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Flashlight App - Free 1.3
Flashlight LED turns your phone into handytorch.
Height & Weight Converter 1.0
Free application that allows to convert height and weight.- convertfeet to centimeters- convert centimeters to feet- convert pounds tokilograms- convert kilograms to pounds
Percentage Calculator app 1.1
Percentage calculator is a free app that allows you to:- calculatea percent- calculate a percent change- add a percetage- subtract apercentage
Bubble Shooter - Kulki 1.0
It is very easy to start your bubble shooter experience. Simplyinstall and have fun, even for a moment. You will quickly find outthat it’s not boring but a that it’s a great fun which can be veryexciting!
kW na KM 1.0.1
kW na KM - Prosty przelicznik mocy pozwalający błyskawicznieprzeliczyć kilowaty na konie mechaniczne i na odwrót.kW hp - Simplepower converter allows you instantly convert kilowatts tohorsepower and vice versa.