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My Manager 1.01
manage your schedulescalendarmeetings geo locationbill remindercall remindermeetings
comics reader archer 1.7
Free comics reader and free game linksThe story of ‘The Archer’, is of an ordinary man who steals thingsfrom smugglers and gives all the money for development andeducation of orphan children. In his aforesaid activities, one ofhis best friends (a priest) gets killed by a smuggler and in anattempt of taking revenge the thief gets defeated and is forced bythe smugglers into deep space. While falling the thief goes throughinter dimensional space and suddenly finds himself in another worldand time where demons rule the planet
Ashwathama the immortal 2.0
Feel the adrenaline at your fingertips.Play the most exhilarating action RPG that will keep youelectrified.Full scale role playing game with over 10 quests each with greatvolume can be enjoyed.Breathtaking actions with the best graphics: Storyline questsClasses and skills to enhance your battle experience. Trick enemieswith attacks, speed and skills. Attack enemies with destructiveKahnda.Meet the champions- Ashwathama: His sword slices through the battleground- The Moon Lord: Cool flying god. The battlefield is herplayground, she controls all the demigods.- Zahhak. fights with magic and defends the hell- Flins. Behold her rage as she destroys everything in sight!- Dazbog. Quick and agile, attacks enemy with a big hammer- Avici. His eerie shadow will ensnare and annihilate enemies,looks like a ghost.- Urushi. The best fighting character among all who fights withkalaripayattu style.Every level in this game brings out an interesting adventure fullof action, exploration as the player moves forward. In this game,Ashwathama is seen searching for the ‘Gem’ in this Kaliyuga as perthe curse of Krishna. The different background settings in thisgame play revolve around forests, valleys, flowers, thunder andother natural elements of the Earth. In short, in all the levels,the player will unlock the new powers and spells by collecting themagic crystals and fighting with Demi God at the end of each level.There is no real winning for the game as the game has threedifferent winning methods.Features:Attack & conquer the WonderForge diplomatic alliances to conquer enemies & become the mostpowerful Alliance in the KingdomTo prepare for the upcoming battles with monsters in the far awayland not yet known,Ashwathama is focusing on with his own strength as he has lost hisJem in early battle.
3D boxing game 2.7
Fighting Boxing Game 3D. real-time 3d fightinggames in the market which offers a realistic and high qualityexperience. With the realistic models, we ensure you will beaddicted in this exciting 3d boxing games for tablets andsmartphones.Download this fight games and start your boxing, be a fighting heroshow your knockouts(Boxing ko) in the fighting games to prove youare the best fighting master.boxing 3d game, Amazing 3d animations and sound effects.Realistic scene in this game including boxing ring, boxing timer,boxing bell and boxing clock, makes you feel that as you arewatching real boxing live stream just in the boxing match.Easy to control, attacks and fight back , Defense andMovements.
fighter racer 1.0.6
This time we bring you more beautiful racingtracks , powerful weapons and super cars. fun racing game that youcan look and feel its vivid, beautiful graphical screen and enjoy avariety of series-favorite features.Fire missile use gatlingmachine gun to destroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes inthe air.Game Features:10 breathtaking challenging racing missions with shootingscenarioUse accelerate and brake pedal to slow down or speed up your racingcarsBattle against road warrior with heavy weapons guns andmissilesmore rank type :Own Cars, Own Tracks, Add Coins, Daily scores, newTotal scoresGet free coins fast easy!Tuning the car: Body color, engine, gears, suspension andwheelsCar damage effect
car drift racing game free 1.9
The most popular racing game in this year ishere.Super small size. Realistic drifting. Vivid graphics.More realistic and thorough game experience! ! !Car Drift Race is a very popular racing game for android users.Its graphics and game control are very wonderful! There are manycompetitions in the game, such as Cup Game, Grand Touring, and DragRacing. Use g-sensor to control the car! When you master the racingtracks and your car, you will be able to enjoy yourself init!FeaturesFull 3D car racing with speed meter . Run your car in absolute3D environment over the top of the hills.
3D Game of balls 1.4
Game of Balls. Look of 3D movements. Watch outthe excellent Fox with lion and mighty RhinoLovely game with mind blowing 3d works and lovely attractive gameplay.A very well-crafted 3D ball-rolling plat former.great 3D graphical look, interesting physics and a destructibleenvironment. You control the tilt of the playing field to guide theball safely through increasingly difficult 3D levels, filled withchallenging mazes, traps and enemies. Blast your way through walls!Hop over everything using Big Jump.The game features:70 Levels filled with action puzzles, dangers and excitementGreat 3D graphics and physics and destructible 3D worldEpic storyline with beautiful illustrationsControl the game accurately with the accelerometer or with virtualjoystickCollectable coins and power-upsUse fun power-ups, jump high with BIG JUMP, blast through walls asa FIREBALL, and more.Buy more power-ups from the power-up shop using coins collected inthe gameEnd bosses!Please try the free version before buying the game to make sure itruns on your device
car drift desert 1.15
Ultimate drifting game for girls who lovesadventure and who loves to drive costly cars. Go the extreme desertin Arabia and drift your car.. as much as you drift the more pointsyou collect.Most wanted 3D Drift racing experience.Play and watch the nature ischanging it's day and time beauty.Drag Race, drift racingThe cars will have damage while you play which is till date notthere in app store. Ultimate 3D experience.Tilt the phone or tablet to move and driftFeatures:3D drift in desertExcellent sun set and sun rise while playingDifferent cars to choose
Tips to Stay Healthy 1.3
Simple fitness exercises can help to have afitter and healthy life.The basic foundation for a healthy individual starts from hisfoetal stage with proper and healthy nutrition derived from his orher mother. Hence, a pregnant woman's diet stands atop alldiets.Your food shall be your medicine.We are starting with simple tips on health and food with exercisefor Men Women and Kids ..
Lock Screen 1.1
Ethnic style lock screen.Turn off your screenwith just one touch! It provides both lock screen widget and lockscreen shortcut icon for the users to lock and turn off theirscreen with just one tap on the screen.Features:Gmail notification, message notificationclock, miss call alert,take your own picture and set it in the screen mirrorfree games to download with this lock screen.
Durga Puja Animated 1.4
Durga Devi animated new concept. Respect yourmother as she is the ultimate powerful Goddess Durga. MotionComics, Animated Durga. Maa Durga meaning "Mother Durga" . DurgaPuja special. Adhunik Durga.Animated 2D Durga video
Sukhu Dukhu adventure 2.2
Bengal's first folk story based game.Monster,Adventure, Casual, Action gameThe best monster game on mobile!Action & Run & defensive type of game perfectcombination- Simple control, attack monster- story mode, up to 25 Levels- 27 different worlds- Guarantees you many long hours of fun- Shop SystemThe game sets a village ambiance with folk music background score.Kids game, Bengali Mythology based game.Sukhu Dukhu is a single player, adventure mobile game. With 25 gamelevels, Sukhu Dukhu starts with a simple, 15 year old poor villagegirl player who is running after the wind to catch the cottons thatthe wind takes away from her.While running after the wind to reach the cottons, the little girlfaces numerous hurdles including a cow asking for help and the gameplayer now has a choice whether to help the cow or to ignore andrun behind the wind to take back the cottons.If the user helps the cow, wins a prize and then goes on to thenext level of the game and the journey continues. As the gameprogresses, the character starts to become beautiful or ugly,depending upon the times she has helped the animals or whether shechooses to skip helping the animals.
ActivityBook 1.2
Funny game for boys and girls.Improve thespellings of your KID through Activity animal Book.Activity Bookfor your child, this app will teach and guide your child spellingof Animals in easy way. You need to drag and drop blocks to createexact spelling. All most 12 basic animal are there with cartoonlook and kids will fall in love with them.
woman safety Bharati 1.7
Press power button three times to call policeand send sms to your close circle that you are in trouble.Use your present location without internet connection and letpolice detect you in easy way.Help available in followingcountries:Botswana,Egypt,Ghana,Nigeria,Somalia, Bahrain,Bangladesh, India,Iran, Israel,Kazakhstan,Philippines,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Austria,Denmark, Estonia,Italy,Russia,Ukraine,Fiji,SolomonIslands,Haiti,Brazil,Chile,Suriname;1. Location Tracker.2.You can directly call police helpline emergency no3.You can send a msg to your friends if your in danger.4.Alarm Activation
ComicsChiku Indian 1.4
Funny Comics Chiku. Chiku the intelligent boytries to find out solutions in his unique way.Vector Comics justslide to read all about the mime comics. Free Indian Comics.
3D quad bike racing 2.2
Racing game with quad in the middle of extremedesert.Play 3D Quad Bike Racing GamesSuper quad bikes on a dusty trail blazing through the desert.Hop right on your bike and come down for some all terrain maniaracing action. Bust the dust in the desert sands and rally pastyour opponents!
Swimming Race 3D 1.9
Pure 3D swimming game for free. Swim with freestyle, butter fly, Brest strokeFeatures:1.Stunts2.Front Stroke3.Back Stroke4.ChampionshipThis game is really easy to play. All you need to do is pressthe swim button and win the race by collecting coins, more you playmore coins you can collect.You may choose the character before you start the race. Whileimproving the levels your stamina levels will go down, all you needto do is increase the stamina levels by buying stamina.When you do have 50 coins you can buy the stamina, and continue torace.For stunts, you need to swipe your finger to do the stunts. Grabthe point and do the stunts.
Fashion game 1.6
Girls are crazy about playing these games.Shealready make a general cleaning and now she need some help of youto make her fresh and pretty too. Make a nice make up, choose ahairstyle and outfit.Best with phones
Jumping balls 1.6
Bounce through exciting levels full ofadventure. Take a look at the nice Christmas levels .Play as China ball or European
Fighter car race 1.06
Fight and earn powers, kill your enemy to winthe race. Race with the aliens . Lots of hidden adventures.Have lots of fun while playing and racing, use the powers wisely toattack your opponents.The most popular racing game in this year is hereSuper small size!Cool 3D engineRealistic drifting! Vivid graphics!More realistic and thorough game experienceCome on and download this game
Free Casual Jumping Game 1.3
Casual Style free game.. where you can choosea Toad and play with him to collect all the free coins andjewels.Go to store for choosing his hat, ornaments boost-up powersetc.Top Casual GamesCasual games for childrenKids gameJump while tilting your phoneAdded Music and batter animationTilt your phone to move the characterImproved GraphicsExcellent controlSmooth game controlVivid background music is in harmony with the game!Add different game scenes!
Girls Golf 1.06
If you are a golf lover and want to play somecool golf game you must try this indoor golf game made forgirls.Select various indoor levelsSpecial winter game levels are available.From token to coin to heart to power-up to booster to experiencepoints to consumable to every other virtual infestationindoor
Skills Jobs 1.0
Test your technical skillsSit for an online examGet your results immediatelyPost your CV for jobs and get connected in IndustryNetwork with other programmers and companiesSocial network facility addedEasy chat with friends
Sea Monster 1.4
Kids side scrolling game. Sea monster game.Play unlimited levels and start exploring the world with the cutelittle submarine.
3D car racing 1.7
3D racing cars Play in the extreme desert andwithin snow. The real stone and extreme situation game with fireand ice and lots of block within the game segment. Blast the cars,destroy others and fight for lifeTake and choose different game.3d car racing games free download3d street race for boys onlineLearn to handle any type of car and always aim for goldlovely graphics.super cool enginesexcellent car lovely arabian music as background score
dog bash 3D 1.8
3D dogs adventure. Christmas speciallevelsA small dog Bhutku is looking for his friend, who has been capturedby "Bhaw Bhaw" the bad nasty dog. He found himself in a distantdesert with lots of magic. Bhutku needs to stay alive by eatingbones and he needs to collect all the keys to open the portal whichwill eventually open a gateway for the next levels.Creepy dog "bojo" needs meat, so Bhutku needs to feed him meat sothat he don't follow Bhutku. As excellent game full of fun andadventure. If you are a adventure lover you will love this game forsure.Put the pointer in a location where the dog can go.You need to collect the keys to open the portal, the portal willonly open when you place siz keys in proper place.There is a bad dog who will follow you while running, you need tofeed him meat so that he stops and eat meat.One bad dog will take two meat to stop for 30 secs only.You need tocollect bones to make more meat.
3D car racing xgear 1.9
3D racing game. Start your race from one seaand move towards the hills.Complete 360 degree rotation of the car.Play withLamborghini.Real Race with real Dodge car. Excellent game play in galaxy tab2Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is availablefor day and night both as well as fast cars.Quality 3D Racing Games, 3D Car Games.3D Car Games are not onlyfun, they are also filled with lots of exciting challenges. Plus,you get to drive a lot of cool cars in a three-dimensionalenvironment.Car Race Drag Race, Fastest cars
action comics 1.6
action comics for free download Brischik aagent of Indian govt fights crime in his own way of innovation action comicsIndian special agent Vrischika.fight with terroristsguns and beauty
3D Runner 2.01
Runner game. Exiting levels, fight and jumpwith angry animals like crocodile tigers.Indian village and jungles . Durga puja levelsProper detailed descriptive graphics of Indian villages in 18thcenturyThe game has three game modes namely endless and time-trials set invarious environments like Indian villages durga puja times, ancientruins, night jungles and beach, village and caverns. Everyenvironment has its own set of obstacles such as boulders, deer,tigers, monkeys. How far can you run?!FEATURES★ Beautiful new graphics★ Gorgeous new organic environments★ New obstacles★ More powerups★ More achievements★ Different animals★ Letter collectionCollecting gold coins, letters lets you purchase power ups
3D Racing in Hills 1.1
Pure 3D Race in Bhutan. A lovely journeyfromParo to Thimphu. Realistic three type of racing mode. Get therealidea of Bhutan, from the Airport to the city.Excellent graphics Deadly Race Free Game DownloadsReal cool engine. The Bhutanese.Game Features:- Perfect game design and the most stunning game experience.- Real dynamic game feeling with extra fun.- Hot and exciting background music must impress you!- Bright 3D panoramic racing view.Racing in 3D Hills to understand speed and action inBhutaneseroads.
Bird Activity Game
Learn Spellings along with characters.Improvethe creative part of your child. Ask him/ her to spell thebirdsproperly. Very good application to learn about how to +91 983002617 to hire Android Developers
picnic puzzle 1.02
Casual picnic game with flexiblesmoothmovements.This is the most classic and amazing food mixinggame.This deluxe version is the only one that contains both Puzzlemode& Arcade Mode.Make combinations of 3 or more food to make them burst. Clearallthe food to level up.Game Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 300 fun levels of puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The chocolates or sweets will go down graduallysoyou need to shoot quickly3. Designed for TabletsSimple gameVivid GraphicsCool Animation15 hours of solid game play
batalla fight 1.08
Staff fight gamediscover a world full of action and adventure waiting just for you.Try this action packed role playing game for the ultimate fightingexperience.first true fighting game. This uncompromising fighter features allthe visceral thrills, fantastic graphics and brilliant gameplaythat are hallmarks of the series.Full move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, FocusAttacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos.
Toto adventure 2.0
run and have fun with the excellent 3DenvironmentTake part in quality adventure based games usually popular amongstkids because the games feature cartoon characters cartoon cars anddramatic set ups.
VR Car Race 1.1
Pure virtual reality VR game based on carracing. Move yourself and Burn up the street with this latestsequel of a car racing game in the most exciting physics basedVirtual Reality environment with the fastest and thrillingadventurous track.You need joystick and virtual reality headset(cardboard or other VR glasses) for running this game. Deep intoVirtual Reality world and get adrenaline. Take a look and immersein virtual reality world.Features:Tilt your head to turn the carUse the VR remote for speedup, break and control the carsteering.Stunning 3D HD quality graphicsSmooth and realistic car handlingBreathtaking visualsVR based 3D EnvironmentGyro-meter based 360 degree rotationCompatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and GoogleCardboard VRCrisp, Cinema like, HD visuals Different exciting racingtracks
VR hovercraft ride 1.0
One of the finest virtual reality game.Start it with your VR gear.Blast enemy.Choose your futuristic car and have a fun ride.Being afastesthovercraft, it’s time for you to perform his rightfulflyinghovercraft simulator duty and keep blasting on all otherthingsthose are involve into the flying hovercraft 3d VR.Complete all 24 levels in a variety of unique game missionstobecome the best Hovercraft Airplane pilot
Sky Fighter Airplane 1.9
You will be driving the most advancedfighteraircraft in space combat with the aliens. The fast-pacedgameallows you to thrilling expeditions, the game will bring youasense of super hit, and immersive combat experience.Offering fighter aircrafts. You can get points by fighting, andusethem to upgrade your fighters.You will be challenged different space crafts anddevastatingbarrages.Easy game operation will enable you to calmly facethechallenges.Everything will show you a perfect combat sky war.Features:* BOSS challenge system* Multiple battle maps* Different enemy models* Weapon upgrade system, props system* Exciting and astonishing sound effects and soundtrack.* EPIC BOSS, with intelligent AIIf you like our game, please give us a five-star rating, or putyourvaluable suggestions, we will strive to do better!
free shooting action game 1.2
Free first person shooting game which supportsnormal phone as well as tablets.These include the famous UrbanSniper the extremely addictive Palisade Guardian. Lots of bullets ,jeeps, gunships, helicopter.You need to save the money van from the goons .
Fighter Commando 1.19
Defend the Allies from the scourge ofEarth.Enjoy Commando Games in one great app for free,so download this appnow and get the best of the best Commando Games.Hand to hand battleKarate fightsmooth graphics. stunning features, easy and quick guides
3D desert race 2.2
Racing In The Desert. Drive Mustangs out to anempty desert highway to wait for a few challengers that aresupposed to show up and race.As twilight passes into darknesschallenger arrives, with a new Camaro.Here in this desert oasis of speed is a place for these once streetracers to make a new start and legally race their cars.Cars transcend this stuff and is just fun to mess with
golf indoor 3D 1.08
Many kids love playing golf games online!Check out our free, fun game see how well kids can aim and and suitable for the whole family.Christmas Special Level1. Swipe to adjust the camera view2. Flick your finger to hit the ballPure 3DNice ControlsEveryone can join in this fun and exciting game on your cell phone.a fresh approach with unique and innovative controls that allowease of use but with depth to grow your game. Become a golfinglegend where you don't have to go out, but can have the same fun athome.
sports news 1.01
all your favorite sports news stories righttoyour mobile. sports news apps.For sports fanatics, it is imperative to have teams andplayersavailable at the touch or swipe.
Camel race 3D 1.4
pure 3D Arabian camel race. Camel racing ismost popular sport in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan,Qatar.Robot desert riders collect diamonds collect boost up manage thestore to take new environmentscamel racing game using robots
Racing 3D 1.4
Real Race with real BMW car. Excellent gameplay in galaxy tab 2Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is availablefor day and night both as well as fast cars.Quality 3D Racing Games, 3D Car Games.3D Car Games are not onlyfun, they are also filled with lots of exciting challenges. Plus,you get to drive a lot of cool cars in a three-dimensionalenvironment.Car Race Drag Race, Fastest cars
action fighter Katya 2.4
STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION visuals and EPICMELEE action game play!Fluid REAL-TIME COMBAT against dozens of NEW demon enemies!Use your SPECIAL SKILLS to slice your way through multipleenvironments!COLLECT ARMOR, WEAPONS and other LOOT! Upgrade your gear.Crush enemies and become a heroCraft or discover rare armor, weapons and loot to enhance yourabilitiesChoose your fighters want to fight and to start the game.Katya was apparently orphaned as a child when she was trapped in atemple as Debdashi during early 15th century. Jitantak a fighterpilot, found her in the inferno and rescued her. She was almostbrainwashed into serving the snakes clan the sorpeto, but was savedby Olga Umhrah and Avici solder.Katya is 400 years old, but is considered young in her realm andhas the appearance of a young woman. Even though Katya is over 400years old, she looks as if she is in her early twenties.After 400 years inside a space-time block, she has a choice now tobecome good or bad, once you play the game you will have option toattack either Avici- bad solders or Urushi- the good solders.Depending on your choice the game will work.RESPONSIVE AND INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLSAttack, dodge, block, and cast devastating powerSIMPLE NAVIGATIONEasy to use, tap-to-move controls enable players to effortlesslynavigate and explore the castle realm while searching forcollectable items such as treasure, swords, shields, armor andother magical objects.POWERS: Katya relies mostly on her Steel swords in battle, althoughshe is more than adequate in unarmed hand-to-hand combat.She isalso a very strong leader.ABILITIES: Jumps into the air and attacks incoming foes with aflying punch. Can attack and block almost any known matters in themortal world.
Travel Mate 1.2
Search your nearby area for differenthotels,taxi, food, hospitals, places to visit, nearby newlocation.Call police when neededLook for AirportSearch nearby bus stationSearch nearby hiking placeTag your location as you want.Find addresses and businesses and plan journeys takingcurrenttraffic conditions into account.features:- detailed maps of towns and cities across the world- the ability to search for specific addresses;- the ability to search nearby points of interest includingcafes,drug stores, ATMs, gas stations, hospitals etc. andadditionalinformation on buildings, businesses and other pointsofinterest,- feedback form about carrier signal quality for MTS users;- satellite and panoramic street view images of cities;- People's map ;- a route planner that optimizes routes based on currenttrafficconditions;- public transport routes- route information (distance, speed, estimated journey time)andautomatic route recalculation following any deviation;- additional information about companies and buildings;- the ability to read and add business reviews;- the ability to download maps.
Racing Drift cars 1.09
This challenging online racing game is allabout drift car racing, you try to drift your car around the turnsas well as possible to winCool 3D Realistic drifting. Vivid graphics.More realistic and thorough game experienceDrift Race is a very popular racing game for android users. Itsgraphics and game control are very wonderful!When you master the racing tracks and your car, you will be able toenjoy yourself in it!FeaturesSmooth gameVivid background music is in harmony with the game!Add different game scenes!
Fighter Planes 1.11
You're a sky Fire Fighter and your job istoextinguish the enemy attack. There are three modes availableEarthmode, Sky mode and Universe mode.Includes:Missions: Game play Engine with four differentfightingmissions.Advanced world conditions generator Earth, Universe, SkyWorldwide scenario access, for download always-new scenario(freeflight only in lite version).
Kung Fu legends fight 2.4
Fight till the end against your opponents on aone on one face off until you are the last man standing. Fist ofawesome, Ninja fighting.Become a wrestling champion and beat all your opponents, play likeGaduras or play against Nagas.The ultimate battle between two races, based on mythology.Features:1. pure 3D game2. full contact battle3. based on the adventures of the mythological gadura vs naga4. hand to hand combat5. fight in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu6. Wrestling and Boxing style fighting7. fight in styles like Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing
VR Commando shooting 1.5
Find yourself in a thrilling adventure in theVR commando environment. Whirlwind firefights, pursuits – boostyour adrenaline rush in vr world.Requires VR glasses (headset)action/adventure game with a bit of strategy.first person shooting game- Kill your enemy first before you're discovered.- Feel the enemy and change to sniping mode to kill theenemy.Have you ever wanted to play role in battle in real life?Experience the thrill of Commando Adventure Shooting in VR this ismore than real. There is no need any more to keep your hands stickwith mobile busy while playing the game we are providing externalGame pad option and Virtual Reality (VR) version of CommandoAdventure Shooting. It is offline first person shooting fightingaction game that is all about shooting and survival with yourstrategy. Stunning game graphics and smooth game play will take youto real life battle zone.Features:- Compatible with virtual reality glasses- Top downloaded shooting game.- Game supports all android devices.- Kill enemies to accomplish mission.- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing killingeffects.- Multiple advance shooting guns.- Thrilling missions that will amaze you.- With User friendly GUI and controls.- Good quality sound effects used in the game.- Efficient weapon controls & movement.- Best downloading gun shoot war game in gaming world.