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Doctor & Clean up Cat - Angela 1.2.2
Welcome to download Angela girl series ofgames, they fun and free.In here, she is very kind to animals. She often helps the strayanimals. Girls,I know you are also a kind of person who naturallyis more loving. Let us help her doctor and take care of animals. wewill become a veterinarian.1: There is a injured cat. its body was covered with mud. So weshould clean them and use ice to reduce the swelling.2: Remove all of thorns and dabbed iodine on the cuts. Meanwhile,stitch up the wound. A bone in its foot is broken,so we should helpher cure it.3: The cat is very comfortable and happy now. But it is alsodirty,so let help it takes a bath. The bathroom is very beautifuland there are many fur care products for the cats. After thebath,you will see a very cute cat and you can give it a big kissmaking it more happy. she have prepared a very warm home to thecat.4: let help it dress up more cute before going to its new home.Come on,girls! Angela is waiting for you. Have fun!
Pregnant Give Birth A Baby 1.0.0
Welcome to download Angela girl series ofgames, they fun and free.She is being in nurse experiencing lesson in a hospital maternity,today she caring for a pregnant mother the first time, this iswonderful. but she is more nervous, she needs to check theindicators of the body to help doctors, accompany the beautiful momwill give birth to a lovely baby.She need to take care of the little girl , and dress the babybeautiful clothes, then put the newborn to the great mother!Features:1: physical examination: check the body temperature, detect fetalheart monitor, B metaminder look at the baby is normal.2; pregnant need to have enough energy for the baby be born, giveher food and water supplement sweat, wiping his forehead.3: Clean up the dirt on newborn body, measurement of body weight,feeding her.4: vaccination and care, make her happy!5: dress up baby, let her be more lovely and more beautiful.
Dinosaur Robot Transformers 1.0.0
Dinosaur robot transformer is verypopularamong children nowadays. The most coolest skill of thisdinosaur isto transform into a car. If you also like it, today inour brandnew game, you will have the opportunity to assemble oneexcellentdinosaur robot. Firstly, come to assemble the central bodypart ofthe dinosaur robot. We will show you every part of thedinosaur,you just need to follow our instructions to install eachpart oneby one. After this step, you need to use the same methodstoassemble the legs parts, head parts and tail parts step by step.Atlast, you can come to fix the weapon parts of the dinosaurrobot.After installation of the robot transformer, you can show useveryskill of the dinosaur. The dinosaur has some basic skillslikejump, retreat, go forwarder and get down. It can also spit fireandlaser to attack its opposite side. Moreover, it can also emitlightwave. Every skill of the dinosaur is very gorgeous. Havefun.Features:1. Assemble every part of the dinosaur robot transformer2. the dinosaur is to transform into a car.3. Show us the skills of the dinosaur one by oneHow to play:1. Assemble the central part of the dinosaur robot2. Use the same methods to fix legs,heads and tail parts ofthedinosaur3. Come to install the weapons parts carefully4. Show us the basic skills of the dinosaur5. Use the dinosaur’s weapon to show us its excellent skill onebyone