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car racing speedy 1.2.5
This game will have you on the edge of your seat and probablypushing way too hard on your smartphone or tablet screen as youspeed past the finish world racing game with nonlineargame play. the best driver around and unlock tons of new cars.It'sa racing game designed for touchscreen devices.Realistic drifting.Vivid graphics.More realistic and thorough game experience.Come onand download this game.Car speed race is a very popular racing gamefor android users. Its graphics and game control are verywonderful.Featuresmini drifting game built-inseed racingchoosedifferent cars
Racing Cars 1.02
Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is availablefor day and night both as well as fast cars.Drag Race, Track Race.Real 3D gaming experience. The cars will have damage while you playwhich is till date not there in app store. Ultimate 3D experience.Use the steering of your phone to drive the car and drift it inracing platform.Real 3D racing gameDrift your car on the tracks andrun through the 3D Environment.Modified Controls tablates.Drift carthrough the tracks.Drift gaming racing
My Manager 1.01
manage your schedulescalendarmeetings geo locationbill remindercallremindermeetings
3D girls Martialarts fighting 2.2
Play a martial arts game now and find out how good your combatskills are. Choose real martial art girl and fight with opponent.Classic fighting game. Addictive gameplay Real adrenaline boost,high quality 3D graphics If you love martial arts, you must beplaying this game. Play martial arts Fight 3D, appreciate thecombat mood and start training karate immediately. Special fightingstyles :Chinese boxing, Sanda,Baji Quan To knock enemies down 3Dfighting control system 3D characters Smooth and intense motion!You can use punching, kicking, catching, throwing, dodge anddefense. You are able to combine these fighting skills to createvariety deadly attacks Choose your fighter and try to win thematches by beating up all of your powerful opponents. Triumph overevil (or be evil) in this fighting game. The best martial artsgame, fighter girls with killing moves.
comics reader archer 1.7
Free comics reader and free game linksThe story of ‘The Archer’, isof an ordinary man who steals things from smugglers and gives allthe money for development and education of orphan children. In hisaforesaid activities, one of his best friends (a priest) getskilled by a smuggler and in an attempt of taking revenge the thiefgets defeated and is forced by the smugglers into deep space. Whilefalling the thief goes through inter dimensional space and suddenlyfinds himself in another world and time where demons rule theplanet
Fight of the Legends 2.6
Best fighting game for them who loves various fighting styleshand-to-hand battles, boxing and karate, kalaripayattu, Martialart, sword fight, thai boxer etc.Features:1. Each character fightswith different style of fighting2. Pure 3D 3. Characters made withreal models4. Indian Martial Art style5. Cool Music6. Store Systemto upgrade your characterStory:During the events of Fight of thelegend, both the forces of light and darkness have beenannihilated, with only the thunder god Indra and the lord of thehell Narakasur remaining to represent them. A severely weakenedIndra is about to be killed by Narakasur, but casts a last-minutespell on his friend Koko by taking him to a different dimension,whose walls can be broken by disabling the balance of Earth. Todisable the secrete space break (To enter a dimension one need toaccess the doorway between the space) path Narakasur have to breakthe balance of Human’s energy which makes him strong enough tobreak the dimensional gateway. So he hosted a tournament to letmortal world know, who the greatest fighter is, but backgroundstory is to get dark energy generated from the fight.While ensuringprogress in the tournament, whose key attendees include Urushi,Reina, Dazbog, Katya,Khanda, Jager, Flin, Tani etc, Narakasurattempts to enter into middle world to destroy Earth’s lifebalance. Koko, who has got the power to control some of theelements of nature, who protects the balance of earth is nowwilling to protect her Mother “Earth” by giving power to differentwarriors so that the balance remains calm. As long as the fightgoes on and balance remains calm, she can heal Mother Earth fromNarakasur. Else it’s in Indra’s hand to make the last stand.
Ashwathama the immortal 2.3
Feel the adrenaline at your fingertips. Play the most exhilaratingaction RPG that will keep you electrified.Full scale role playinggame with over 10 quests each with great volume can beenjoyed.Breathtaking actions with the best graphics: StorylinequestsClasses and skills to enhance your battle experience. Trickenemies with attacks, speed and skills. Attack enemies withdestructive Kahnda. Meet the champions- Ashwathama: His swordslices through the battleground- The Moon Lord: Cool flying god.The battlefield is her playground, she controls all the demigods.-Zahhak. fights with magic and defends the hell- Flins. Behold herrage as she destroys everything in sight!- Dazbog. Quick and agile,attacks enemy with a big hammer- Avici. His eerie shadow willensnare and annihilate enemies, looks like a ghost.- Urushi. Thebest fighting character among all who fights with kalaripayattustyle. Every level in this game brings out an interesting adventurefull of action, exploration as the player moves forward. In thisgame, Ashwathama is seen searching for the ‘Gem’ in this Kaliyugaas per the curse of Krishna. The different background settings inthis game play revolve around forests, valleys, flowers, thunderand other natural elements of the Earth. In short, in all thelevels, the player will unlock the new powers and spells bycollecting the magic crystals and fighting with Demi God at the endof each level. There is no real winning for the game as the gamehas three different winning methods.Features:Attack & conquerthe Wonder Forge diplomatic alliances to conquer enemies &become the most powerful Alliance in the KingdomTo prepare for theupcoming battles with monsters in the far away land not yetknown,Ashwathama is focusing on with his own strength as he haslost his Jem in early battle.
3D boxing game 2.7
Fighting Boxing Game 3D. real-time 3d fighting games in the marketwhich offers a realistic and high quality experience. With therealistic models, we ensure you will be addicted in this exciting3d boxing games for tablets and smartphones.Download this fightgames and start your boxing, be a fighting hero show yourknockouts(Boxing ko) in the fighting games to prove you are thebest fighting master.boxing 3d game, Amazing 3d animations andsound effects. Realistic scene in this game including boxing ring,boxing timer, boxing bell and boxing clock, makes you feel that asyou are watching real boxing live stream just in the boxingmatch.Easy to control, attacks and fight back , Defense andMovements.
legends fight 2.5
Reveal your inner fighter in this 3D fighting game! Play up to 8fighters and upgrade their equipment and abilities. Challenge realplayers worldwide. Defeat enemies.Use the touch screen mechanics ofyour mobile device to battle your enemies in action combat.Specialfighting styles : Liberal Kungfu (Chinese boxing, Sanda, BajiQuan), Taekwondo . To knock enemies down.Sword Attack, Fightingwith KatanaSensitive and special 3D fighting control systemSophisticated 3D charactersSpecific combos and attacks for eachfighter Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching, kicking,catching, throwing, and dodge... use everything to defend yourselfin the arena. Combine these fighting skills to create a variety ofdeadly attacks.Upgrade your fighters to make them reach their fullpotential
Dragger smily ball 1.9
If you think you're good at slider ball, skeeball,shuffleboard,then try your luck with this challenging game! Enjoy your roll withPower-boosts and prize bonusesBIG PAYOUTS!INCLUDES:Funenvironment3D graphicsDragger brain game puzzlesAccurate physicsengineMultiplayerThe most addictive game to play in storesCoolMusic to add to intensity
fighter racer 1.0.6
This time we bring you more beautiful racing tracks , powerfulweapons and super cars. fun racing game that you can look and feelits vivid, beautiful graphical screen and enjoy a variety ofseries-favorite features.Fire missile use gatling machine gun todestroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes in the air.GameFeatures:10 breathtaking challenging racing missions with shootingscenarioUse accelerate and brake pedal to slow down or speed upyour racing carsBattle against road warrior with heavy weapons gunsand missilesmore rank type :Own Cars, Own Tracks, Add Coins, Dailyscores, new Total scores Get free coins fast easy!Tuning the car:Body color, engine, gears, suspension and wheelsCar damage effect
car drift racing game free 1.9
The most popular racing game in this year is here.Super small size.Realistic drifting. Vivid graphics.More realistic and thorough gameexperience! ! !Car Drift Race is a very popular racing game forandroid users. Its graphics and game control are very wonderful!There are many competitions in the game, such as Cup Game, GrandTouring, and Drag Racing. Use g-sensor to control the car! When youmaster the racing tracks and your car, you will be able to enjoyyourself in it!FeaturesFull 3D car racing with speed meter . Runyour car in absolute 3D environment over the top of the hills.
3D Game of balls 1.4
Game of Balls. Look of 3D movements. Watch out the excellent Foxwith lion and mighty Rhino Lovely game with mind blowing 3d worksand lovely attractive game play.A very well-crafted 3D ball-rollingplat former.great 3D graphical look, interesting physics and adestructible environment. You control the tilt of the playing fieldto guide the ball safely through increasingly difficult 3D levels,filled with challenging mazes, traps and enemies. Blast your waythrough walls! Hop over everything using Big Jump.The gamefeatures:70 Levels filled with action puzzles, dangers andexcitementGreat 3D graphics and physics and destructible 3DworldEpic storyline with beautiful illustrationsControl the gameaccurately with the accelerometer or with virtualjoystickCollectable coins and power-upsUse fun power-ups, jump highwith BIG JUMP, blast through walls as a FIREBALL, and more.Buy morepower-ups from the power-up shop using coins collected in thegameEnd bosses!Please try the free version before buying the gameto make sure it runs on your device
car drift desert 2.07
Ultimate drifting game for girls who loves adventure and who lovesto drive costly cars. Go the extreme desert in Arabia and driftyour car.. as much as you drift the more points you collect.Mostwanted 3D Drift racing experience.Play and watch the nature ischanging it's day and time beauty.Drag Race, drift racingThe carswill have damage while you play which is till date not there in appstore. Ultimate 3D experience. Tilt the phone or tablet to move anddriftFeatures:3D drift in desertExcellent sun set and sun risewhile playingDifferent cars to choose
yogatraining 1.4
Welcome to the world of 3D YOGA Yoga is a way of life, an art ofrighteous living or an integrated system for the benefit of thebody, mind and inner spirit. This art originated, was perfected andpracticed in India thousands of years ago. The references to yogaare available in 'Upanishads' and 'Puranas' composed by IndianAryans in the later Vedic and post- Vedic period. The main creditfor systematizing yoga goes to Patanjali who wrote 'Yoga Sutra',two thousand Years ago. He described the principles of the fulleight fold yogic discipline. He composed the treatise in brief codewords known as 'Sutras'. 'Yoga Sutra' is the most important basictext on Yoga. It is through this basic treatise that the essentialmessage of yoga spread throughout the world.Aim of Yoga is theattainment of the physical, mental and spiritual health. Patanjalihas recommended eight stages of Yoga discipline. They are 1. Yamas-Yamas (abstentions or restrains) 2. Niyamas- Niyamas(observances)-austerities, purity, contentment, study, surrender ofthe ego 3. Asanas- Physical postures or exercises 4. Pranayama-Control of vital energy (Breathing control) 5. Partyahara-Withdrawal of the senses 6. Dharana- Concentration of the mind(Contemplation) 7. Dhyana- Meditation 8.Samadhi- Attainment of Thesuper conscious state
Tips to Stay Healthy 1.3
Simple fitness exercises can help to have a fitter and healthylife.The basic foundation for a healthy individual starts from hisfoetal stage with proper and healthy nutrition derived from his orher mother. Hence, a pregnant woman's diet stands atop alldiets.Your food shall be your medicine.We are starting with simpletips on health and food with exercise for Men Women and Kids ..
run with dog 1.11
funny game where you can have a morning walk with your Dog, run andsave yourself from the obstacles .A game full of funs and skills! !!It is not only the simple jumping. There are many traps andnatural enemies! The journey of the little girl is very exciting! !!This game is very interesting. You will control the dog to run andjump! You may jump up to another planet!Features Perfectcombination of puzzle and game entertainment Gorgeous visualeffects and smooth game control Vivid background music Numerouspower-ups give you more fun!
Lock Screen 1.1
Ethnic style lock screen.Turn off your screen with just one touch!It provides both lock screen widget and lock screen shortcut iconfor the users to lock and turn off their screen with just one tapon the screen.Features:Gmail notification, message notificationclock, miss call alert, take your own picture and set it in thescreen mirrorfree games to download with this lock screen.
Durga Puja Animated 1.4
Durga Devi animated new concept. Respect your mother as she is theultimate powerful Goddess Durga. Motion Comics, Animated Durga. MaaDurga meaning "Mother Durga" . Durga Puja special. AdhunikDurga.Animated 2D Durga video
Sukhu Dukhu adventure 2.4
Bengal's first folk story based game.Monster, Adventure, Casual,Action gameThe best monster game on mobile!Action & Run &defensive type of game perfect combination- Simple control, attackmonster- story mode, up to 25 Levels- 27 different worlds-Guarantees you many long hours of fun- Shop SystemThe game sets avillage ambiance with folk music background score. Kids game,Bengali Mythology based game.Sukhu Dukhu is a single player,adventure mobile game. With 25 game levels, Sukhu Dukhu starts witha simple, 15 year old poor village girl player who is running afterthe wind to catch the cottons that the wind takes away from her.While running after the wind to reach the cottons, the little girlfaces numerous hurdles including a cow asking for help and the gameplayer now has a choice whether to help the cow or to ignore andrun behind the wind to take back the cottons.If the user helps thecow, wins a prize and then goes on to the next level of the gameand the journey continues. As the game progresses, the characterstarts to become beautiful or ugly, depending upon the times shehas helped the animals or whether she chooses to skip helping theanimals.
ActivityBook 1.2
Funny game for boys and girls.Improve the spellings of your KIDthrough Activity animal Book.Activity Book for your child, this appwill teach and guide your child spelling of Animals in easy way.You need to drag and drop blocks to create exact spelling. All most12 basic animal are there with cartoon look and kids will fall inlove with them.
woman safety Bharati 1.7
Press power button three times to call police and send sms to yourclose circle that you are in trouble.Use your present locationwithout internet connection and let police detect you in easyway.Help available in followingcountries:Botswana,Egypt,Ghana,Nigeria,Somalia, Bahrain,Bangladesh,India, Iran, Israel,Kazakhstan,Philippines,SaudiArabia,Syria,Austria,Denmark, Estonia,Italy,Russia,Ukraine,Fiji,SolomonIslands,Haiti,Brazil,Chile,Suriname;1. Location Tracker.2.You candirectly call police helpline emergency no3.You can send a msg toyour friends if your in danger.4.Alarm Activation
Racing 3D Sports 2.0
Become the most notorious street racer in Norway background. Feelthe thrill of the chase in a dynamic open world as you gohead-to-head with drivers who customize their cars to go againstmissiles, exotics, muscle cars, road blocks.Features:Real 3DexperienceCamera follow Bomb disposalCool 3D enginesCarupgradations
adventure hero 4.8
Monster, Adventure, Casual, Action. The Big Adventures of a LittleHeroThe best adventure on mobile! Based on Bengali folk basedstory. fast paced action . Move Bittu around and go to aunforgettable journey. Caution: avoid dangerous animalsFEATURES:1.Simple swipe control of action game2.Different types of food,more on the way3.Beautiful graphics 4.Folk based Bengali musicBittu, a naughty little boy, is unthinkingly cruel to animals. Hegoes his merry way till a terrible crime causes him to be turnedinto a Thumbkin with no prospect of return to the human world.Now,he is at the mercy of the very same animals he has wronged, and isdesperate to make amends. But all the animals are happy with hissituation! Finally, the pet lame swan of the family takes pity andHriday is wafted away on his creaky wings to the Himalayas insearch of Lord Ganesha who can save him.The beginning of thestrangest adventure in the worlds of mice and men, Gods and demons,hate and love and better understanding…
ComicsChiku Indian 1.4
Funny Comics Chiku. Chiku the intelligent boy tries to find outsolutions in his unique way.Vector Comics just slide to read allabout the mime comics. Free Indian Comics.
3D quad bike racing 2.3
Racing game with quad in the middle of extreme desert.Play 3D QuadBike Racing GamesSuper quad bikes on a dusty trail blazing throughthe desert.Hop right on your bike and come down for some allterrain mania racing action. Bust the dust in the desert sands andrally past your opponents!
Swimming Race 3D 1.9
Pure 3D swimming game for free. Swim with free style, butter fly,Brest strokeFeatures:1.Stunts2.Front Stroke3.BackStroke4.ChampionshipThis game is really easy to play. All you needto do is press the swim button and win the race by collectingcoins, more you play more coins you can collect. You may choose thecharacter before you start the race. While improving the levelsyour stamina levels will go down, all you need to do is increasethe stamina levels by buying stamina.When you do have 50 coins youcan buy the stamina, and continue to race.For stunts, you need toswipe your finger to do the stunts. Grab the point and do thestunts.
Fashion game 1.6
Girls are crazy about playing these games.She already make ageneral cleaning and now she need some help of you to make herfresh and pretty too. Make a nice make up, choose a hairstyle andoutfit.Best with phones
Jumping balls 1.6
Bounce through exciting levels full of adventure. Take a look atthe nice Christmas levels .Play as China ball or European
Car Racing Blast 1.8
Pure 3D racing game. blast the enemy cars. Drive through yourroads. 3D combat free racing games.3D Drift racing experience. DragRace, Track Race, RacingUltimate 3D experience. Use steering todrive the car.Drift your car on the tracks and run through the 3DEnvironment.Modified Controls for Galaxy Tab 2Unlimited levels
Car Drift 3D Racing track 2.6
Drift your car in 3D CAR racing track. It's about speed.. it'sabout smoothness it's about race it's about racing tracks. CAR 3Don your Android device. Play hard. Cool 3D engine, speedmeter.Super small size! ! ! Cool 3D engine! ! !Realistic drifting!! ! Vivid graphics! ! !More realistic and thorough gameexperience.Come on and download this game.Car Drift Race Track is avery popular racing game for android users. Its graphics and gamecontrol are very wonderful. Use g-sensor to control the car! Whenyou master the racing tracks and your car, you will be able toenjoy yourself in it.FeaturesSmooth game controlVivid backgroundmusic is in harmony with the game!Add different game scenes!Watchout more in 3D Game Development IndiaReal 3Dracing car
Fighter car race 1.06
Fight and earn powers, kill your enemy to win the race. Race withthe aliens . Lots of hidden adventures.Have lots of fun whileplaying and racing, use the powers wisely to attack youropponents.The most popular racing game in this year is hereSupersmall size!Cool 3D engineRealistic drifting! Vivid graphics!Morerealistic and thorough game experienceCome on and download thisgame
Comics 1.06
Indian Comics for free read unlimited Manga USA Style Funny storiesFolk based List:Archer- The legend comes aliveChiku- FunnycomicsLalkamal Nilkamal- Folk comicsSukhu Dukhu - Folk basedcomicsFight for Life- Indian special agentvirtualinfocom. If youare a comics creator then connect with us for placing your createdcomics with us and make money through selling those mind blowingcreation of yours.This app is updated every day, to read the comicsyou need to fetch the comics each day.
Lalkamal nilkamal 3.08
The most popular adventure game , nilkamal lalkamal is out there tofight monstersSuper small size Realistic action! Vivid graphicsMorerealistic and thorough game experience! ! !very popular actionadventure game for android users. Its graphics and game control arevery wonderful! control the character! Smooth game controlVividbackground music is in harmony with the game!Add different gamescenes!Best folk based action game of the year .
Free Casual Jumping Game 1.3
Casual Style free game. Where you can choose a Toad and play withhim to collect all the free coins and jewels.Go to store forchoosing his hat, ornaments boost-up powers etc.Top CasualGamesCasual games for childrenKids gameJump while tilting yourphoneAdded Music and batter animationTilt your phone to move thecharacterImproved GraphicsExcellent control Smooth gamecontrolVivid background music is in harmony with the game!Adddifferent game scenes!
Girls Golf 1.07
If you are a golf lover and want to play some cool golf game youmust try this indoor golf game made for girls.Select various indoorlevelsSpecial winter game levels are available.From token to cointo heart to power-up to booster to experience points to consumableto every other virtual infestation indoor
Racing cars 1.4
It is a cool 3D street racing game in which you are bound to proveyour skills as you race against others.Join the league of the eliteracers. Always remember that only a skilled racer could make itscar run at full speeds without fear or hesitation. That is not all.The race track itself is filled with never-ending loops and curves.One wrong move and your car will definitely hit the wall. Still,that is already a part of your life as a circuit racerThe Real CarExperience is a true-to-life automotive journey featuring the mostprestigious cars in the worldSpeedometer included with high powerboost. combines stunning, high fidelity graphics with addictivegame play that will have you swerving through oncoming traffic.Justtry to avoid causing any damage to your sports car.
IndianComics 1.4
Indian comics Chiku . The young boy does a lot of things in hislife and you may find him damn intellectual .Free IndianCartoon.Cool Indian funny comics.
Skills Jobs 1.0
Test your technical skillsSit for an online examGet your resultsimmediatelyPost your CV for jobs and get connected inIndustryNetwork with other programmers and companiesSocial networkfacility addedEasy chat with friends
bike race 3D 1.6
Racing game with quad bike and fight. Play 3D Quad Bike RacingGamesSuper quad bikes on a dusty trail blazing through Hop right onyour bike and come down for some all terrain mania racing action.Bust the dust in the desert sands and rally past youropponents!Features MultitouchReal 3DFighting
Sea Monster 1.4
Kids side scrolling game. Sea monster game. Play unlimited levelsand start exploring the world with the cute little submarine.
3D car racing 1.7
3D racing cars Play in the extreme desert and within snow. The realstone and extreme situation game with fire and ice and lots ofblock within the game segment. Blast the cars, destroy others andfight for lifeTake and choose different game.3d car racing gamesfree download3d street race for boys onlineLearn to handle any typeof car and always aim for goldlovely graphics.super coolenginesexcellent car lovely arabian music as background score
dog bash 3D 1.11
3D dogs adventure. Christmas special levelsA small dog Bhutku islooking for his friend, who has been captured by "Bhaw Bhaw" thebad nasty dog. He found himself in a distant desert with lots ofmagic. Bhutku needs to stay alive by eating bones and he needs tocollect all the keys to open the portal which will eventually opena gateway for the next levels.Creepy dog "bojo" needs meat, soBhutku needs to feed him meat so that he doesn't follow Bhutku. Asexcellent game full of fun and adventure. If you are an adventurelover you will love this game for sure.Put the pointer in alocation where the dog can go.You need to collect the keys to openthe portal, the portal will only open when you place size keys inproper place. There is a bad dog who will follow you while running,you need to feed him meat so that he stops and eat meat.One bad dogwill take two meat to stop for 30 secs only.You need to collectbones to make more meat.
Alien fight 1.5
You are into a distant planet where you can choose your characterand fight for your life. Select as human or as robot or as anunnatural alien. Various enemies with rich AI Quality bossbattlesAlien fight game with human and robots.-Enjoy user friendlycontrol schemes- stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearingon one screen at a time - try out superhuman fighting abilities inan intense battle - try to improve your shooter skills!Provita isall about evolving aliens, blending match, that feels both familiarand fresh. Swipe characters to make matches. Choose differentpowers which are coming at your way and after the selection usethem properly to defeat your enemy. You do have ONLY one Life.Matchresource tiles for upgrades that let you take command of the board,with the goal of building the ultimate alien . As you advance, youwill uncover the mystery of the hidden aliens.
bandit of bengal 1.19
Darkness mires the misty lowlands. The sudden cry of "ha re re rere" tears apart the silence with a blazing effect. The dacoits havecome! Once terror, now legend. The tales of the dacoits of Bengaltravelled distant places, and not for now reason. Being few of thestrongest, smartest and bravest men in the society, the dacoitslooted from the rich only to redistribute the loot among the needy.Few of the most notorious dacoits include Raghu, Bishe, Rana andBede! The adrenaline rush for the loots, the endeavor for attacks,and their devotion to Kali: The dacoits of Bengal were few of themost enigmatic personalities to have, spread throughout the 18th,19th and 20th modes are available for thousands ofhours of enjoyment even when playing alone: “SINGLE BATTLE” for1-on-1 fights. Crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses Devastateyour enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to anall-newfighting interface designed especially fortouchscreens.Customize your fighter with epic swords, staff, armorsuits, and more.
Hovercraft racing 1.5
action simulation, arcade racing, custom vehicle building, totallyaddicting, physics based, breakout hit game Take on the EliteHovercrafts in a new head-to-head racing modespecial newHovercrafts come with two fully loaded upgradesWin Parts bycompleting daily races and earn all of the new Elite Hovercrafts
3D car racing xgear 2.02
3D racing game. Start your race from one sea and move towards thehills.Complete 360 degree rotation of the car.Play withLamborghini.Real Race with real Dodge car. Excellent game play ingalaxy tab 2Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode isavailable for day and night both as well as fast cars.Quality 3DRacing Games, 3D Car Games.3D Car Games are not only fun, they arealso filled with lots of exciting challenges. Plus, you get todrive a lot of cool cars in a three-dimensional environment.CarRace Drag Race, Fastest cars
school escape 1.4
Go back to the school classroom. the naughty kids are trying toescape from the school, and your job is to grab them and put theminside.Some modes of the game1. Skaterboard2.Balls3.Hopping4.Hopping stick5.JumpingYou can get exitinggifts from the stores too.
fruit punch 1.07
The original juicy fruit-matching action game, with squishy,splatty and satisfying fruit carnage!Click on groups of three ormore identical fruits to remove them from the board. After yourgame play, you can shortly post your game score on Facebook.Featureclassic fruits-matching game with many new excitingfeaturesbrand new and amazing fruitsAttractive Fruits and SpecialefficiencyIf you can match them properly then options will be therefor new combo and you can create a great fruit juice mix them andmake fresh new type of fruits.Casual Game which makes fruitirresistible. One of the finest game which makes fruit shakes whileyou play.Choose lovely graphics mango or banana and match them towin the game.Fresh fruit is always useful, especially when youmatch them with other fresh fruit to get the highest score on ourleader boards! Keep matching until you can match no more in thisfruit-tastic Match.
best casual game 1.10
Whack a shark is a casual game for unlimited fun. Tap the screen toput apple pie or milk so that you can splat the sharks .Best casualgame of the & play great casual games for AndroidGame features:A world of water creatures and cute monsters5 gamemodes3 difficulty levels to test the biggest brain