tweber Apps

Stick Fighter 7.1.1
Stick Fighter enables you to create flipbook-style frame-by-frameanimations using a simple touch screen interface. Give your stickfigures one of many weapons including a sword, axe, bow &arrow, etc. and easily create your own cartoon battles. Change thesize and color of your objects if you like, edit and save yourcreations, then watch the animation on your phone. Share youranimations with other people who have Stick Fighter installed ontheir phones, or export to video and watch on a computer.Ad-supported version.Send an email to [email protected] any issues you encounter.
Color Reader 1.03
Identifies the color of an object in real-time using the device'scamera. Also displays the RGB values for the object and the bestknown-color match.If you like this app, please consider downloading the donateversion!
Battery Health Bar Widget 2.3
A widget that displays a Zelda-like heart health bar indicatingyour current battery level. Choose from a number of differentstyles and layouts. If you want to support the developer, considerbuying the donate version here: