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Card Pay 1.4.0
Shopping - 신용카드, 체크카드 결제전용 앱( Credit/checkcard app)----개발자 연락처 :1666-014602-544-0595서울 금천구 가산동60-44 이앤씨드림타워7차 803호Shopping - credit card,debit card payments only app (Credit / check card app)
Ming free international call
Free international call to 50 destinationsfrom Korea~~!!All in one APP to global call and SMS by "MingMIng"you can feel comfortable call anywhere! low rate! highquality!1. Multi calling mode"Free": free calling 50 countries by your mobile free plan"Voice": high quality call by local access number (chargemode)"WIFI": when you in WIFI zone, cheapest way to call"CB": call back service (when out of wifi zone)2. Global SMSSend SMS Korea to anywhere in the worldBoth way to SMS (China, Vietnam, Philippine,Indonesia)3. Easy rechargelocal bank wire, Credit card, Google pay, local Simcard,Paypal,etc4. What’s different and strong point of “MingMing”1) From Korea, “free“-mode can call free 50 international callwithin mobile plan, we will add destinations soon.2) If you use normal phone or no more free min plan in yoursmart phone, “Voice” mode better to use for low rate internationalcall. No charge for your local mobile fee (local access number“080” in Korea)3) if you want to call pay international call after used freemin, please recharge Gold by prepayment.( ex, Philippine, SouthAmerica, Africa, EU-mobile, etc)4) Try to use “Wifi” mode when you are in wifi zone. Cheapestinternational call possible anywhere in the world.5) China,USA,Canada,Thailand,HongKong,Singapore, we will give“Second number(0504)” after first download “MingMing”. This numbercan be call both ways.6) In oversea, after finish free min, Please recharge Gold tocall Korea and 3rd countries.7) “MingMing” can be free call and SMS to all global users (somedestinations will be charged, for more details check ourwebsite)8) If you are in China, “Play store” couldn't access anddownload, please access this URL directly( Compare international call1) When you use IDD access number of Korean mobile, internationalcall will be charged even you have smart-phone plan.2) When you send SMS by IDD access number, foreign languagecouldn’t be supported all language. (SKT,KT,LGT mobile supportKorean and English only), to send SMS from oversea, you have tosend SMS by local supporter with high rate (around 110~165 won toKorea)“MingMing” can support all foreign language with low rate (around15~100 won)6. “Free” Mode to use free countries (from Korea only)1) Land/Mobile freeChina, USA, America, Canada, Hongkong, Thailand, India,Singapore,Vietnam,Indonesia2) Land phone freeAustralia,Japan,Malaysia,Taiwan,Andorra,Argentina,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Chile,Colombia,Croatia,CyprusSouth,CzechRepublic,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Israel,Italy,Luxembourg,Malta,Martinique,Morocco,Netherlands,NewZealand,Norway,Peru,Poland,Portugal,Reunion,Romania,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Turkey,Venezuela,7. Customer center and Partners1) KaKaoTalk registers as friendCheck ID: toktoksmart2) Facebook!/ Naver “Line” registers as friendCheck ID: toktoksmart4) Korean-Chinese group meeting Daum-café question, feel free to contact us,070-7945-9999toktoksmart@gmail.comwww.toktoksmart.comKey words: Ming international call
(mekong) shopping,info.
"* Open total shopping and informationexchange for 1,5 million foreigner in Korea.* Simple shopping, Safety payment, ensure delivery and supportyour language with help desk.************** Open memorial event **************first download can get 1,000 point freely.( mekong point can use as real cash)******************************************************* Free free to use ""Board"" menu to exchange any information andyour story (support language)* mekong give you useful information for foreigner in Korea (free, pay( can use point)).1. Click ""Sign up"" in ""log-in"" menu, set your name, country andpassword.2. Click ""shopping""menu and select item.(order -> option(direct buy) -> type delivery info ->payment -> select bank --> order ok)3. Main screen or purchase list, you can see bank accout to wirepayable amount, then item will delivery to you.4. you may wire enough payment to shopping more easily.TEL: 1670-3055E-mail: type your asking in ""E-mail"" menukey words: mekong, shopping, foreigner, information, board"
Recharge Pre-mobile (for shop)
[010pay real-time prepaid top-up service] ** all prepaid mobile(card phone) and KT the+ (00796) can be top-up automatically** 1.No need to know telecom provider. 2. Anyone can be agent of 010paytop-up service 3. Easy register, depost more than 50,000won, youcan start service. [Main function] 1. All Prepaid mobile card autotop-up: 10,000 ~ 100,000 won top-up fast and easy. 2. Data top-up:prepaid data possible to top up (some item opened) 3. KTinternational calling card top-up: 00796 + countrycode+ tel number[How to join] 1. APP: Click Sign up -> register name ->Joinus -> set password -> log in(auto set ID) -> deposit (over50,000won) -> Start! 2. Web: -> SameID/PW use. [Customer center] 010PAY
com.tmvno.thepay 1.4.8
What? ▶All Korean Pre-paid phones(regular, monthly plan) recharge▶International calls kt00796, sk00301 recharge ▶Overseas mobilerecharge (E-load) Why? ▶First ever mobile recharge application inKorea ▶More than 500,000 users ▶Top quality, 90% cheaperinternational call service than regular int. calls, Who? ▶Allforeigners living in Korea regardless visa (no need to know theoperator) ▶Prepaid phone (MVNO), Line phone, All users ▶Rechargeyour friend’s number as well! How? ▶ Just Download. No sign up, NoLogin needed. ▶ Paying with a check card. Secure and Easy. ▶Supporting Your SIM Card Extension after extension of visa stay▶Detailed guidelines: Where? ▶Available to useonly in Korea ▶Convenient to recharge, pay or call at home▶Possible to make international call even without internet –offline! When? ▶Available to use 24 hours 365 days anytime!▶Customer support: 1666-0146 (09:00 ~ 22:00 open all year)▶Language support: English, Myanmar, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Russia,Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Mongolia,Indonesia, China, Sri-LankaEvent! ▶Get 2,000 KRW bonus points for the first time download ▶Getbonus points with every recharge ▶Recharge any item with collectedbonus points anytime Facebook: