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MONOPOLY CLASSIC Businessman 1.14
Business game (also called business simulationgame) refers to simulation games that are used at an educationaltool for teaching business.Business games may be carried out for various business trainingsuch as: general management, finance, organizational behaviour,human resources, etc.Game Features1. Number of Players : 4 players 1 User and 3 players.2.Bankercould be AI to give Messages.3. Cash at the Start of game: $ 12,000.4. Every time a player lands on or passes 'Start', s/he willreceive $ 1000 from bank (or as mentioned over board)5. If a player lands in Income/ wealth tax, pay $ 500 to bank6. If a player lands in Club house, pay $ 2007. If a player lands in Community Chest, pay $ 5008. If any player lands in Rest House will miss their nextturn.9.If any player lands in Jail will miss their two turns.Only chancefor you are free roll by 5 or 6 to reach the jail.
This app contains two games. one is cricketandanother is colours board game. This is 1,2 player Cricketandcolours dice board game. Cricket&Colours board,moveablecounters, a throw-able die and a scoring facility.Everything youneed to play Cricket&Colours instructions on howto play.This app contains advertising and uses cookies. It does NOTcontainany in-app purchases. This game will work in allandroidphones.