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comics reader archer 1.7
Free comics reader and free game linksThe story of ‘The Archer’, is of an ordinary man who steals thingsfrom smugglers and gives all the money for development andeducation of orphan children. In his aforesaid activities, one ofhis best friends (a priest) gets killed by a smuggler and in anattempt of taking revenge the thief gets defeated and is forced bythe smugglers into deep space. While falling the thief goes throughinter dimensional space and suddenly finds himself in another worldand time where demons rule the planet
Comics 1.06
Indian Comics for free read unlimited Manga USA Style Funny storiesFolk based List: Archer- The legend comes alive Chiku- Funny comicsLalkamal Nilkamal- Folk comics Sukhu Dukhu - Folk based comicsFight for Life- Indian special agent virtualinfocom. If you are acomics creator then connect with us for placing your created comicswith us and make money through selling those mind blowing creationof yours. This app is updated every day, to read the comics youneed to fetch the comics each day.
3D Racing in Hills 2.11
Pure 3D Race in Bhutan. A lovely journey from Paro to Thimphu.Realistic three type of racing mode. Get the real idea of Bhutan,from the Airport to the city. Excellent graphics Deadly Race FreeGame Downloads Real cool engine. The Bhutanese. Game Features:Perfect game design and the most stunning game experience. Realdynamic game feeling with extra fun. Hot and exciting backgroundmusic must impress you! Bright 3D panoramic racing view. Racing in3D Hills to understand speed and action in Bhutanese roads.
Bird Activity Game
Learn Spellings along with characters.Improvethe creative part of your child. Ask him/ her to spell thebirdsproperly. Very good application to learn about how to +91 983002617 to hire Android Developers
iReporter 1.04
We are here to share only good news about the community, funnynews, things which are doing positive in the world. Read news aboutonly positive things. Eye-witnessing something interesting? Justsimply grab your Android device and take a picture, stream it, sendthe details to us and we will update your content.
sports news 1.01
all your favorite sports news stories right to your mobile. sportsnews apps. For sports fanatics, it is imperative to have teams andplayers available at the touch or swipe.
Camel race 3D 1.4
pure 3D Arabian camel race. Camel racing is most popular sport inSaudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar. Robot desert riderscollect diamonds collect boost up manage the store to take newenvironments camel racing game using robots
Racing 3D 1.4
Real Race with real BMW car. Excellent game play in galaxy tab 2Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is availablefor day and night both as well as fast cars. Quality 3D RacingGames, 3D Car Games.3D Car Games are not only fun, they are alsofilled with lots of exciting challenges. Plus, you get to drive alot of cool cars in a three-dimensional environment. Car Race DragRace, Fastest cars
Basket Ball 3D 1.4
Attractive basketball game. Target and aim for your basket for moreand more score. Pure 3D sports game Player attributes andtendencies automatically update daily to reflect true life hot andcold streaks. Now, each game played in the Basketball can have aneffect on your game. Basketball Games free online Basketball Games,free Basketball Games, online Basketball Games Ultimate 3D gamingin store.
Travel Mate 1.2
Search your nearby area for different hotels, taxi, food,hospitals, places to visit, nearby new location. Call police whenneeded Look for Airport Search nearby bus station Search nearbyhiking place Tag your location as you want. Find addresses andbusinesses and plan journeys taking current traffic conditions intoaccount. features: - detailed maps of towns and cities across theworld - the ability to search for specific addresses; - the abilityto search nearby points of interest including cafes, drug stores,ATMs, gas stations, hospitals etc. and additional information onbuildings, businesses and other points of interest, - feedback formabout carrier signal quality for MTS users; - satellite andpanoramic street view images of cities; - People's map ; - a routeplanner that optimizes routes based on current traffic conditions;- public transport routes - route information (distance, speed,estimated journey time) and automatic route recalculation followingany deviation; - additional information about companies andbuildings; - the ability to read and add business reviews; - theability to download maps.
Adenture Hero Pro 1.0
Monster Game, Adventure Game, Casual game, Action game. The BigAdventures of a Little Hero The best adventure game on mobile!Based on Bengali folk based story. fast paced action game. MoveBittu around and go to a unforgettable journey. This is pro versionof Adventure hero game, and this is ad free. Caution: avoiddangerous animals FEATURES : 1.Simple swipe control of action game2.Different types of food, more on the way 3.Beautiful graphics4.Folk based Bengali music Bittu, a naughty little boy, isunthinkingly cruel to animals. He goes his merry way till aterrible crime causes him to be turned into a Thumbkin with noprospect of return to the human world. Now, he is at the mercy ofthe very same animals he has wronged, and is desperate to makeamends. But all the animals are happy with his situation! Finally,the pet lame swan of the family takes pity and Hriday is waftedaway on his creaky wings to the Himalayas in search of Lord Ganeshawho can save him. The beginning of the strangest adventure in theworlds of mice and men, Gods and demons, hate and love and betterunderstanding…
Boss 2 1.8
Promotional game for Boss 2 where Jeet is following the bad guy inacar chase. Hence, Your are behind the wheel of a fast car andyouhave is to catch the criminals. Features: 1. Full 3D Racing 2.Full3D environment 3. Related sequence of Boss 2 Movie as apromopurpose.
VR Space Warrior 4.2
Choose your fighter jet and go for a real 3D Virtual Reality spacefight experience. space commander! Travel to a unique world thatblends sci-fi culture and drafts the best warriors. This VR gamecertainly will rock you. Our beautiful galaxy is under attack byinvaders. They destroyed the maximum of the squadron. Take controlof a lone spaceship, get the force from air and strike swarms ofgalaxy invaders. The player controls the spaceship by moving hishead and firing at descending aliens. Like a sky destroyer, the aimis to defeat space shuttle of invaders. Your mission is to shootthe enemy ships and win battles against big bad bosses and travelthrough the galaxy.
3D boxing game 4.1
Fighting Boxing Game 3D. real-time 3d fighting games in themarketwhich offers a realistic and high quality experience. Withtherealistic models, we ensure you will be addicted in thisexciting3d boxing games for tablets and smartphones. Download thisfightgames and start your boxing, be a fighting hero showyourknockouts(Boxing ko) in the fighting games to prove you arethebest fighting master. boxing 3d game, Amazing 3d animationsandsound effects. Realistic scene in this game including boxingring,boxing timer, boxing bell and boxing clock, makes you feelthat asyou are watching real boxing live stream just in the boxingmatch.Easy to control, attacks and fight back , Defense andMovements.
Swimming Race 3D 4.2
Pure 3D swimming game for free. Swim with free style, butterfly,Brest stroke Features: 1.Stunts 2.Front Stroke 3.BackStroke4.Championship This game is really easy to play. All you needto dois press the swim button and win the race by collecting coins,moreyou play more coins you can collect. You may choose thecharacterbefore you start the race. While improving the levels yourstaminalevels will go down, all you need to do is increase thestaminalevels by buying stamina. When you do have 50 coins you canbuy thestamina, and continue to race. For stunts, you need to swipeyourfinger to do the stunts. Grab the point and do the stunts.
Fight of the Legends 3.2
Best fighting game for them who loves various fightingstyleshand-to-hand battles, boxing and karate, kalaripayattu,Martialart, sword fight, thai boxer etc. Features: 1. Eachcharacterfights with different style of fighting 2. Pure 3D 3.Charactersmade with real models 4. Indian Martial Art style 5. CoolMusic 6.Store System to upgrade your character Story: During theevents ofFight of the legend, both the forces of light and darknesshavebeen annihilated, with only the thunder god Indra and the lordofthe hell Narakasur remaining to represent them. A severelyweakenedIndra is about to be killed by Narakasur, but casts alast-minutespell on his friend Koko by taking him to a differentdimension,whose walls can be broken by disabling the balance ofEarth. Todisable the secrete space break (To enter a dimension oneneed toaccess the doorway between the space) path Narakasur have tobreakthe balance of Human’s energy which makes him strong enoughtobreak the dimensional gateway. So he hosted a tournament toletmortal world know, who the greatest fighter is, butbackgroundstory is to get dark energy generated from the fight.Whileensuring progress in the tournament, whose key attendeesincludeUrushi, Reina, Dazbog, Katya,Khanda, Jager, Flin, Tanietc,Narakasur attempts to enter into middle world to destroyEarth’slife balance. Koko, who has got the power to control some oftheelements of nature, who protects the balance of earth isnowwilling to protect her Mother “Earth” by giving power todifferentwarriors so that the balance remains calm. As long as thefightgoes on and balance remains calm, she can heal Mother EarthfromNarakasur. Else it’s in Indra’s hand to make the last stand.
Sukhu Dukhu adventure 5.2
Bengal's first folk story based game.Monster, Adventure,Casual,Action game The best monster game on mobile! Action &Run &defensive type of game perfect combination - Simplecontrol, attackmonster - story mode, up to 25 Levels - 27 differentworlds -Guarantees you many long hours of fun - Shop System Thegame sets avillage ambiance with folk music background score. Kidsgame,Bengali Mythology based game. Sukhu Dukhu is a singleplayer,adventure mobile game. With 25 game levels, Sukhu Dukhustarts witha simple, 15 year old poor village girl player who isrunning afterthe wind to catch the cottons that the wind takes awayfrom her.While running after the wind to reach the cottons, thelittle girlfaces numerous hurdles including a cow asking for helpand the gameplayer now has a choice whether to help the cow or toignore andrun behind the wind to take back the cottons. If the userhelps thecow, wins a prize and then goes on to the next level ofthe gameand the journey continues. As the game progresses, thecharacterstarts to become beautiful or ugly, depending upon thetimes shehas helped the animals or whether she chooses to skiphelping theanimals.
bi cycle race 1.08
Cycling Games. Choose your style, objective and upgrade yourbicycle. Have fun in a challenging racing game and win one toonehead-on races. It's a dual bike where you can race along withyourgirlfriend. Choose your partner Choose who will drive the bike,thegirl or the boy and race.
Racing Cars 1.02
Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is availableforday and night both as well as fast cars. Drag Race, Track Race.Real3D gaming experience. The cars will have damage while you playwhichis till date not there in app store. Ultimate 3D experience.Use thesteering of your phone to drive the car and drift it inracingplatform. Real 3D racing game Drift your car on the tracksand runthrough the 3D Environment.Modified Controls tablates.Drift carthrough the tracks. Drift gaming racing
legends fight 4.0
Reveal your inner fighter in this 3D fighting game! Play up to8fighters and upgrade their equipment and abilities. Challengerealplayers worldwide. Defeat enemies. Use the touch screenmechanicsof your mobile device to battle your enemies in actioncombat.Special fighting styles : Liberal Kungfu (Chinese boxing,Sanda,Baji Quan), Taekwondo . To knock enemies down. SwordAttack,Fighting with Katana Sensitive and special 3D fightingcontrolsystem Sophisticated 3D characters Specific combos andattacks foreach fighter Smooth and intense motion! You can usepunching,kicking, catching, throwing, and dodge... use everythingto defendyourself in the arena. Combine these fighting skills tocreate avariety of deadly attacks. Upgrade your fighters to makethem reachtheir full potential
car racing speedy 4.1
This game will have you on the edge of your seat andprobablypushing way too hard on your smartphone or tablet screen asyouspeed past the finish line. open world racing game withnonlineargame play. the best driver around and unlock tons of newcars.It'sa racing game designed for touchscreen devices. Realisticdrifting.Vivid graphics. More realistic and thorough gameexperience. Comeon and download this game. Car speed race is a verypopular racinggame for android users. Its graphics and game controlare verywonderful. Features mini drifting game built-in seed racingchoosedifferent cars
VR Car Race 4.2
Pure virtual reality VR game based on car racing. Move yourselfandBurn up the street with this latest sequel of a car racing gameinthe most exciting physics based Virtual Reality environmentwiththe fastest and thrilling adventurous track.You need joystickandvirtual reality headset (cardboard or other VR glasses) forrunningthis game. Deep into Virtual Reality world and getadrenaline. Takea look and immerse in virtual reality world.Features: Tilt yourhead to turn the car Use the VR remote forspeedup, break andcontrol the car steering. Stunning 3D HD qualitygraphics Smoothand realistic car handling Breathtaking visuals VRbased 3DEnvironment Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation Compatiblewithvirtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and Google Cardboard VRCrisp,Cinema like, HD visuals Different exciting racing tracks
Toto adventure 4.2
run and have fun with the excellent 3D environment Take partinquality adventure based games usually popular amongst kidsbecausethe games feature cartoon characters cartoon cars anddramatic setups.
adventure hero 5.8
Adventure action. The Big adventures of a little kid The bestgameon mobile. Based on Bengali folk based story. fast pacedaction.Move Bittu around and go to a unforgettable journey.FEATURES :1.Simple swipe control of game 2.Different types of food,more onthe way 3.Beautiful graphics 4.Folk based Bengali musicBittu, anaughty little boy, is unthinkingly cruel to animals. Hegoes hismerry way till a terrible crime causes him to be turnedinto aThumbkin with no prospect of return to the human world. Now,he isat the mercy of the very same animals he has wronged, andisdesperate to make amends. But all the animals are happy withhissituation! Finally, the pet lame swan of the family takes pityandBittu is wafted away on his creaky wings to the Himalayas insearchof Ganesha who can save him. The beginning of thestrangestadventure in the worlds of mice and men, Gods and demons,hate andlove and better understanding.
VR Immortals fight 4.2
Action/ fighting game with a bit of strategy and science thrownintothe mix in a rare and highly unusual fight with the immortalsinvirtual reality. The game is focused on Virtual Reality and youneedto have a Bluetooth connected gear to play this game as thecontrolsare with the gear VR. You can rotate your head to lookright or leftand up and down. For action you need the vr gameswith remoteconnected with your game. It's a life and fight game,each stagewill have unique ferocious format. Overview & BasicInformation.Play the Virtual Reality Game on your smartphone Putthe Smart phonein Google cardboard glasses Align your phone incenter Check forblurriness... rotate lens for proper focus Wearyour Google glassesand enjoy VR Immortals Game Note: For the bestquality VRexperience, players are recommended to use a powerful orhighperformance device to Play This VR Game. Compatible withViewMaster, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, Durovis andothersCardboard like headsets.
Ashwathama the immortal 4.0
Feel the adrenaline at your fingertips. Play the mostexhilaratingaction RPG that will keep you electrified. Full scalerole playinggame with over 10 quests each with great volume can beenjoyed.Breathtaking actions with the best graphics: StorylinequestsClasses and skills to enhance your battle experience. Trickenemieswith attacks, speed and skills. Attack enemies withdestructiveKahnda. Meet the champions - Ashwathama: His swordslices throughthe battleground - The Moon Lord: Cool flying god.The battlefieldis her playground, she controls all the demigods. -Zahhak. fightswith magic and defends the hell - Flins. Behold herrage as shedestroys everything in sight! - Dazbog. Quick and agile,attacksenemy with a big hammer - Avici. His eerie shadow willensnare andannihilate enemies, looks like a ghost. - Urushi. Thebest fightingcharacter among all who fights with kalaripayattustyle. Everylevel in this game brings out an interesting adventurefull ofaction, exploration as the player moves forward. In thisgame,Ashwathama is seen searching for the ‘Gem’ in this Kaliyuga asperthe curse of Krishna. The different background settings inthisgame play revolve around forests, valleys, flowers, thunderandother natural elements of the Earth. In short, in all thelevels,the player will unlock the new powers and spells bycollecting themagic crystals and fighting with Demi God at the endof each level.There is no real winning for the game as the game hasthreedifferent winning methods. Features: Attack & conquertheWonder Forge diplomatic alliances to conquer enemies &becomethe most powerful Alliance in the Kingdom To prepare fortheupcoming battles with monsters in the far away land not yetknown,Ashwathama is focusing on with his own strength as he haslost hisJem in early battle.
run with dog 4.0
funny game where you can have a morning walk with your Dog, runandsave yourself from the obstacles . A game full of funs andskills!! ! It is not only the simple jumping. There are many trapsandnatural enemies! The journey of the little girl is veryexciting! !! This game is very interesting. You will control thedog to runand jump! You may jump up to another planet! FeaturesPerfectcombination of puzzle and game entertainment Gorgeousvisualeffects and smooth game control Vivid background musicNumerouspower-ups give you more fun!
Fighter Commando 2.8
Defend the Allies from the scourge of Earth. Enjoy Commando Gamesinone great app for free,so download this app now and get the bestofthe best Commando Games. Hand to hand battle Karate fightsmoothgraphics. stunning features, easy and quick guides
Shaktimaan the game 2.8
Shaktimaan India's one of the first superhero. Play withShaktimaanin 3D hand to hand fighting game with various fighters.From eachfight you will gain more power. Improve the power ofShaktimaanfrom store and fight the next battle. This game is actionfightgame. It's a joint project with Mr Mukesh Khannaandvirtualinfocom.
3D Game of balls 4.2
Game of Balls. Look of 3D movements. Watch out the excellentFoxwith lion and mighty Rhino Lovely game with mind blowing 3dworksand lovely attractive game play. A very well-crafted3Dball-rolling plat former. great 3D graphical look,interestingphysics and a destructible environment. You control thetilt of theplaying field to guide the ball safely throughincreasinglydifficult 3D levels, filled with challenging mazes,traps andenemies. Blast your way through walls! Hop over everythingusingBig Jump. The game features: 70 Levels filled with actionpuzzles,dangers and excitement Great 3D graphics and physicsanddestructible 3D world Epic storyline with beautifulillustrationsControl the game accurately with the accelerometer orwith virtualjoystick Collectable coins and power-ups Use funpower-ups, jumphigh with BIG JUMP, blast through walls as aFIREBALL, and more.Buy more power-ups from the power-up shop usingcoins collected inthe game End bosses! Please try the free versionbefore buying thegame to make sure it runs on your device
action fighter Katya 4.0
STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION visuals and EPIC MELEE action gameplay!Fluid REAL-TIME COMBAT against dozens of NEW demon enemies!Useyour SPECIAL SKILLS to slice your way throughmultipleenvironments! COLLECT ARMOR, WEAPONS and other LOOT!Upgrade yourgear. Crush enemies and become a hero Craft or discoverrare armor,weapons and loot to enhance your abilities Choose yourfighterswant to fight and to start the game. Katya was apparentlyorphanedas a child when she was trapped in a temple as Debdashiduringearly 15th century. Jitantak a fighter pilot, found her intheinferno and rescued her. She was almost brainwashed intoservingthe snakes clan the sorpeto, but was saved by Olga Umhrahand Avicisolder. Katya is 400 years old, but is considered young inherrealm and has the appearance of a young woman. Even though Katyaisover 400 years old, she looks as if she is in her earlytwenties.After 400 years inside a space-time block, she has achoice now tobecome good or bad, once you play the game you willhave option toattack either Avici- bad solders or Urushi- the goodsolders.Depending on your choice the game will work. RESPONSIVEANDINTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS Attack, dodge, block, and castdevastatingpower SIMPLE NAVIGATION Easy to use, tap-to-movecontrols enableplayers to effortlessly navigate and explore thecastle realm whilesearching for collectable items such as treasure,swords, shields,armor and other magical objects. POWERS: Katyarelies mostly on herSteel swords in battle, although she is morethan adequate inunarmed hand-to-hand combat.She is also a verystrong leader.ABILITIES: Jumps into the air and attacks incomingfoes with aflying punch. Can attack and block almost any knownmatters in themortal world.
Car Drift 3D Racing track 4.2
Drift your car in 3D CAR racing track. It's about speed.. it'saboutsmoothness it's about race it's about racing tracks. CAR 3Don yourAndroid device. Play hard. Cool 3D engine, speed meter.Super smallsize! ! ! Cool 3D engine! ! ! Realistic drifting! ! !Vividgraphics! ! ! More realistic and thorough game experience.Come onand download this game. Car Drift Race Track is a verypopularracing game for android users. Its graphics and gamecontrol arevery wonderful. Use g-sensor to control the car! Whenyou master theracing tracks and your car, you will be able toenjoy yourself init. Features Smooth game control Vivid backgroundmusic is inharmony with the game! Add different game scenes! Watchout more 3D Game Development India Real3D racing car
AR magic 4.2
Use the virtualinfocom logo or card to see the magic. If youdon'thave the vic visiting card or logo the magic will not work.Awesomeaugmented reality application for action character in 3D Usethebuttons to have action of hanuman.
3D Racing Car Game 4.2
3D Car Game . Full HD 3Dcar racing game for Android Market.Themostaddictive racing game with realistic controls, top 3D drivingfun.3d racing game. Drift your car through eh hills of India andwhileyou play the game enjoy the beauty of the Lands. ChristmasSpecialGame You can move the car front and back as well you willsee it'sa real 3D made with low textures. Choose Red or Green orBlue Carand Race through the hills. combines stunning, highfidelitygraphics with addictive gameplay that will have youswervingthrough oncoming traffic Works mainly with Tablets
bandit of bengal 1.19
Darkness mires the misty lowlands. The sudden cry of "ha re rerere" tears apart the silence with a blazing effect. The dacoitshavecome! Once terror, now legend. The tales of the dacoits ofBengaltravelled distant places, and not for now reason. Being fewof thestrongest, smartest and bravest men in the society, thedacoitslooted from the rich only to redistribute the loot among theneedy.Few of the most notorious dacoits include Raghu, Bishe, RanaandBede! The adrenaline rush for the loots, the endeavor forattacks,and their devotion to Kali: The dacoits of Bengal were fewof themost enigmatic personalities to have, spread throughout the18th,19th and 20th centuries.. game modes are available forthousands ofhours of enjoyment even when playing alone: “SINGLEBATTLE” for1-on-1 fights. Crush your enemies, humiliate demonbosses Devastateyour enemies with delightfully intuitive controls,thanks to anall-new fighting interface designed especially fortouchscreens.Customize your fighter with epic swords, staff, armorsuits, andmore.
3D Drift Car Racing 4.1
Most wanted 3D Drift racing experience. Drag , Track , race Thecarswill have damage while you play which is till date not therein appstore. Ultimate 3D experience. Use steering to drive thecar. Driftyour car on the tracks and run through the 3DEnvironment.ModifiedControls realistic drifting while doing nascarracing Run carthrough the tracks.
3D Car Racing Drift 5.1
Modified Controls Race through roads. Drift car through thehills.Choose a car and start the 3D experience of car racinggame.3D cardrift on Hills. Game development India. The Real CarExperience isa true-to-life automotive journey featuring the mostprestigiouscars in the world Speedometer included with the highpower boost.combines stunning, high fidelity graphics withaddictive gameplaythat will have you swerving into oncomingtraffic.
car drift racing game free 4.2
The most popular racing game in this year is here. Super smallsize.Realistic drifting. Vivid graphics. More realistic andthorough gameexperience! ! ! Car Drift Race is a very popularracing game forandroid users. Its graphics and game control arevery wonderful!There are many competitions in the game, such asCup Game, GrandTouring, and Drag Racing. Use g-sensor to controlthe car! When youmaster the racing tracks and your car, you willbe able to enjoyyourself in it! Features Full 3D car racing withspeed meter . Runyour car in absolute 3D environment over the topof the hills.
folk adventure 5.3
Adventure , Casual game race to catch the cotton The best folkgameon mobile! Action & Run & defensive type of gameperfectcombination A little girl's adventure with blend ofBengalifolklore. - Simple control, attack monster - Guarantees youmanylong hours of fun -Folk music
Sky Fighter Airplane 4.2
You will be driving the most advanced fighter aircraft inspacecombat with the aliens. The fast-paced game allows you tothrillingexpeditions, the game will bring you a sense of super hit,andimmersive combat experience. Offering fighter aircrafts. Youcanget points by fighting, and use them to upgrade your fighters.Youwill be challenged different space crafts and devastatingbarrages.Easy game operation will enable you to calmly face thechallenges.Everything will show you a perfect combat sky war.Features: * BOSSchallenge system * Multiple battle maps * Differentenemy models *Weapon upgrade system, props system * Exciting andastonishingsound effects and soundtrack. * EPIC BOSS, withintelligent AI Ifyou like our game, please give us a five-starrating, or put yourvaluable suggestions, we will strive to dobetter!
camel race 2.2
Camel Racing Like Never Before 3D Realistic Game with boost/nitrotospeed your camel. Real racing in real environments. Own yourownstable and select your own camels. Compete in exciting racesindifferent arenas all around the desert Amazing graphics watchyourcamel and jockey race in style. Ride into the sunset. Speedyourway across three traditional arenas and three offroad arenas.Runthrough iconic locations. Have fun with your friends!
fight of the legends 3 4.2
An epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend. Fight ofthelegends 3 to restore peace in the most graphically amazinggame. Apantheon of champions is yours to train to new heights andtake towar as you enter an epic story, mystical prizes and hand tohandcombat. STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS & ART offering the best 3Dgraphicspossible on a mobile device. SUMMON THE GREATEST WARRIORSJoin thelofty ranks of THE KALKI – the supreme summoners ofancient legend!You can choose, upgrade, and manage heroes andother mythicalwarriors in a fight against the force that threatensto enslave themall! - Discover the unique Bonds shared by yourfighters to unlockpowerful bonuses. LEVEL UP Build your move set,increase yourpowers, upgrade your characters, and beat yourcompetition.
bike race 3D 4.2
Racing game with quad bike and fight. Play 3D Quad Bike RacingGamesSuper quad bikes on a dusty trail blazing through Hop righton yourbike and come down for some all terrain mania racingaction. Bustthe dust in the desert sands and rally past youropponents! FeaturesMultitouch Real 3D Fighting
Racing 3D Sports 4.2
Become the most notorious street racer in Norway background.Feelthe thrill of the chase in a dynamic open world as yougohead-to-head with drivers who customize their cars to goagainstmissiles, exotics, muscle cars, road blocks. Features: Real3Dexperience Camera follow Bomb disposal Cool 3D enginesCarupgradations
kidnapping 2.3
Arjun, is a kid who is fighting against human traffickingandteaching you how to come out from a situation if you getkidnapped.A awesome game to teach young kids on how to protectyourself. Afight against human trafficking. Complete 3D game withrealisticsituation, where a child can understand how to protecthim/ her ifhe gets kidnapped by goons. avoid the kidnapper use yourbrains tocome out from a kidnapped situation if you need to opencombinationlock, think wisely
Shaktimaan The Battle 4.2
Time has come to protect the city from the evil powers ofgoons.Shaktimaan, India’s first super hero has arrived to protecttheworld from all sorts of crime. Shaktimaan is the creation ofthegroup of saints Suryanshis so as to save the humanity fromallsorts of evil. He gained all sorts of super natural power fromthefamous Kundalini Yoga. He conducted the ritual of death andgainedthe superpowers by entering the holy fire and totallyimmersing hiswhole body in it. His hand-to-hand 3D fight with thefamous goonslike Vajra, Sorpeto, Mrityu, Kelvish, Commando is thegame allabout. Based on virtual reality, once you start playingthis gameyou will enjoy each and every level of it. With theincrease ofeach level the power of Shaktimaan increases. Each fightwill helpShaktimaan to boost up and be more energetic. The lastlevel of thegame will take you to the highest level of excitement.This is theboss fight between Shaktimaan and Mrityu, the mostpowerful goon ofall. Few characters: Vajra: With the power ofthunder, Vajra is thereincarnation of the Dipanjan, the famoussupermodel of Kolkata whodied in a fight with the goons. His fightwith Shaktimaan is worthenjoying. Sorpeto: The ruler of the snakes,he is the immortal Lordof Nagas. Commando: Another character withwhom Shaktimaan hasmassive fight with. Mrityu: He is the boss andarrives at the endof the game. The fight is the boss fight.
VR Commando shooting 4.2
Find yourself in a thrilling adventure in the VRcommandoenvironment. Whirlwind firefights, pursuits – boost youradrenalinerush in vr world. Requires VR glasses (headset)action/adventuregame with a bit of strategy. first person shootinggame - Kill yourenemy first before you're discovered. - Feel theenemy and changeto sniping mode to kill the enemy. Have you everwanted to playrole in battle in real life? Experience the thrill ofCommandoAdventure Shooting in VR this is more than real. There isno needany more to keep your hands stick with mobile busy whileplayingthe game we are providing external Game pad option andVirtualReality (VR) version of Commando Adventure Shooting. It isofflinefirst person shooting fighting action game that is allaboutshooting and survival with your strategy. Stunning gamegraphicsand smooth game play will take you to real life battlezone.Features: - Compatible with virtual reality glasses -Topdownloaded shooting game. - Game supports all android devices.-Kill enemies to accomplish mission. - Realistic 3D graphicswithdynamic lighting and amazing killing effects. - Multipleadvanceshooting guns. - Thrilling missions that will amaze you. -WithUser friendly GUI and controls. - Good quality sound effectsusedin the game. - Efficient weapon controls & movement. -Bestdownloading gun shoot war game in gaming world.
Lalkamal nilkamal 4.2
The most popular adventure game , nilkamal lalkamal is out theretofight monsters Super small size Realistic action! VividgraphicsMore realistic and thorough game experience! ! ! verypopularaction adventure game for android users. Its graphics andgamecontrol are very wonderful! control the character! Smoothgamecontrol Vivid background music is in harmony with the game!Adddifferent game scenes! Best folk based action game of the year .
Racing cars 1.4
It is a cool 3D street racing game in which you are bound toproveyour skills as you race against others. Join the league oftheelite racers. Always remember that only a skilled racer couldmakeits car run at full speeds without fear or hesitation. That isnotall. The race track itself is filled with never-ending loopsandcurves. One wrong move and your car will definitely hit thewall.Still, that is already a part of your life as a circuit racerTheReal Car Experience is a true-to-life automotive journeyfeaturingthe most prestigious cars in the world Speedometerincluded withhigh power boost. combines stunning, high fidelitygraphics withaddictive game play that will have you swervingthrough oncomingtraffic. Just try to avoid causing any damage toyour sports car.
propose a girl 4.2
If you want to propose your love, you need not think twice. Donotdelay, and propose her right away. Funny game to propose a girlinbus stop. Know your Girl and Propose Accordingly