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Pool Billiards 2016 1.0
An absolute necessity for Pool Table fans!Want to play pool Billiard? Can't locate any quality billiard onthe android market? Play this 3D pool Table for free and you'llnever need to leave your phone. It's a Challenge for yourperfection and test of your brain so if you want to be the Championof this marvelous pool game start practice right now!Sharpen your Skills and take them to a net level in the practicearena. Perfect your shots and expert the specialty of potting theball. Get acquainted with the various spins this 3D Game brings tothe table.Take on the Computer in various levels. The Game has excitingnew tables and all sort of cues to help you pot the ball. The GamePhysics is very realistic and tempting.This 3D Game is a new and exciting Entry for all Pool Table Loversin Android for free. If you love Billiard then try it and proveyourself.Striking Features:v Best 3D rendering.v Realistic ball-physicsv High end lighting.v Immersive UI.v Practice mode.v Double player mode.v Awesome Cues.v Beautiful ball Schemes.
Gunship Gunner Extreme 1.0
Let's Fight the Great Gunship BattleagainstDeadly Gunship Gunner HelicoptersAre you ready to enter the Gunship Battlefield? Well here wearewith the massive Gunship Battle Against powerful GunshipGunnerHelicopters around the world. Country is at war and yourservicesare required.In this game we are on our way to the battlefield with ourgunshipsand in order to eliminate terror from the Country. Flightcontrolsimulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you intoanimmersive combat experience the moment you start the game.Story Line:Enemy is on its way to invade our territories. Enemy willattackfully lock and loaded with troops and military GunshipHelicopters.We will give them the best of defense and counterattack they haveever seen. Fasten your seat belts as there aregonna be lot ofGunship battle waves coming our way, let’s staysharp and active.Shoot to kill! Do not let our enemy run away untilthey aredestroyed. We have only one life, Lets make it worth forthe sakeof our brother in arms. Over and Out.Losing a Gunship battle is not negotiable, It’s Do or Die.The mission we are in is to test our skills and proficiencyletsbeat the hell out of it.Special Game Features:- User friendly GUI and controls- Its a First Person Shooter game- Overall army remote camp with natural looking 3Darmyenvironment- Heavy weapon and controls.- 3D Helicopters.- Share with your friends on Facebook, twitter, etc- Set high records- Compete your mates.- Arm your chopper with the best weapons available.This game is for the players with heavy action gaming skillsascompared to shooting and racing games. Experience the heat ofthewar inside the battlefield.
Dubai Bus Simulator 2 1.0
You have played differentShooting,Racingendless running game its time to try somethingreally new andexciting!When Someone says about driving its doesn't Sounds interestingbutwhen the matter is to Drive Big Vehicle we get Excited.So it'stimeto Drive a Bus now!After the Success of real bus Simulator and Dubai Bus Simulatorweare launching a new Game of the Simulation 3D GamesSeries.Get Ready to Drive the Big Vehicle now in the next phaseofDubai Bus Simulator its time to play Dubai Bus Simulator 2.Dubai Bus Simulator 2 2016 is the latest simulation game thatwilloffer you the chance to become a real Bus Driver! ,Incrediblevehicles, wonderful interiors will make you feel likedriving areal bus in the wonderful city of Dubai! It's time to geton boardand drive the bus! Next-gen graphics Get Dubai BusSimulator 2now!Features:- Veristic bus physics.- Onroad Traffic system.- genuine damage- Best naturalistic 3D environment- Set auto or manual simulation- 100% free game.- Get Dubai Bus Simulator 2 now!Compete in Driving skills,reflexes and proficiency withyourfriends. Complete it successfully with best time and you willbeking of the road.How to play:* Tilt your device to move and control the bus* Press gas pedal to accelerate* Press brake pedal to slow down and reverse* Set new records* Compete with your friends