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Classical iKing Kong 5.0
Inspired by classic games to create the Classical King Kong, withchanges in graphics, increased levels of levels, difficulty inchanging and new obstacles, the game promises to bring aninteresting experience but challenging for players.In the game, theplayer plays the role of a cute girl in the journey to rescue herfriend was fierce monsters and evil monsters kidnapped. Your taskis to dodge the obstacles that monkeys create in the clever andbest way, hoarding your network as well as items for yourself andactivate the organs on the map to open the way of destroying theMonkey and help her rescue her lover.Game Features:- Beautifulgraphics are easy to manipulate but difficult to overcome- Manyother challenging levels challenge the player- Classical appealappeals to the player- More than 50 levels to exploreQuicklydownload the game to conquer the challenge to have a relaxingmoment is extremely comfortable.
Great Happy Farm 6.0
Happy Farm - The world's most crowded gardening game has officiallyarrived on mobile. Happy Farm is a game with a simple gameplaysimilar to some other farm games, but hidden within it is a newfeature that you can not find on any other farm game before. .Let's explore! ------------------------ ☆------------------------MAIN FEATURES OF HAPPY FARM • GROWTH: With more than 10 species ofspecial plants from the tropical monsoon, you will surprise witheach level of maturity of the trees. • BREED: Chicken, Cow, Sheep,Rabbit, Sheep, Pig ... With cute, funny and humorous creation.These are your friends in taking care of your farm. Come explorethe animals that will surprise you. • FACTORY: Farms not only havegardens, ponds. Modern farms have to have factories that canprocess their products. 5 types of plants with each feature. Willbring you a great experience. • TRADE: Where will the harvestedproducts go? The answer lies in your market. Trade your productswith farmers all over Southeast Asia and earn yourself a fortune.Trading is the shortest path to success. Do not hesitate any more,please download the Fun Happy Farm Game for your loved mobile toown your own beautiful and rich farm. ------------------------☆------------------------
Farm Plants 5.0
When you play Farm Plants, you will own the farm with lotsofdifferent fruits. You have to try to manage well the farm inorderto make the best quality fruit, use these fruits to make themostdelicious drinks serving customers.Your restaurant isaself-contained restaurant, with self-growing ingredients thatareboth fresh and safe to attract so many visitors to enjoy.Youmusttry to grow fruit plants that meet the needs of customersandtimely processing the type of water required by them.Withgardenplants, if you do not care for them as often as you water it,itwill die and you have to re-plant a new, very time consuming.Whilecustomers come to the shop with a lot of different demands,youhave to be quick and select the fruits that your customers wanttoserve. With each customer you do not catch up withservers,customers will leave, you will be deducted, and when out ofthemoney, the shop will close.Play the game to becomemillionairesFarm Plants.