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صحيح ام خطأ : ثقف نفسك 1.0
السلام عليكم اخواني اخواتيأقدم لكم اليوم تطبيق جديد على شكل لعبة ثقافية ذات أبعاد معرفية وتربوية للكبار والصغار صممت بطريقة احترافة و برمجة بسيطة و سلسةلتتلائم مع جميع الشرائح العمريةيضم تطبيق صحيح أم خطأ : ثقف نفسك جملة من الأسئلة المتنوعة تشملمجالات متعددة مثل : الدين و الرياضة و الشعر و اللغة و العلوم والأدب و السياسة و التاريخ و الرسم و الفن و غيرها سوف تكتشفومها عندتنصيب هذا التطبيقيشتغل هذا التطبيق على جميع أجهزة الأندرويد ولا يحتاج لأنترنتبالاضافة لامكانية اللعب بمفردك أو مع صديقك لتكون التفاعلية والتنافسية في المعرفة أكثر, مع توفر المستويات : السهل و المتوسط والصعبيتميزهذا التطبيق بتمكين و مساعد المستعمل من تقوية تركيزه وذكائهو اكتساب السرعة في الإجابة على الأسئلة المطروحةلا تبخلو علينا بارائكم و تقييمكم للبرنامجشاركونا بتعليقاتكمPeace be upon you mybrothers and sistersI present to you today a new application in the form of acultural game with the dimensions of knowledge and education foradults and children in a way designed professionalism and smoothand simple programming to suit all age groupsIncludes the application of True or False: Educate yourself aseries of questions include multiple diverse areas such as:religion and sports, poetry, language, science, literature,politics, history and painting and art and others will Tki_fumha atthe inauguration of this applicationThis application runs on all Android devices do not need theInternet in addition to the possibility of playing alone or with afriend to be interactive and more competitive in the knowledge,with availability levels: easy, medium and hardEetmisahma application and enable the user to focus andstrengthen the intelligence and gain speed in answering thequestions posed AssistantWe do not Tbouklo your comments and your assessment of theprogramJoin us your comments
Hello kitty - cartoon video 2.9
Hi We are pleased to present to you today a new andexclusiveapplication which is a popular Cartoon Animations in theform ofanime Hello Kitty rings very well known worldwide Video andaudiovideo in English for all age groups Children andadultsCartoons ofHello Kitty videos contain a variety of episodesABlooming GoodMorningA Storybook AdventureSizing Things UpA Day Outwith DadTheGreat Kitty Car RaceCinderkitty - The Pawed PiperLittleRed BunnyHoodThe Ugly QuacklingWhat's in StoreAnd other interestingepisodesyou will discover after installing the Hello Kitty programwithsound and pictureThis Hello Kitty program will be admired byyoungchildren and even adult fans of exciting serials and globalcomedyfilms.This application can work on all the devices used forAndroidsystems and new updates such as tablets, mobile phonesandothersLook out for other programs like usChildren 's storiesbeforebedtime. worldwide stories. Tales of the past. Talesareunforgettable. International films and films. Pre-sleep.Longmovies and children's stories.Also watchVarious storiesandstories, including fiction, horror stories, romanticstories,children's stories, realistic stories, world historicalstories,short stories and others ...Do not forget to comment andfive starson the Hello Kitty video programCartoon hello kitty videoenglishfor kids hello kitty game inmi hello kitty collor forchildren howto draw hello kitty cafe