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ustwo Face Maker 1.1.0
ustwo Studios
Face Maker is a new approach to customizable watch faces. PickClassic or Trio, then personalize them the way that you like from aselection of beautifully designed options including color, hands,and markers. Everything is done right on the watch so that you canpersonalize any time, anywhere. We’re hard at work designing evenmore beautiful watch faces to add to Face Maker. Stay tuned! Pleasesend us your happy thoughts, sad thoughts, suggestions, and dreamdiaries to Want more? Try these: • • • •
Looks Watch Faces for Wear OS by Google 1.17.0
ustwo Studios
Stylish and functional, “Looks” is a collection of timelessfavorites augmented with the power of real-time information. The"Looks" collection supports complications to give you access to theinformation and apps you care about, while allowing for deepcustomization to make the most of your day and match your style.Astral Analog or digital, with rich photography that rotates astime passes. Atoms A watch face designed to present all of theinformation that you need. Radius Classic watch design with a freshtwist. Portions Lots of information displayed in a glanceable way.Places Your current location on a beautiful map throughout the daywith lots of colors to make it your own. Quoti Large-format,digital time, and lots layouts for all your info. Sleek Anall-occasions, minimalistic design. Stellar A traditional watchface with subtle references to classic mechanical watches.Time-lapse An elegant watch face that features an always-changingbackground that takes on the color of the sky according to the timeof day.
Moods Watch Faces for Wear OS by Google 1.17.0
ustwo Studios
Whether at home, the Arctic, the office, on a run, or in a cafe,“Moods” has a watch face to keep you connected to your world -here, there, or anywhere. Do For busy days, “Do” helps you getstuff done while its understated design gets out of the way. MoveMotivation in a watch face. Keep track of your steps, calories, andother exercise, all with a sporty look that shouts “Move!” Play Ananalog face with 23rd Century dreams. “Play” is at home in thefuture, and has your favorite real-time information. Go Timelessbeauty with everything you need to know before starting your nextadventure. Chill Built for the downtime, and to know what needs toget done. Modern, artistic, and built to chill.
Headed South
ustwo Studios
A collaboration between Google and ustwo Studios, Headed South isanexperience that introduces Google's new Quick Gestures to usersin aplayful and engaging way. Driven by Motion Sense, QuickGesturesintroduce a new paradigm of interaction that changes theway usersinteract with their devices. Headed South takes you on ajourneyfrom the forest-covered scenery of the North to the warm,secludedshores of the South in a fantasy landscape. You play asSoli, aunique bird on a mission to rescue unsuspecting wild birdsfrom adark, approaching storm. Each bird is unique and requiresspecialgestures to catch up to them in flight. Through Soli'sjourney,players will learn, practice, and master the use of QuickGestureson the Pixel 4. Master the gestures and flight controls inorder tosave the birds and escape the storm! AN AERIAL ADVENTURESixstunning levels to explore THE MAGIC OF FLIGHT LeveragesQuickGestures and Motion Sense technology for a uniquegameplayexperience FEATURES ★ Replayable levels (catch all thebirds, getall the stars) ★ Progression (unlock new levels as youprogress) ★“Boss” birds (bigger, more difficult challenges) ★Atmosphere(artwork, music, and ambience combine to create somethinglush andinviting) ★ A flock of your own (Soli is the leader;collect andwatch them come together)