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River Raid Free 1.0.1
River Raid is based on the famous Atari 2600 game, it was publishedby Activision on 1982.River Raid Android is here to bring back thatchildhood memory.*******************************************Bringback your childhood memories! Experience your dad’s childhoodgames! *********** Features ************************ Multiplayergame with Wi-Fi** Unlimited game play and maps** Graphics based onthe original game** A new Fantasy mode** Swarm leaderboards** Coolachievements** 3 types of controls (Tilt, Retro, Directions)** Autosave & load** FacebookA good game is not always a fancy gamefilled with 3d monsters and high-tech aliens. We believe simpleones are the best. The ones that entertained us in the old days andthe simplicity was relaxing and fun! They simply make our childhooddreams. The classic oldies that really never get old. In RiverRaid, we travel to the 80's and the cartridge games age. We bringyou back to that childhood dream of playing an air force pilot,sent to big missions to defend their country.
The Sky Heroes 1.0
The most popular shooting game on Android iscoming!!!It is not the same with this kind of games before!!!New power-ups!!! New graphics!!!Vivid sound effect and realistic special effects!!!More realistic and thorough experience!!!Don’t hesitate! Just download it!!!Sky Heroes HD is a high-profile flight shooting game.You have to protect your territory with your troops and destroy allenemies before fuels run out.You can control pilot to fight in the air and try to kill moreenemies within limited fuels.Various enemy aircraft and levels are waiting for you!★Features★★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Vivid background music is in harmony with the game★★★★★ Add different game scenes and power-ups★★★★★ Share fun with your friends by QQ, WeChat, SMS, andEmail