xenris Apps

Voronoi Live Wallpaper 4.0
Interactive Voronoi diagram livewallpaper.Mesmerising, colourful, flowing patterns for your background.See what it is all about before you buy by checking out the freeVoronoi app. (Search "Voronoi" on Google Play.)
Liquid Wars Android 1.61
Control an army through various sceneries to take over the enemy'sarmy.Multi-player up to six people.-Source code is available athttps://github.com/xenris/liquid-wars-android under the GNU GPL 3license.-Liquid Wars is my own version of the Free and open sourcepc game "Liquid War".The original Liquid War is available athttp://www.ufoot.org/liquidwar/
Soundx 1.3
** Due to study and work commitments, progress on Soundx has beenpretty well non-existent, but I do plan to get back into it when Ihave the time and have finished my other apps. **-Sound/musicproducing touchpad/soundpad/synthesizer/synthpad.I have aimed toget the smoothest and most clean sound possible (i.e. without ANYcrackles or glitches between notes and volume changes).Theintention is to use this in a professional musical sense as well asjust for messing about with.Includes so far:Chromatic, major,minor, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, whole tone and bluesscales.Sine, square, triangle and sawtooth sound waves.Settablenote range from C0 to B8.Settable vertical axis function (currentlyonly volume or nothing).Working on now:Natural overtones.Many andvaried sound effects.User settable buttons and sliders forcontrolling said sound effects on the fly.Better performance,particularly on low performance devices.Low performance deviceswill most likely get a crackly sound. (I will try to improve thesound quality for low performance devices, but can't promiseanything.)The permissions are just for ads.Enjoy!
Voronoi 5.3
Hypnotic, colourful, flowing Voronoi diagrams.Use touch and gravityto move, swirl, fling and slop pretty Voronoi blobs around thescreen.Includes live wallpaper.
Liquid Wars 1.42
** Due to study and work commitments, progresson Liquid Wars is pretty well non-existent at the current time, butI do plan to get back into it as soon as I can with bluetooth,better performance, nicer UI, more features, etc. Perhaps duringUni holidays! **-Control an army of liquid-like particles through various sceneriesto take over the enemy's liquid-like particles.Capable of playing multi-player games of up to six people over alocal wi-fi network.Many more maps to come.-There are three versions of this game available:NOTE: All three versions are identical apart from the ads in thefree version.1. Free - support me with ads.2. Full - support me with a small donation.3. Open Source - support me by contributing to the source code tomake the game better.The open source version is available at https://github.com/xenris/liquid-wars-androidunder the GNU GPL3 license.-This is my first networked game, so if there are any problems anemail with a clear description of the problem would be very veryhelpful.-Liquid Wars is my own version of the Free and open source pc game"Liquid War".The original Liquid War is available at http://www.ufoot.org/liquidwar/-The permissions are for multi-player networking.
Precarious Roller demo 0.12
** Due to study and work commitments, progress on Precarious Rolleris pretty well non-existent at the current time, but I do plan toget back into it as soon as I can with many more levels andfeatures. **-Precarious Roller will push you to the limit of yourproblem solving, fine motor skill, and visual-spatial reasoningabilities.-Use gravity to guide a ball through various mazes andobstacles without falling into oblivion.-Caution: It is guaranteedthat you will not find this easy; and it will only get harder.