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Guide for Captain Commando 1.0
yu hangrang
"Captain Commando" (名將) is an arcade gameandreleased in 1991.The game runs on the early development ofCAPCOMsubstrate. Strong balance of the game, up to 4 people at thesametime the game, each character is distinctive, with a uniquemoves,games advocating with.
Guide for Cadillacs 1.0
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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs(恐龍快打) also known asthedinosaurs of the new century is a CAPCOM from Japan producedafairly classic arcade game, I believe that the game carries alotof memories of childhood after 80, in the game room to fightdayand night .
Guide for Warriors Fate 1.0
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Warriors of Fate is a RPG game and releasedin1989,the arcade version of the game are based on thePalaceGuangzhi (also known as the Palace of Hongzhi) comic versionof"吞食天地" as the prototype design.