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Timing Trainer for DotA 1.31
As you continue climbing the skill curve, youwill inevitably realize that solid game knowledge is not enough.Awareness is essential to succeed, especially if you like playing asupport role. Ceartainly you know that paying attention to the mapis important, but you might forget about it in a challenging lane.Of course you know when to stack, but it happens that you rememberabout it when there are only 5 seconds left - not enough time toact. Being aware of the coming night could result in a successfulgank, or a fed Balanar.This app will announce important game events, using the built intext-to-speech engine of your android device. The announcementshappen about 20 seconds before the events to give you time toreact. No need for alt-tabbing, no need to keep your attention ontwo different displays.You will be reminded of:* Day/night changes* Runes* Netral creep stack/spawn times* Basic neutral creep pull timesIn addition to this, you can start timers for:* Roshan respawn time* Ward refreshingThe progress of each event is shown with a progress bar (youwill probably not have time to watch those during a real game),showing the remaining time and the time when it will occur. If thegame is paused, you can easily adjust the app timer to match thegame-time. Single event announcements can be disabled or enabled,so you are not annoyed with constant stacking requests when youdecide that the laning phase is over. The buttons to do so can bemade visible through the options menu (three dots).This app is not meant to be used during every single of yourfuture matches, but I can guarantee that enduring it for aboutthree to five will benefit your game awareness. After gettingconstantly reminded of important time related events, chances areyou will get into the habit of noticing. It is just another toolyou can use to improve your games.
Retro Starfield Live Wallpaper 1.0
Enjoy the futuristic prospects of interstellartravel, with rectangles for stars.Bringing the future of the past to your smartphone!
SmileGym - The Selfie Workout 1.0.1
You don't need a lot of physical exercisetoget happy, but you do need to laugh more often! That's whywedeveloped the SmileGym App for you - a very short, onesecond,workout for your beautiful smile..SmileGym is the only workout you need for a happier life.Inorder to train your laughing muscle you can take a selfie orapicture of s.o. else, wait for the bar to become orange andthantake a snap. There it is - your "SmileScore"!The best thing: you can share your SmileScore with your friends-Who has the most beautiful smile?------------------------------A little hint: SmileGym also works on other things thanrealfaces.. have fun trying it out!-------------------------------We would love to hear your feedback and we wish you areallyhappier life,your SmileGym Team___________________More Information:SmileGym is a hobby project of three guys from Aachen,Germany.We developed the app to test image recognitionalgorithms,especially smile recognition.We are working with smile detection, because studies showthatthe movement and training that directly affect the"laughingmuscle" do make people happier. The movement alone setsfreeendorphines which are also called the "happy hormones" (a lotofthese guys also hide in chocolate).Moreover, we try to combine gamification styles with smilingandother mimics & gestures.