Calc - A new kind of Calculator 2.1.9
Your calculator has any features such as: touching to edit numberand operator, reusing previous calculation result for the nextcalculation, sharing and storing result with note app? —> Calccan do all of them. Calc is the special calculation app. It is thesmartest and the most powerful until now. Besides, the interfacewas designed user-friendly with flat style, and more beautifulthemes. Specific features compared with other apps: ★ Calculatenumbers with operators and display each calculation on one line,you can take a look at all of your calculations. ★ Reuse theprevious result for continuing to calculate. ★ Allow editingnumbers and operators when you input incorrect them at anyposition. ★ Update calculation ’s result automatically in concernwith edited numbers or operators, reduce effort for calculating. ★Share the calculation ’s history for your friend easily, or storeit with some note ’s apps. ★ Store calculation ’s history forcontinuing to calculate later. ★ More themes are suitable for yourinterests. (Material design, Android L Theme...)
Today Weather - Widget, Forecast, Radar & Alert
Today Weather is a beautiful & simple-to-use weather app thatprovides the world's most accurate local weather forecasts.Features: ● Enjoy reliable and accurate weather forecasting withmore than 10 data sources: National Weather Service (,,, Dark Sky,,,, Open Weather Map,, ● Easy to viewweather information anywhere in the world. ● Prepare for anythingwith 24/7 weather forecast and chance of rain. ● Protect yourhealth with air quality, UV index and pollen count. ● Catch thebeautiful moments of sunrise, sunset, full moon night with providedinformation. ● Alert severe weather: Alerts for Strong Wind, HeavyRain, and Heavy Snow, and Thunderstorms through. ● Radar: A weatherradar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion,estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its futureposition and intensity. ● Rain, snow alarm: Alerts you when rain isapproaching. ● Quick-view weather forecast using widget. ● Take andshare photo with weather information for friend. ● Daily weatherforecast notification. ● Other useful information: actualtemperature, humidity, visibility, dew point, air pressure, windspeed and direction. ***Tips: 1. Widget doesn't update: Make sureyou allow 'Start in background' for Today Weather in SystemSettings. 2. Problem loading widget: Try to uninstall and reinstallToday Weather app.
1Gallery - Photo Gallery & Vault (AES ENCRYPTION) 1.0.4-9.090420
1Gallery is ideally the best alternative gallery app designed formanaging your photos. Besides, you can secure your photos, videosvia hidden and encryption feature. 1Gallery lets you: * Protectyour privacy, secure your photos. - Hide photos, videos (copies ofyour driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards etc). - Thehidden files are all ENCRYPTED (AES Encryption). - Password mode:Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint. * A simple, beautiful app will bring youa smooth experience. - Organizing your photos, videos. - View hugeimages and many different photo and video types (RAW, SVG,panoramic etc). - Management: Search, create new folders,moving/copying data and more (Memory card supported). - Photoeditor: Crop, rotate, resize, filters & more. - Video editor:Trim video. - Play video with subtitles. - View detailedinformation of your files (resolution, EXIF values etc). - Zoomin/out to change column. - Theme: Auto, Light, Dark. And there aremany more features waiting for you to discover 🙂 * Help ustranslate into your language and get PROMOTION CODE: