OFF (Screen Off / Screen Lock) 1.11
This app requires device administrator privileges - to lockscreenProtecting the Power Button of mobile phones from intensiveuse by reducing the frequency of pressing physical button.If yourphone doesn’t have the double click lock built-in soft screen lockbutton or the leather cover lock, then you may consider using thisApp⭐️⭐️⭐️ This App is designed for Non-fingerprint only !⭐️⭐️⭐️Looking for fingerprint unlock issue solution ? Please try will not occupied the RAM resource and background CPU power ofyour phone that will auto self-exit and release all of yourprecious resources and the most important thing — it isAD-free!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT JOB BEFORE USE !!!!!!!This app requiresdevice administrator privileges - to lock screenYou have to[Settings] -> [Security] -> [Device administrators] to enableAppIf you wish to remove this App that You have to [Settings] ->[Security] -> [Device administrators] to disable AppPlease don'tforget to rate and give your valuable comments. Your satisfactionis important to us, this encourage us to work harder andbetter.Improvement suggestions are most welcome, let us know whatyou need and we will provide updates as and when ready. :-D
Phone Lock + Volume Control (OFF+)
You could using ultra-thick cases and don't need to concern thathard to press physical button - Legacy Mode (5 secs software lock)- Accessibility Mode (Lock immediately) - No more needs physicalbutton now ! - Support Power Menu - Long press on App icon that youwill got pop up sub-menu -- volume control and power menu (some ofLauncher is not supported this feature) Special thanks: Samsungusers provide continuous feedback and support for this App thatbecause of the upgraded App is not 100% compatible with Samsungdevices, but Samsung users still give me full support, I'm fixingto resolve this issue may take several weeks * Samsung users : Mostof Samsung users still needs 5 secs software lock, please downloadLegacy version 1.8.35 (prevent Play Store auto update version) fromwebsite : * Xiaomi / Redmi users: Please put this App into Locked apps list to ignored whilerunning Boost Speed thanks! You can lock phone immediately now!Please enable this app at Accessibility -> Downloaded services-> Phone Lock -> On (Don't worry, App only observe phone lockactions) Android Oreo or older version, I'm still using 5 secondssoftware lock (it is the best solution now). Please allow modifyingsystem settings. NOTE : This app haven't user interface, your phonewill lock immediately when launch it, first 5 sec is software lockafter then hardware lock - Support most of the fingerprint unlockwithout PIN code - Support notification bar pull down panel quicksetting tile widget to lock phone and volume control - Battery 0%usage, background 0% RAM usage not only protect your physical phonebutton but also protect your battery and phone Google Assistant :"OK Google, open phone lock" voice command Please join our Betaprogram to get more benefit Protecting the power and volume buttonof mobile phones from intensive use by reducing the frequency ofpressing physical button. If your phone doesn’t have the doubleclick lock built-in soft screen lock button or the leather coverlock, then you may consider using this App Please don't forget torate and give your valuable comments. Your satisfaction isimportant to us, this encourage us to work harder and better.Improvement suggestions are most welcome, let us know what you needand we will provide updates as and when ready