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Reflector - Akary Knight 0.65
Akary knight - defenders of justice in thegalaxy. They never attack, only defend themselves. Their enemiesare killed by their own hands.- Colorful space, ships and battles- Hardcore gameplay- Hordes of insidious enemies- New level every week- No in-ups! no annoying advertising!
Galaxy Clicker 121
You are a smuggler who is going to have to change the history ofthe Universe. Assemble your fleet the likes of which the Galaxy hadnever seen before, and get ready to fight for your creed. ► Watchthe most beautiful views of space ► Join the epic fights in orbits► Create a team with your friends, tap and conquer the Galaxyrating ► Solve all mysteries of a main character and his missingship ► Assemble a fleet with the desperados captains from all overthe Universe ► Play the best of space clickers! TAKE PART IN THEEPIC SHIP BATTLE Collect a fleet from battleships and hugeflagships. Click as fast as possible, and get the spaceship of yourdream! You will able to win all imperial bosses only by buying newkinds of weapons and improving them. CONQUER THE GALAXY Discoverthe endless space of the Galaxy. You will travel to distant planetsand civilizations. Admire the stunningly beautiful views of thespace. Collect the dark energy and exchange it with the usefulartifacts from cosmic traders. ENDLESS JOURNEY Play the best spaceclicker game ever. Click as fast as possible and become the toprated player of the Galaxy. Discover the mystery of disappearanceof your spaceship, find out who of the captains is your friend, andwho is a cunning betrayer. Take part in epic battles with legendarycaptains, win the bosses, improve your ship and become theconqueror of the Galaxy! CREATE AN INVINCIBLE FLEET Take part in anintergalactic war in the role-playing click game Galaxy clicker.Fight alone against your enemies or gather friends and create yourteam! Combine your efforts against the bosses online. Together, youwill win in star wars. Now the future of this war depends on yourteam. Click and grind Imperial ships into space dust! PLAY THE BESTSPACE CLICKER Galaxy clicker is a free space clicker game whereevery tap brings you closer to the interstellar domination! ★ Youwill find a unique system of upgrading weapons and spaceships ★Amazing graphics of the Space; much attention is paid to thecharacters’ details: captain Steve and his team will not let youget bored. ★ A simple, but very entertaining and amusing gameplay:click, tap and upgrade! The game is sure to appeal to fans of gamesin the genre of RPG clicker, evolution, and all fans of theinterstellar battles! Tap and click as fast as you can! Join us onFacebook and follow our news: