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Stretching Routines 1.24
Stretching is the bridge between a sedentary and an activelife.Thanks to stretching we can keep muscles flexible and preparethem for movement. It is vital in warming up, physical education,training, muscle strengthening (weights), gymnastics, and for anyphysical activity in general.On this app you will find differentsets of stretches (or stretching routines), appropriate for beforeand after all kinds of physical and muscle exercises andsports.There is a routine for each sport (football, basketball,athletics, etc.), for each area of the body (neck, back, legsetc...) and some other situations (office, side stich, flight,etc..).You can design you own personal stretching routine and keepit or send it to a friend.Follow us:Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Stretchingname/360631394141948Twitterhttps://twitter.com/InfoStretchingGoogle+https://plus.google.com/117805744355008872042/postsReport bugs& suggestions: info@u440.comDeveloper: www.stretching.name
Battery Level Petrol Gauge 1.8
Check power battery level and status as a petrol gauge (cardashboard).4 Skins: Black, White, LEDs, Digital green & Digitalwhite.Click on widget to set display preferences.DONT TRY TO STARTTHE APP. YOU NEED TO ADD IT TO YOUR HOMESCREEN, ITS A WIDGET.Addfrom "Menu key>Add>Widgets>Battery petrol gauge"
Chronometer All in 1 1.31
Multifunction Chronometer All in one (v1.30)12 ModesTimer:Stopwatch.Countdown and Count up.Tachymeter, to compute aspeed based on travel time.Cash clock, to bill your timebusiness.Chess clock, with 4 submodes: no delay, simple delay,Fisher, Fisher after, Bornstein.Metronome, useful to play a musicalinstrument.Real time, to mark temporary events.Football/Soccer,with 3 submodes: association football, futsal, football 7.Eggtimer, with 8 predefined recipes.Pomodoro, perfect forstudying.Training, with 5 submodes: Fartlek, Tabata, Little method,4x5, 30-30.Contractions, to take time between contractions.
Donate Stretching 1.0
This app doesn't do anything!This app doesn't do anything!(Exceptdisabling the ads in Stretching routines app)It's just to donatesome money if you like Stretching App.Thank you for donating.