WiFi Key Finder (Root) 1.5
WiFi Key Finder will automatically find your lost wifi password ina moment. It lists your wifi password, which you cannot see wifipassword in device default setting. You can copy password to theclipboard or export passwords to file.Note:The application needROOT permission.
WiFi Password Recover 1.2.2
WiFi Password Recover can get your router’sdefault password if you don’t change it. It supports a lot ofcommon routers.How to use:It offers two ways to get the key. One is native algorithm, anotheris dictionary. The native algorithm will take about 1 minute, butcalculate password with dictionary takes less time. You do need aninternet and SD card, then you can download offlinedictionary.Support Routes:Thomson/ DLink/ Pirelli Discus/ Eircom/ Verizon FiOS/ Alice AGPF/FASTWEB Pirelli/ Telsey/ Huawei / Ono / Sky V1 / Clubinternet.boxv1 and v2 / InfostradaWifi/ CONN-X/ Megared/ EasyBox/ Arcor /Vodafone/ PBS / MAXCOM/ PTV/ TeleTu/ Tele2/ Axtel/ Axtel-xtremo/Intercable/ OTE/ Cabovisao Sagem/ Alice in Germany/ Speedport/UPCOther SSID forms:Wlan_XXXX/ Jazztel_XXXX/ Wlan_XX / WlanXXXXXX/ YacomXXXXXX /WifiXXXXXX
WiFi Free 1.9
WiFi Free provides billions shared wifipassword covering every corner of the world. Based on yourlocation, WiFi Free smartly choose shared wifi hotspot for you. Allthe WiFi passwords are shared by the user initiatively, and throughintelligent testing to ensure available.Free, Ease and SmartBased on your location,one-time click to get available shared wifihotspot. You can also search nearby Wifi hotspots by any keyword,such as by location names, Internet cafes or hotels.WorldwideWiFi Free provides billions shared Wi-Fi password covering everycorner of the world, you can connect to free Wi-Fi globally, evenin the less developed regions of Africa.Safe and Secured:WiFi Free ensure your privacy and will never initiatively recordany WiFi hotspot information on your phone unless you initiativelyshare a WiFi hotspot.
internet speed meter 1.01
This app gives you a non-intrusive,real-timeindicator of your data speed/usage in your statusbar.Now Monitor Your Internet Speed Smartly, Safely and In aCorrectWay.Key features1.Real time speed update in status bar and notification.2.Daily, weekly and monthly internet Usage Record.- Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.3 Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.4 Graph to monitor internet activity- Time and usage of current session5 Option to show upload and download speed inseparatenotifications.6 Battery efficient