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Musician Friend SE 1.7
Try to perform live recognition of chords withthe microphone of your phone as input.It also shows the strongest bass.Chord types recognized are:Major, minor, 6, m6, 7, m7, dim, dim7, 4, 7sus4, maj7, +5, 7+5,sus2.Easy mode On,reduces the detection only to minor and major and 7 chords,improving accuracy.Also enable a most restrictive audio pre-processingfiltering.Is intended to music with simple harmonic contents or for musiciansthat likes simple chords.The slide bar changes the threshold of energy for chord that willbe considered on creating the progression, according to level barabove that show the energy level of current chord.Should be used to filter out low level noise.For details about chords you can see wikipedia at
MyRecycle 1.1
Benvenuto in MyRecycle l'App che ti aiuta a migliorare latuacapacità di riciclare. Lo smaltimento dei rifiuti non sarà piùunproblema. In automatico l'applicazione ti avvertirà il giornoprimacon un messaggio su quale ritiro è previsto a calendario.Potraivisionare il calendario dei ritiri previsti.