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Snow globe Live wallpaper 3D 1.0.2
yu-hyeon won
This is a 3D glass globe.Featuring - 3D model in Snowglobe. - Snowflakes being moved by gravity. - Swipevertical flying snowflakes (can be set) - Snowflakes rotate byhorizontal Swipe (can be set) - Camera rotate by horizontalSwipe (can be set) - Auto Rotate (can be set) - Changeableparticle texture ( Petal, Snow ) - Changeable background texture (Using gallery ) - Background processing using thegyroscope.*Continuous updates.
Snowglobe Livewallpaper3D Free 1.01
yu-hyeon won
This is a calm feeling Snow and Petal globe.Featuring - 3Dcabin model in Snow globe. - Snowflakes being moved bygravity. - Auto Rotate (can be set) - Background processingusing the gyroscope. The following items are not supported in thefree version. - Swipe vertical flying snowflakes (can beset) - Snowflakes rotate by horizontal Swipe (can beset) - Camera rotate by horizontal Swipe (can be set) -Changeable particle texture ( Flower, Snow )*Continuous updates.