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Regimen: ED Therapy 3.0.0
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Regimen is the first effective certified digital therapy programthat empowers you to overcome your erection problems, holisticallyand sustainably. WHAT IS REGIMEN? Regimen is a digital therapy forerection problems (or clinically: erectile dysfunction), developedby some of the leading doctors and researchers worldwide for menlike you. It was co-founded by Max, a former patient who was ableto overcome his erection problems with a similar program. Regimenhas the mission to empower everyone to take care of their erection,efficiently and affordably. WHAT YOU’LL GET Regimen offers apersonalized program for your erection every day, including:• Workouts for better blood flow and muscular support with theresult of clinically better erections • Deep insights intoerections, causes for issues, remedies, and self care • Nutritionand lifestyle advice for better erections • Mindfulness exercisesto calm and control the mind • Resources for additionalpersonalized therapy options (including vacuum pump training,targeted pharmaceutical support and supplements) • Progresstracking along your journey IS REGIMEN EFFECTIVE? Yes! And that’snot surprising. We’ve worked with leading researchers worldwide tocombine all research and knowledge in order to make Regimen aseffective as possible. Today we know: More than 7 out of 10 Regimencustomers see, on average, greater than 50% improvement in erectilefunction over the course of the first 12 weeks, and continue toimprove in the long run. Progress is measured based on the globalstandard of erectile function assessment, known as theInternational Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5). We also knowfrom our clients that they feel the difference. Some clients tellus about better sex. About morning erections coming back. About anew body control. And our co-founder Max started the companybecause he has been able to overcome his own issues with such aprogram. WHO ARE WE? We are not another hip health care company. Weare a community of doctors, patients, researchers, and scientistsourselves. Our co-founder Max is a former ED patient who tried mostof the conventional treatment options (including pharmaceuticalsolutions, injections, and surgery) before he was able to overcomehis issues with a combination of strategies, which are now includedin the Regimen program. His experience inspires our commitment toserve men all over the world as well as we can. Our co-founder Dr.Wolf Beecken (MD, PhD) is a practicing andrologist and universityprofessor. Twenty years ago, he was also an academic advisor to alarge pharmaceutical company when they introduced an ED pill thatquickly became the market leader. He was the doctor who helped Maxovercome his issues, and in the past few years he has becomefurther specialized in improving erections holistically. We areproud to work with an international advisory board of researchersand practitioners, including urologists, cardiologists,psychologists and physiotherapists, to ensure that this productremains state-of-the-art. They bring their expertise together inthe Regimen program to offer you the best strategies to boost yourerection. You can learn more about us on German and English media.IT’S FOR ALL MEN We are on a mission to enable men to self careabout their most intimate issues. We know due to the pandemic andall the struggles of the past months and year(s), many of usstruggle to make ends meet. Until health insurances around theworld support Regimen, we are committed to make Regimen accessibleto all men in need. If you can’t afford it, please get in touchwith us and we’ll find a solution: get-in-touch@joinregimen.comJoin Regimen.