmares? We will teach you better!You like some good scare? Likegames like Slenderman? The horror genre? You enjoy a little bit ofangst, anxiety and excitement? Hear the gasps of the dreaded demonnearby, hear the footsteps of the abomination coming at you - justto realize that you're completly defenseless. Cold sweat lets yourbody shiver and panic fills your soul. You frantically search for away to escape, a way out, a way out of this cabinet of psychopathyand utter despair.Experience this 3D first-person horror game andlet yourself be immersed in a world of terror and fear!WARNING: Ifyou get scared easily, you shouldn't play this game! Best playedalone, lights out, headphoneson!--------------------------------------------Features:- specialgame mode: SUCKER SPAWNS - experience the creepiness!- creepy sfXand gfX - dense atmosphere- random maze generator: no two gameswill ever be the same!- a gruesome evil thing - a monster - amonstrosity - a nightmare - a devil- leaderboard &achievements--------------------------------------------If youencounter problems, contact us! We will answer every email!
Devour or Die! 1.1
Eating is good. Devouring is better! Help your monster eat as manytreats as possible - but beware of the toadstools! The game followsa simple but fun concept. Just like the big success games of thesame type the motto is: easy to learn - hard to master! Features: -Great graphics - Funny sounds - Unlock different characters -Different daytimes- LeaderboardsUnlock different characters: Piggy,Killer, Nosferatu, Rachel and more! Your reaction and yourconcentration will be put to the test while you eat deliciouscakes, pumpkins, cheese and fruits of every kind!
Clic - Match Color Lines 1.2.0
Connect line upon line and feel the satisfaction when your plansucceeds. Match pipes of the same colour or match different colors.Allow your thinking to gently drift into flow mode and let yourbrain go click. This meditative game will surely get you intopuzzle mania heaven!What are you waiting for? It' s free, it'sgreat - it's puzzle time!Here's how it works:Start a line at one ofthe connectors at the edge of the board and start building it.Complete lines by ending them at any other connector. The longerthe line, the better. Additionally single-colored lines earn morepoints than multicolored ones.No time limit, no color match needed.Sounds too easy? Well, how hard it gets depends only on you. Enjoyletting your mind wander into the flow, tickle your brain and relaxwhile you experience the satisfying free gameplay of "Clic Flow -Match Color Lines"..Start your Clic Flow addiction now!Features:-Brain stimulating gameplay- Relaxing yet engaging- Unlimited hoursof fun- Clean, colorful graphics- Beautiful soundeffectsSupport:Are you having problems with the app or have anysuggestions? We'd love to hear from you!Write us
Time of Heroes - Fantasy War 1.0.3
TOUCHARCADE REVIEW (****): "Time of Heroes nails the most importantelements of a good strategy game. When you combine the large amountof depth on the gameplay side with a good narrative tale and afairly decent control scheme, Time of Heroes is well worth arecommendation for any fan of strategic turn-based games."iFANZINEREVIEW (4.5/5):"A masterfully designed TBS that borrows acelebrated concept from the past and beautifully implements it oniOS. Time of Heroes could use some more bells and whistles tostreamline the flow of battle in updates, but its sheer level ofdepth and challenge make this an absolutely unmissable title forgenre fans."Under the leadership of prince Minos humans land on aforeign coast in search of a new home. A short while after going onshore, they realize that the land holds many dangers, but also newhopes and new allies.Visit the continent of Altland, a place werePig-Trolls, Elves, Dwarves, Undead and other creatures roam free.Help the "Northeners" under Prince Minos cleanse the land of evil.Defeat the "Prophet" - minion of the unbelieveable evil godDetexx.The game is free, but contains ads and some low priced itempackages. You can remove ads by buying the "No-Ads" in-apppurchase.Features:- Turn-Based game system (TBS game)- Great 3Dgraphics- Self-Made soundtrack- Exciting Story- Lots of playerunits and enemy units- High replayability- Skill trees andItemsThis is a turn-based strategy game. Download the game if:- youlike learning new stuff- you like deep, complex strategy gamesFeelfree to contact us anytime at! We answerevery email!