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HAID App 0.0.4
Download the HAID mobile app for quick access to Announcements,Motions, Programme, Adjudicator handbook and so much more!== Whatis HAID? ==HAID is Africa's first International Debate Tournamentin World Schools Format. The tournament attracts hundreds ofdebaters from 16 of the best debating schools in Southern Africa.Teams will engage in rigorous to discuss solutions for theworld.The tournament will take place from the 6th to 8th of April2017 at Hellenic Academy. HAID boasts of a highly trained andexperienced Adjudication Core and Tab Master.Participants will betreated to excellent food and accommodation, amazing socials and avisit to one of Zimbabwe's tourist attractions!
Hurudza Farmers Companion App (Unreleased)
A mobile app for Zimbabwean Farmers
Zimbabwe Fashion Week 1.1.2
A mobile application for the 2018 edition of Zimbabwe Fashion Week