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Far Island: Survive 1.0
Your plane has crashed on a mysterious island. You don't know whatwas the reason for failure, don't know why on the island is a lotof wrecks. Something strange is happening, and you need to get outof the island. Try to discover the secret of the island andsurvive.- day-night cycle,- diseases,- physiological needs,-singing,- animals,- huge island.Performance:high-end phones likeSamsung S6 - 45-60 FPSmedicore phones like Xperia Z2 - 20-35FPSlow-end phones - not testedGame made on Unreal Engine 4 onlywith blueprint system. Game is completely free - no price, noin-apps, no ads. I made it just for learning purpose.Futureupdates:I'm planning to add crafting system like in Ark: SurvivalEvolved + more enemies and weapons.
The Elements 1.31
Arcade game made in Unreal Engine 4 using only blueprints. I madeit just for fun while learning UE4.It's not AAA game, but it givesome fun, check it if you want:)If game will freeze on your device- check if you have internet connection. It's rare but possiblethat game will freeze.
Madness Momentum
Madness Momentum is an arcade gameaboutrunners. You have to beat more and more difficult levels toprovewho is the best. Compare scores with other players and be ontop ofthe leaderboard!
Way Hay! 1.0
Just an arcade game, if u like it leave 1-5 stars:DJust an arcadegame, if u like it leave 1-5 stars: D