FishEye Viewer VR 1.0.5
This application will help you to experience fish eye photographyas you never did before.- This applications operates on picturestaken with the FishEye lens on DSLR or mirrorless camera. It is NOTdesigned to take pictures or fake fisheye effect on pictures takenwith not a fish eye lens.- For immersive experience you need GOOGLECARDBOARD or compatible device. You can use "2D" mode otherwise.Afisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strongvisual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic image. Alllens with 180° diagonal angle of view should be compatible with theapplication:- Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM Lens- Samyang 7.5mmf/3.5 UMC Fisheye MFT Lens- Samyang 7.5mm T3.8 Cine UMC FisheyeLens for Micro Four Thirds Mount- Bower 8mm f/2.8 Ultra CompactFisheye Lens for Sony E Mount- Bower 8mm f/2.8 Ultra CompactFisheye Lens for Fujifilm X Mount- Bower 8mm f/2.8 Ultra CompactFisheye Lens for Samsung NX MountYou can try other lens. Please letus know if it works for you.
Phoenix Park VR 1.1.0
Phoenix Park virtual reality experience with Google Cardboard orother head mounted display.NOTE: Google Cardboard or compatible isrequired to enjoy this VR app.Features- Immersive VR- Cardboardoptimized- Authenitc imagery and ambient sound recorded at PhoenixPark, Dublin, Ireland.