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Luna- Period Tracker, Period Diary, Ovulation app 1.4.0
Period tracker Luna, the best free Ovulation App, FertilityCalendar, period diary helps you track your period, flow, ovulationand fertility on calendar. This Period tracker, Ovulation App cannot only track your cycle accurately, and also tells you the chanceof pregnancy every day, or mark the birth control way you take. Ifyou are pregnant, this Fertility Calendar, period tracker is alsosuitable for you with unique pregnancy pattern. 🌸-Have you everforget your period time and feel embarrassed to find a pat? 🌹-Doyou want to know your period cycle is regular or not? 🍁-Do you wantto find out your ovulation and fertility dates to improve the rateof pregnancy? Luna, this menstrual cycle tracker, period diary&calendar, Ovulation App can help you! ✨Features & Highlights:📣===Period tracker=== Track your period, flow, calculate ovulationday, Luna, the best period tracker can help you know more aboutyour menstruation and help you get through monthly tough time.It'seasy to check the previous period cycle record to know whether yourperiod is late. 💏===Sex Memories=== Log the frequency and thefeeling of the sex, and the way of birth control you take. Keeptracking your delightful sex life from now on with the periodcalendar. It can calculate the rate of pregnancy everyday.Thefertility tracker can also tell you when your fertility day comesto help you get pregnant. 👶 ===Pregnancy Pattern=== If you’repregnant, this period tracker &calendar, ovulation app can helpyou record your entire pregnancy period and know every change ofyour baby. Kick counter can help you know the condition of yourbaby during pregnancy. If you’re trying to get pregnant, thisfertility tracker, period diary can help you know fertility windowand ovulation days. 📝=== Health Situation Recorder=== Apart frommarking when your period starts and ends, you can also record manyother things such as your flow, pain status, sex, moods,temperature, weight, sleep time, sports habits in this period app.Therefore, download this menstrual cycle tracker, then you couldnot only get a period tracker but also keep you own period diary,fertility tracker. ⏰===Reminders for Next Period=== After you enteryour general information about your period time, period diary Luna,will analyze, predict and remind you when next cycle, period,ovulation and fertility dates come. 📖===Personal Health Report===If you insist on recording, you will receive professional analysesfrom your record data such as length of cycle or period, ovulation,the flow and your discharge. Different graphs about your cycle,sex, sleep, weight will be shown to you, so you can know thechanges and take measures to better control your health.👑===Medical Knowledge=== Here you can get articles aboutmenstruation, cycle, pregnancy, sex, and get a 14-days curedysmenorrhea plan during your period. Why my period is advanced,What is the symptoms of ovulation, all these can find answers inthis menstrual cycle tracker. This menstrual App, period tracker isnot intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trainedmedical doctor. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy orperiod, consult with your doctor. How to use Luna, the best periodtracker, Ovulation App(free), Fertility Calendar? Just 5 simplesteps: Step 1⏩Choose the pattern from Tracker my cycle, I want toget pregnant and I am pregnant Step 2⏩Answer some basic questionsabout your period and let us know more about your menstruation andcycle Step 3⏩Slide the button to know your period, fertility,ovulation days on Luna Page Step 4⏩Mark your period time and keepyour own period diary with the menstrual calendar on Record PageStep 5⏩Check the analyses and charts about your health status onAnalysis Page Like us here:https://www.facebook.com/Luna-Period-1958573864471885/ For anyquestions, email us at: tinychangecompany@gmail.com