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Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank 1.0
Finger Blood Pressure Prank is a funny app which simulates a BloodPressure Checker using finger scanner. Your blood pressure SYS,DIA, and your pulse heart rate even your body temperature will bemeasured and displayed after the fingerprint scanner scan yourfinger. It is a dream app for the ones who want to prank friends orfor kids who want to play doctor games.You can use it to prank youfriends that you can scan your fingerprint to take the bloodpressure and heart rate using your phone.Our Blood Pressure andHeart Rate Monitor has realistic UI Graphics and excellent sounds.When you press your finger on the fingerprint scanner, the scannerbar will scan, the display will show the dynamic heart beatdiagram. After the scanning, your blood pressure result will showas three professional data, they are SYS, DIA and Pulse.It is adream app for the ones who want to prank friends or for kids whowant to play doctor games.App Features:★ HD and realistic bloodpressure sphygmomanometer model graphic.★ Stunning fingerprintscanning Panel and scan animation.★ Simulate blood pressure monitorsounds.How to Use:★ Launch the app and select your gender.★ Placeand hold your right thumb on the scanning panel.★ Hold for a fewseconds until the scan is finished.Disclaimer:Finger Blood Pressureis a simulated app for entertainment purposes. In fact it cannotmeasure your blood pressure or heart rate. It is for you to foolyour friends or for kids to play doctor games.
Body Temperature Checker Prank 1.0.0
Spread the laugh and fun in friends with prank application. BodyTemperature Checker Prank is an amazing prank application whichcalculates your body temperature by using your fingerprint. Thisapplication gives you a very User-Friendly way to calculate yourBody Temperature using a digital thermometer.High Body Temperatureis symptom of fever, malaria and other diseases. This app providesyou with a very colorful and easy-to-use interface. A pranktemperature sensor checks your Body Temperature and gives backrandom results. After Workout or Jogging the bod temperature can bechanged. With the fast flow of the blood the temperature of thebody can increased. After Exercise the Hear Beat Rate increases andresults in increasing the Body Temperature. With low sugar and lowBP the body temperature can decrease. With burning of Calories thetemperature of body can vary. For accurate body temperature oneshould have proper check-up from authenticated doctor and validinstruments. Thermometer is usually used for measuring the bodytemperature. High body temperature indicates fever. Fever can bebecause of various diseases like headache, improper diet, flu andimproper sleep. Water is necessary to keep body fresh and balanced.Daily Workout and Exercise keeps the life healthy and strong.Exercise may include push-ups, chin-ups and jogging etc. Healthypeople have balanced and normal Body Temperature. Health ismaintained with daily exercise. Low BP, High BP, low Blood SugarLevel or Glucose level or abnormal Heart Beat Rate means their issomething wrong in the body and in such case the patient shouldhave a proper check-up from the hospital and doctor. All the BloodTests are necessary in such situations. Balanced Diet and DailyWorkouts results into healthy and balanced life.Blood pressure,Body temperature, Pulse and Respiratory Rate are together known asVital signs, they are called so because these four are veryimportant in judging one's health condition. High BloodPressure,Low Blood Pressure,High Blood Sugar level, Low Glucose orLow Blood Sugar and low Respiratory Rate are especially dangerousfor health. Pulse rate increases with exercise. Kids usually havehigh heart rate.Usually a thermometer takes temperature throughmouth or arm but temperature can also be taken through ear and skinusing specially designed thermometers. There are different rangesof Normal Body Temperature for both men and women.How to use thisapp?*Launch App*Select Gender*Put your finger on the scanner*Enjoythe resultsDisclaimerThis is a prank app, developed forentertainment purposes. The Touch Screen of a cellphone can nevermeasure your temperature. Please consult a doctor in case of HighBody Temperature. Have fun with this application.
Finger Body Temperature Prank 4.0
It is a dream app for the ones who want toprank friends or for kids who want to play doctor games.Fingerprint Body Temperature Thermometer is a simulated temperatureapp which measures your Body Temperature by finger scan. You canuse it to prank your friends that you can scan your fingerprint totake your Body Temperature and see whether you have a fever ornot.Finger Blood Pressure is a funny app which simulates a bodytemperature thermometer using finger scanner. Your body temperaturewill be measured and displayed as Celsius degree or Fahrenheitdegree after the fingerprint scanner scans your finger.Our Finger Body Temperature Prank has realistic UI Graphics andexcellent sounds. When you press your finger on the fingerprintscanner, the scanner bar will scan, the display will show thedynamic heart beat diagram. After the scanning, your bodytemperature result will show as two kinds of measuring units,Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degree.How to Use:★ Launch the app and select your gender.★ Place and hold your right thumb on the scanning panel.★ Hold for a few seconds until the finger scan is finished.★ After the Scanning completes. The result will be shown.Disclaimer:Temperature Sensor for Body is a simulated app for entertainmentpurposes. In fact it cannot measure your body temperature or heartrate. The displayed results are random numbers. It is the bestapplication for fooling your friends.
Blood Pressure Test Scan Prank 1.0
Blood Pressure Test Scan PrankWant to have some fun? Blood PressureCheck Prank App is just what you need to make your life moreentertaining. Blood Pressure Check Prank Appis an amazing prankapplication for everyone. Download the Blood Pressure Check PrankApp and have fun with your friends. This Blood Pressure Test ScanCheck is a prank, which allows you to check high blood pressure,low blood pressure and medium blood pressure.This blood pressurechecking machine, calculates your blood pressure or BP reading. Itis a free app. It has high quality Colorful Graphics and asimulation of scanner for taking Fingerprint. Results display SYS,DIA and PUL false readings. Measuring glucose and sugar can be donewith scanning. Temperature of body may vary person to person.Similarly Heart Rate of everyone varies. Hear Rate, BodyTemperature and Blood Sugar level of everyone is differentaccording to their age. BP of ever person varies. Someone mighthave high BP and others might have low BP. Few have normal BP.Howto use this app?Its very easy, all you need to do is select yourgender. After that place your thumb on the scanner that appears onthe screen and hold for a few moments. Then your results will bedisplayed. You can have either high blood pressure, low bloodpressure or medium blood pressure. Remember this is a prank app andthe result it shows is fake. This app is created so as to have funand to make a fool out of your friends and family. Results will beshown on HD sphygmomanometer model.This app provides the simulationof a fake scanner for checking blood pressure. If you really wantto check your blood pressure, consider going to a doctor or ahospital.Real blood pressure can only be measured with real devicesand authenticated doctor.Disclaimer:Blood pressure check prank isjust a fake prank app and it does not have an ability to measureyour actual blood pressure. Consider buying the certified hardwarefor checking blood pressure or visiting a nearby hospital forchecking blood pressure.
Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank 1.0
If you want more fun and entertainment in your life, download thisfake finger Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank app. Install this funprank app and have tons of fun with your family and friends. BloodSugar Test Checker Prank app is an application which calculatesyour blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature ofyour body using your fingerprint through a scanner and gives youthe blood glucose level as result.This application provides asimulation of a fingerprint scanner. With the blood sugar testmachine the blood glucose sugar level can be measured.Blood SugarLevel or Blood Glucose level should be kept in check for one toremain healthy. High Blood Sugar may cause Diabetes. Low BloodSugar can cause dizziness and the person might faint. For the realblood sugar test one should have a proper checkup from a doctor.Two type of diabetes can be dangerous high blood pressure and lowblood pressure level. Low glucose level in the body can result into low BP and Temperature, Heart Beat Rate can also be disturbedbecause of the imbalance of blood sugar level in the body.Sometimes imbalance in Glucose level in the bod ma result in theHigh BP or fever, also can disturb the Body Temperature. For realblood sugar level test, one should visit the doctor and should havea proper checkup. Insulin is usually given to the High Blood Sugarpatients. Patients having low sugar instantly need some energy tomaintain the sugar level to the normal.How to use:Launch the BloodSugar Test Checker Prank app. A screen will appear showing bothgenders, click on your gender. A scanner will appear, place yourfinger or thumb on the fingerprint scanner and wait for fewmoments. While the scan completes your blood sugar level will becalculated and your Blood Sugar Glucose Level will be displayed onyour screen.Disclaimer:Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank applicationis for fun and entertainment purpose. In case of any Blood Sugarrelated problem visit a doctor. This is a prank application and itgives fake result of blood sugar. Don't take these Resultseriously. Enjoy With your Friends and Family.
Heart Beat Rate Checker Prank 1.0
When life becomes boring and dull then one should have some fun andlaugh, to put smile on your face we decided to make this funnyprank application. You can calculate your Heart-rate using thisHeart Rate Beat Calculator prank app. Heartbeat is one of the fourvital signs, other three being Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar or BloodGlucose, Respiratory rate. Heart Rate is known the same asPulse.High Heart Beat indicates that you have heart problem. HeartBeat Rate can vary based on different situations, exercise,anxiety, stress. This heartbeat monitor application is actually aprank app. High Heart Rate is very dangerous, just like High BloodPressure and High Body Temperature. Heart Beat Rate is measured onthe Pulse Rate with the accurate machine. In case of High PulseRate one should visit the doctor and should have proper checkup.Pulse rate may vary according to the physical and mental situation.After the Workout the pulse rate may become higher. Abnormal HeartBeat Rate may result into high or low BP or sometimes into high orlow Body Temperature. Difference in Blood Sugar or Glucose level inthe body can also effect the Pulse Rate. Heart Beats of people whogo to Gym and Workout is relatively higher. Running increase HeartBeat Rate and burn Calories. Having proper Workout, Exercise,Running, Proper Sleep and Calories Burn can result into the healthyand sound life. With more water the blood remains thin and keepsthe Pulse Rate normal. Push-ups increase the Heart Beat. Water ishealthy for life and keeps you fresh.How to use:-This Heart RateBeat Calculator prank app is very easy-to-use and there are verysimple steps you need to follow to use this app. Launch the app,then select your gender. A Fingerprint Scanner will appear. Putyour finger or thumb on the Finger Print Scanner and wait for fewseconds. Your results will be displayed on the next screen on abeautiful meter.Disclaimer:-Heart Rate Beat Calculator Prank app isfor entertainment purposes only. It does not calculates you HeartRate or Heartbeat. Calculating Blood Pressure is not possible withyour android device's screen. The displayed results are on randomvalues. It is the best application for fooling your friends andfamily. To measure exact Heart Beat one should visit the doctor andshould have thorough check up.