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Snap Cleaner - cleaner master, phone booster
Snap Cleaner - clean master, phone booster is one of the mostprofessional android mobile phone cleaning apps with powerful toolssuch as cleaner, speed booster and apps manager. Do you want a freephone cache cleaner to free up your phone storage? Do you want aspeed booster to let your phone run faster? Do you want a powerfulmanager to help you remove your seldom-used apps? Clean junk filesfrom phone (Junk File Cleaner) • Fast scan and analyze storage ofyour phone, expose junk files • With one tap, clean junk files(including cache junk, ad junk, residual files, temporary files,and unused APK files) to free up phone space easily and safely •Keep track of your remain storage and remind you to free up yourphone in time Speed up your phone (Phone Booster) • One tap toboost memory with speed booster to let your phone runs faster •Analyze your memory used and keep track of the running speed ofyour phone • Remind you when your phone is running slow or whenthere are too much apps running in the background Manageseldom-used apps (App Manager) • Find out your seldom-used appswith the accurate size • Easily manage or uninstall the seldom-usedapps to free up storage Snap Cleaner is a 100% FREE Android cleanermaster and phone booster. It contains powerful tools yet is veryeasy to use. Install Snap Cleaner now to optimize your phone withone-tap! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want tosay hi, please feel free to contact us via are here waiting for you, and will try our best to keepimproving the experience for you!