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Aircraft 1.0
First of all the game is an arcade with warplanes in whichtheAERIAL BATTLES are the priority. If you like warplanes, inthisgame you will find different types of aircraft. • SECOND WORLDWAR.We are in the middle of the MILITARY CONFLICT in the year 1942.TheBIG POTENTIALS of the world are faced in two camps: the ALLIESandthe AXIS POWERS. Help in the victory of the allies againsttheenemies. • COMBAT AIRCRAFT. In this video game you can choosefroma variety of World War II aircraft. As a combat aircraft game,youwill have to complete missions, destroy enemies, collectcoins,collect powerups, improve planes and eliminate finalbosses.Available large number of aircraft such as Bf 109, P-51,Spitfire,F4U, A6M, Ju 87, B-17, P-47, P-38, ... • GAMBLING. As anairplanepilot, you will have to fire missiles, use specialabilities, dodgeenemy attacks, perform stunts, take off at highspeed, throw bombs,use energy shield and land. • TRANSLATED TOVARIOUS LANGUAGES. Thegame is translated into English, Spanish,French, German, Italian,Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian,Malay, Japanese, Chinese,Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, inIndonesian, in Arabic, inKorean, in Thai, in Indian and in Persian.• GAME THAT DOES NOTNEED INTERNET. Fortunately, an Internetconnection is not requiredto play this game. You can play withoutworrying about the WIFIconnection. • GAME THAT HAS LITTLE SPACE.Optimized for most phonesand tablets. • TOTALLY FREE GAME. It doesnot contain purchaseswithin the application and all content isavailable for free. Byinstalling this app you agree to thefollowing privacypolicies:''''