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Bird Jumper 2.0.1
Relax, breathe, and let your reflexes takeoveras you bounce your way into the sky.Be careful, according to AppAdvice Bird Jumper is “easy topickup, hard to put down”.In Bird Jumper, you'll dive after birds as they pass by. If youtimethings just right, you'll bounce off their backs and climbhigherand higher into the atmosphere. The sublime art style, moodypianosoundtrack and dead simple gameplay will sooth your mind evenwhileyour skills are pushed to the limit. It's creative andunique, butmost importantly it's extremely fun to play!No time to waste.• It takes mere seconds to learn how to play. Of course,masteringthe game is another story.• Bird Jumper happens fast. You won’t be slogging through a bunchofmenus or load screens; just tap ‘play’ and the actionstarts.It’s pretty.• Bird Jumper has a unique art style. Silhouettes, bold colorsandfluid animation make for something you haven’t seenbefore.• The soundtrack is beautiful. It’s deep, different, and itwillstay in your head for days.