Kungfu King Kong 11.0
Kungfu King Kong - Run, jump from platform to platform and collectcoins. Use a variety of bonuses.Game features:- Colorful graphics-Simple controls- Diverse bonuses- Addictive gameplay
Bomber Ricky 4.0
Traditional bomber game, you will move through the levels and placevarious bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don't getblown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friends in thisAndroid game! Place your bombs and catch your opponent in anexplosive trap. Be careful and try not to get blown up on your ownbombs. If you've still got blown up, don't worry, you'll turn intoa ghost and will be able to greatly complicate the lives of youropponents! Game features:- Colorful graphics- Many types of bombs-Dynamic gameplay
Royal Farm 8.0
Become a the talented trader with Royale Farming.Buy land, cropsand livestock on the land.Harvesting and processing products righton your farm.Recruit sales staff to sell the products that you'reprocessing.Buy more items to decorate your garden becomes moresparkling.Complete the challenging task of the level.Come to RoyalFarming to become a the talented trader.