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Checkers Pro 1.0
Checkers - a game for two players with specialchips (checkers) on the board, like chess, and the checkers aredivided into simple and Kings. The goal - to destroy all opponent'scheckers or to deprive them of the possibility of stroke ("lock").There are different versions of the game, playing different sizesof boards and the initial arrangement of checkers on it, the rulesof simple moves of checkers and damok, as well as the rules oftaking an opponent's checker.Checkers - the ancient and fascinating game that has won thesympathy of millions of people.Playing checkers a person develops logical thinking, imaginationand memory. Learn how to calculate their rivals a few stepsforward.
Catalog of the best games 0.1
The range of the best games in the firstpersonwith a stunning 3D-graphics and excellent gameplay. Withthisapplication you can install the newest and mostinterestingRPG-games, as well as a strategy for Android.★★ ★★ Action GamesSuck my warrior, buy weapons, armor, improve their skillsanddestroy monsters.The player is located in three-dimensional space and has afreedomof movement. The levels are a little maze in which thereareenemies, allies and neutral characters.★★ ★★ StrategyUnique urban development strategy with the elementsincomfort.Build an army, defended by cunning attacks of enemies, unitewiththe allies for the battles in the multiplayer. Erect a citywith amind and strengthens your castle heroes.You will need the unbridled patience and logical thinking todefeatthe forces of evil.Why is it necessary to download our app?- Top of the best games is constantly updated- Save time on searching the Play-Store- Save time on friends sharing with them this application- All applications are freeAttention! Requires an internet connection.