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Guide for Instagram Live 📱 1.0
InstaLive: Guide for Instagram lets youlearnto do with the new Instagram feature, Live Instagram Nowhundredsof videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram everyminute, if youwant to stream live videos to Instagram, learn how todo with Ourapplication! This application does not save Instagramphotos, donot record Instagram videos, do not download Instagramphotos, donot download Instagram videos, do not download Instagramstories,do not record Instagram videos, with our application youcan Learnto use the latest feature of Instagram, Live!aThe best Guide app for instagram live Here is a unofficial 100 %This app is a guide to get some free Live for instagramlive.This is a perfect for user who want it for free .This app you can feel best experience for user.Please note - It's is an app with step guide.Download this free application and have fun with universalapp,helping you pass through many obstacles, guiding you to getLivequicklyis an application that guide you for the app Live whichcontainssome steps to activated.For you fans of the app app, you should try this app to helpyouwith universal user*** NOTE : This is not a official instagram app
تعبئة أورنج مجانا 1.0
أشحن هاتفك بالعديد من التعبئات المجانية منشركةالاتصالات أورنج الخاصة بهاتفك. فقط تحميل التطبيق على هاتفك ،وملءالمعلومات لتتلقى العديد من التعبئات مجانا على الفور وإعادةشحنهاتفك- شحن ارسال فورا- تطبيق سهل الاستخدام- الأول من نوعه على المتجرقم بابهار أصدقائك وعائلتك و تتمتع بتعبئات شحن الهاتفللمكالماتوالرسائل القصيرة والإنترنت ... مجانافماذا تنتظر قم بتحميل التطبيقYour ship with manyfreefillings from your phone contacts Orange own company. Justdownloadthe application on your phone, and fill in the informationtoreceive many mobilizations for free immediately andrechargeyour- Send shipping immediately- The application is easy to use- The first of its kind on the App StoreBabhar your friends and family and enjoy Ptabiat charge thephonefor calls, SMS and the Internet ... for freeWhat are you waiting download application
LongShot for Long Screenshot📱 1.0
It is so frustrating to makeseveralscreenshots, to make sure you haven’t missed anything, tocarefullyput them in the right order, only to find out that theygot allmixed up in the process of saving or sending them."LongScreen" is an app that allow you to make long andbiggerscreenshots simpl and easyStitch multiple screenshots/images into a pixel-perfect long one,orcapture long web page directly. Plus a handy tool fortakingmultiple screenshots. LongShot is a great app for takinglongscreenshots of conversations, web pages, threads, etc.Have you ever found the perfect recipe for Christmas dinner,butdiscovered that you made a mistake while making a screenshot ofit,and as a result ruined dessert? Have you ever wanted to shareaconversation with your friends, but then found out that it wastoolong to fit into one screenshot? Have you ever wanted to saveaspecific article on a website so you could read it later, butfeltreally annoyed by the fact that you read things twice becauseofthe overlap?"LongScreen" With this app, you can make screenshots togetherintoone long screenshot and share it with your friends instantly,orsave it onto your device. You can also highlight messagesyoureally like, or hide them if there's things you don't wantothersto see.Stitch multiple screenshots/images into a pixel-perfect long one,orcapture long web page directly. Plus a handy tool fortakingmultiple screenshots. longshot is a great app for takinglongscreenshots of conversations, web pages, threads, etc.LongScreen Features "- Material Design UI- Make one big screenshots by simply scrolling through an app- Edit if needed- Automatically merge multiple screenshots/images intoonevertically or horizontally, with a bunch of options.- Capture long web page- Auto capture stitch screenshots after scrolling.- Floating screenshot capturing buttons make takemultiplescreenshots like a breeze.- Don't clutter your friends with lots of screenshots- No watermarks stitch screenshots- It's quick & easy!- Auto capture screenshots after scrolling.- Powerful manual stitching tool to fine-tune a pixel-perfectlongimage.- No watermarks, all features are free
كشف اسم و مكان المتصل 1.0
تطبيق كشف اسم المتصل و مكانه من رقمه واظهاررقم المتصل يساعدك على كشف رقم و مكان المتصل المجهول ،عن طريق ناطق اسم المتصل باللغة العربية لجميع الهواتف ، كاشف متصلبكاسم و مكان .كذلك اظهار رقم المتصل الرقم الخاص و مكانه بكل سهولة و كشف اسمالمتصلالغير مسجل .مميزات :- تعرف على اسم المتصل و مكانه و كشف المكالمات المجهولة- ناطق اسم المتصل بالعربية بدون انترنت- معرفة رقم موبايل مجهولApplication revealedthecaller's name and place of his own and Caller ID helps todetectthe number and caller location unknown,Using spokesman caller's name in Arabic to all phones, thedetectorconnected to your name and location.As well as the Caller ID number, and your place with ease andrevealthe caller's name unregistered.Features :- Identify the caller's name and location, and uncover theunknowncalls- Arabic-speaking caller's name without the Internet- Knowledge of mobile number unknown
روشارج أورنج فابور 2017 1.0
الان يمكنك تعبئة هاتفك مجانا ما عليك سوىتحميلتطبيق تعبئة بالمجان و شحن رصيد موبايلك مجانا يمكنك التحدثدونالتفكير في ثمن او رصيد المكالمة وذلك حصريا على هذا التطبيقالرائعتعبئة بالمجان.الان الدين يريدون الاستفادة من التعبئة أو شحن الموبايل و الحصولعلىرصيد مكالمات او أنترنت أسرع في الهاتف دون الحاجة الى كودالويفيالذي قد يتعثراختراقها و تجنب تطبيقات كشف الويفي المزيفة وذلكبإدخالرقم هاتفك و اختيار شركة الشبكة المناسبة لك وارسال التعبئةبسرعة مناي دولة عربية اواجنبية.هل تريد تعبئة الهاتف مجانا الصالحة لجميع الشركات العربية والاجنبيةحيث يمكن شحن الهاتف مجانا و ذلك بتحميل التطبيق دون تردد واحصل علىالتعبئة فورا و مجانا.هاذا البرنامج المجاني يمكنك من التعبئة المجانية.- ارسال التعبئة على الفور- تعبئة الهاتف مجانا ما هو إلا تطبيق للمزاح و الضحكمعالأصدقاء- كل ماعليك فعله هو تحميل التطبيق من متجر جوجل بلاي وتتبيتهعلىهاثفك- يدعم مشغلي الإتصالات العربية : موبايلي ء زين ء ميديتيل ءاتصالاتالمغرب ء انوي ء أوريدوءأورنج- تعبئة فابور و مجانا- روشارج فابورNow you can fillyourphone for free just download the application free of chargetomobilize and recharge your mobile for free you can talkwithoutthinking about the eighth or call balance and so exclusivelyonthis wonderful application to mobilize free.Now religion want to take advantage of packing or Mobileshippingand get the balance of calls or Internet faster in thephonewithout having to Aloeva code you may Atosrakhcracha andavoiddetection Aloeva counterfeit applications by entering thephonenumber and select the appropriate network company you sendpackingspeeds of any Arab state Awajunbah.Do you want to fill free phone suitable for all Arab andforeigncompanies where they can charge the phone for free, andthendownload the application without hesitation and getpackingimmediately and free of charge.Hama free program you can free packing.- Send packing immediately- Filling phone for free is only the application to have funandlaugh with friends- All you need to do is download the application from theGooglePlay store and Tetbith on Hatvk- Arab telecom operators: Zain, Mobily E E E supports MeditelMarocTelecom E E intend Oorduooranj- Filling Fabor and free- Rucharj Fabor
Instabadge 1.0
Everyone wants to get authentication featureasa unique and distinct from the rest, and so for being linked tothecredibility of your social and also because of the brand makeyoustate that your actual and your real and not just animaginaryaccount as is the case with many of the accounts that weencounterthrough the various types of social sites.Upgrade instaqram and get badge on your social following thesimplesteps to upgrade your account and get as many observersandofficial documentation of your account on Twiter instaqramFacbookand get a blue mark many all the effort by following simplestepsand easy markThe application is easy to use, follow the steps and get theupgradeto increase followers to your photos and your videos
Number Fractions Addition Math 1.0
A switch allows change betweenfractionsaddition with the same denominator and fractions withdifferentdenominator.Fractional calculator generates random fractions additionsmathcalculation . Using this online fraction calculator, you canadd,subtract, multiply and divide ordinary fractions additions ormixednumbers (integer followed by a fraction) so find theirsum,difference, product or quotient.Fractions additions calculator perform basic and advancedoperationswith fractions additions. Also shows detailedstep-by-stepinformation about fraction calculation procedure. Thiscalculatorsupports adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplyingfractionsadditions and returns an answer as a reduced fraction anda mixednumber if it exists.Having used fractions addition calculators, you will havedetailedresolution of your exercise.This free mathematical calculator is able to convert :- Fraction to Decimal numbers- Decimal numbers to Fraction- Fraction to Percent- Percent to FractionCalculator with detailed solutions helps you better understandhowto solve task with fractions additions . And always willhelpparents check homework of their children.A simple interface, easy to use with simple ui and uxinterfaces,text to speech included, helps students and kids withtheir mathlearning.
Color T Rex Runner 2017 1.0
Bored? internet is not working? Error 404?Start playing offline dino now ! perfect extension to thechromebrowser offline game !!Most addictive game play , simple and engaging game for every one!!no need of internet !!T rex Runner Chrome Color is a Run and Jump T rex Adventuregame.Just start and keep on playing for hours if you are bored!!!His name is Cute Dino Baby . He love Hurdling and training sohardto get 110 meters hurdles world record :)Many new and different obstacles then the old one !!! keepyourphone up-to date with offline game !So take on totally new and innovative concept of classic retrogamemixed with new generation addictive flat game !How to play T rex Runner :- Try to survive Dino Chrome . Touch the screen to have ahappyjump. Good luck!- Simple one touch control !! easy to pick up and play forhours!!!Features of T rex Runner Game :- 1 bit graphics style- Fun sound effects- T rex Hight Graphic- Touch controls- Easy to learn, hard to master
Material Compass 1.0
Material Compass is one of the most, if notthemost essential application every Android shouldhaveinstalled.Material Compass app is compass in your pocket. Use it oncampingtrips, to navigate unknown territory or when you arelost.You never know when it might come handy. It could even saveyourlife one day!Compass is easy to use; Just use as a true compass. Compass appismore than just showing degrees and north, south, eastandwest.I designed Compass with the user experience in mind, a largenumberand easy to read design. Compass also allows you to setyourdirections by rotating the bezel for ease of navigationandprofessional.*** How to use the app :- Keep your phone parallel to the ground and turned toward theredarrow that you want to define- Material Compass will display on-screen directionsanddegrees.- Keep the device away from metal objects, machinery and wherehighmagnetic field to avoid false results
Chromrex T rex Runner
Your internet connexion is not working oryouhave an Error Connexion Start playing This offline t rex gamenow !a perfect extension to the chrome browser offline game!!Most addictive game play , easy simple and engaging game foreveryone and every age !! no need of internet just play andgetfun!!Chromrex T rex Runner is a Run and Jump Baby Dino T rex Adventure.Just start and keep on playing for hours if you are bored!!!His name is Cute t rex Baby . He love Hurdling , Jumpingandtraining so hard to get 110 meters hurdles world record :)Many different obstacles then the old one !!! keep your phoneup-todate with offline game and click on the screen to jump !So take on totally new and innovative concept of classic andfunnyretro game mixed with new generation addictive flat game!How to play Chromrex T rex Runner :- Try to survive trex Chromrex . Touch the screen to have ahappyDino jump. Get some FUN and Good luck!- Simple one touch control !! easy to use easy to pick up andplayfor hours everyday!!!Features of Chromrex T rex Runner Game :- Fun sounds- Hight Quality Graphic- Touch controls- Easy to use- Easy to jumpGET READY and GET FUN !!
Tricks Knowledge Minds 1.0.0
Looking for knowledge mind tricks questionsormind games quiz or brain exercise or brain game app so you are inaright app.This mind tricks knowledge application will provie you over than200questions with hidden knowledge answer. When you will clickonanswer button it will show.So this knowledge brain mind quiz question app will be veryhelpfulfor you brain mind exercise. This would surely help to keepyourmind fit and healthy! It is daily brain trainingexercises.Thiswould surely help to keep your mind fit andhealthy!If you always wanted wondered about your knowledgeintelligencequotient, this brain app is just the right thing foryou. This apptests you on verbal ability, logical reasoning andquantitativeaptitude, among several other factors. The questionsmay not be thesame each time you take a test, so it is verydifficult tocheat!The difficulty of the brain knowledge questions depends on theagegroup you fall in, so be prepared! Your knowledge brain scoreiscalculated based on the number of questions you answeredcorrectly,their difficulty and your age.