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US Tax Resident Calculator 1.1
Determining tax residency underInternalRevenue Code ( US Code 26) is first step towards knowingyour taxliability under US tax law. If you are tax resident, lawoftaxation is differently applied. If you are non-resident ,somespecific tax laws applies . Further , it may happen that youaretax resident as well as no- resident for the same year. Inthatcase , your status is a Dual Status for which separate taxationlaware there in statute book. So, determination of tax residencyismost important and actually the first step .The designation of resident for tax purposes iscompletelyseparate from your immigration status. You might qualifyas aresident for tax purposes while remaining a non immigrant alienforimmigration purposes.Tax Residency Calculator has following finders and modulestoassist anyone who desire to check if he/she is resident of USAfortax purpose.1. Tax Residency Finder2. Exempt Individual Finder3. Days Not Counted for Tax Residency4. First Choice Year Finder5. Quiz on Tax Residency Calculator...........Many more modules are going to be added
कर (Tax) और वित्तीय कैलकुलेटर 1.1
First time in India , a tax and financial calculator in Hindilanguage. पह्ली बार भारत के करदाताओं के लिये प्रस्तुत है - कर औरवित्तीय कैलकुलेटर ( Tax & Financial Calculator)। अब आप , कहींभी कभी भी, कर गन्ना कर सकते हैन । इस अन्द्रोइद अप्प (Android app)मे , सेवा कर से संबंधित कैइ कैलकुलेटर है जो आपके बरे कमे आ सकता है।अगर आपको मकान किराया भत्ता ( House Rent Allowance) मिलता है और आपमकान किराया भत्ता छूट (HRA exemption ) कि गणना करना चाहते है , तोबस मोबैइल लिजिये और कर और वित्तीय कैलकुलेटर को सुरु किजिये । बस कुछसमय मे ही , आप छूट की गणना कर लेगे.इस कैलकुलेटर मे कैइ वित्तीय गणनाकरने कि सुविधा भि उप्लब्ध है। जैसे आप सावधि जमा कैलकुलेटर ( FD orTerm Deposit Calculator) से ब्याज के साथ जमा राशि कि गणना कर सकतेहै। अगर आप पब्लिक प्रोविडेंट फंड (PPF calculator) कि गणना करना चहतेहै , तो वो भी सम्भव है.इसके अलावा आप सुकन्या समृद्धि खाता कि राशिभी गणना कर सकते है.कर और वित्तीय कैलकुलेटर मे निम्नलिखित सेवाउप्लब्ध है१। आयकर गणना ( Income Tax calculator )२। मकान किरायाभत्ता छूट गणना ( HRA allowance calculator )३। आयकर की दर चार्ट (Income Tax Rate Chart )४। सम्पत्ति पूँजी लाभ कैलकुलेटर (CapitalGains Calculator )५। सेवा कर (Service Tax Calculator)६.सेवा करविलंब ब्याज कैलकुलेटर७। सुकन्या समृद्धि खाता ८। पब्लिक प्रोविडेंटफंड कि गणना९। राष्ट्रीय बचत प्रमाण पत्र ब्याज कि गणनाFirst time inIndia, a tax and financial calculator in Hindi language. India isoften presented to Phli taxpayers - tax and financial calculator(Tax & Financial Calculator). Now you anywhere, anytime, canmake Hahn cane. Celebrate this Android (Android app), in connectionwith serving Kyi calculator which you can come Kme Bray. If the HRA(House Rent Allowance) and you get the HRA exemption (HRAexemption) that you want to count, so just fire away Start MobailLiziye and tax and financial calculator. Just in time, you cancalculate the discount Legge.In this calculator Kyi conveniencefactor that is made available to financial calculations. As youterm deposit calculator (FD or Term Deposit Calculator) that cancalculate the amount of the deposit with interest. If you PublicProvident Fund (PPF calculator) to calculate'd like that, she isalso possible.Also you can calculate the amount that Sukanyaprosperity account.Tax and financial calculator is made availablein the following service1. Tax calculation (Income Taxcalculator)2. HRA exemption calculation (HRA allowancecalculator)3. Income tax rate chart (Income Tax Rate Chart)4.Property Capital Gains Calculator (Capital Gains Calculator)5.Service Tax (Service Tax Calculator)6ksewa the delay interestcalculator7. Sukanya prosperity Account8. Public Provident Fundcalculated9. National Savings Certificates that calculate interest