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Dreamachine by Bill Lee 1.0
The Dreamachine is a device for altering thebrainwave frequency of the user and putting it into an alpha state,at which point it begins generating waking, sober hallucinationsand internal “movies”, on demand.You could achieve the same alpha state after learning andpracticing meditation, or by training yourself with bio-feedbackmachines, however the dreamachine offers you a fantastic light showand relatively quick alpha-wave production. People find thatdreamachine therapy and other alpha-wave related therapy lead todecreased anxiety, overall calmness, increases IQ scores, increasesin brain hemisphere coordination and overall intellectual function.All this without psychedelic drugs!See Wikipedia article about dreamachine for more info!WARNING: This software may induce PHOTOSENSITIVE SEIZURE(EPILLEPSY), If you or any of your relatives have a history ofseizures or epilepsy, consult your physician prior to usingDreamachine.
XenoAmpKey 4.0
Removes ads and makes your music sound evenbetter (knowing that you've supported the author).