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Decoration mirror Deco mirror. 1.1.0
Decoration mirror Deco mirror. Easy decoration anywhere you choosethe parts.Let decoration in many parts by selecting your favoriteframe!Easy decoration anywhere you want to choose theparts.Animation decoration parts Spinning.You can also glitteringsettingParts full.Rhinestone Heart Flower Star Ribbon Cross SkullAnimal.Also I can choose the size of the parts.Easy photographyShare button. ※1Easy Email Twitter Facebook Posts.Color simpleselect a favorite color.Round and round and round animation 15pattern.The strength of sparkling light 5 pattern.The combinationof the parts pattern whopping 4,486,600!※ You can not use the nofront camera models.※1 iPad version does not have a share button.
Syobon Musou 3D Action Game 1.4.6
Cumulative total 300000 downloads exceeded!Relieve your stress bybeating Syobons that keep coming toward you!“Syobon Musou 3D ActionGame” is a stress-relieving action game in which you beat upendless waves of enemies and Syobon.・There are three kinds of stagelevels.Easy, Normal, and Hard.The stronger enemies you beat, thebigger the prize in coins.There are also daily stages in whichenemies approach you in daily-changing patterns.・A variety ofcharacters make their appearance.In addition to Syobon, variousother characters make their appearance.When you take down an enemy,a coin appears.You can buy things at the shop with the coins youcollected.・Power up with equippable items.There are a total of 96cool items you can get!You can buy weapons, wigs, T-shirts,heart,and shoes at the shop.Power up by equipping your favoriteitem.・BGM by MusMus
くまのがっこう ポコポコ 3Dアクションゲーム 1.0.0
・くまのがっこう公式アプリが3Dアクションゲームになって登場。・つぎつぎと出てくるスイーツをポコポコしてやっつけよう。・5連続で叩けば回転斬りで一気にやっつけられるよ。・スイーツをやっつけるとコインが出現するよ。・いっぱいコインを集めてショップでお買い物しよう。・ショップにはパワーアップアイテムがイッパイあるから全部集めてみよう。Kumaschool official app is now a 3D action game.- One after anothercome out I will Yattsukeyo by Pokopoko the Suites.-5 it can bepunished at once a sword rotation if you hit in a row.• If you beatthe Suites coins appear.· Full by collecting coins to try to shopat shops.Power-up items to shop Let's collect all because therefull.
Cat Collect 〜nekoatsume〜 1.2.2
Cumulative total 200000 downloads exceeded!There are so many cutecats to meet.The cat collection game, "Cat Collect"・Design a roomto attract new cats.If you leave an item out in the room, a catwill come.You can experience the healing power of catobservation.・141 cats are available.A ton of cats will show up.Keepcollecting until your Catdex is full.・100 items in all.Go to theshop and buy items.Put the items in your room, and style it the wayyou like.・BGM by MusMus
Syobon Chaos World 3D 1.1.2
A stage clearing-based 3D action game with 96 stages.This is anintense action game where you power up with crazy items and takedown lots of enemies.・A variety of characters make theirappearance.In addition to Syobon, various other characters maketheir appearance.When you take down an enemy, a coin appears.Youcan buy things at the shop with the coins you collected.・There area total of 80 cool items you can get!You can buy weapons, wigs,T-shirts, and shoes at the shop.There are lots of crazy andexciting items.Collect all the items, equip them, and become morepowerful!・There are 96 levels plus a daily level.There is a totalnumber of 96 stages.Complete the game while having fun!There's alsoa new level appearing every day!・BGM by MusMus
Octopus Hunter 3D Simulator 1.1.3
It feels amazing to pluck out an octopus with a pop!About “OctopusHunter” Catch octopuses by laying traps in this octopus huntingsimulation game.・Place your traps to lure in the octopuses.Whenyour traps are laid the octopuses will emerge, they’ll find onethey like and climb in.From your boat, pull up those traps with anoctopus inside and let’s pluck’em out!・24 octopus are available.Aton of octopus will show up.Keep collecting until your Octopusdexis full.・Go to the shop and buy items.You can buy Vase, Boat, andHunting map at the shop.Increase the number of items you buy andaim for a big catch!・BGM by MusMus