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Goku Saiyan Ultimate Butouden 2.0
In this game you can play as manycharactersfrom the characters of anime and manga series such asGoku, Vegeta,Piccolo, Frieza, Cell and more. While the Goku Kaianime ended atthe Cell Saga, for completeness, this game includesall the Buusaga characters such as Gotenks, Buu and Vegito. Thisgame alsoincludes movie/tv special characters such as Broly, GogetaandBardock.Those who played previous Butoden games on older version willbeaware that the series is mainly a two-dimensional fighting gameina similar vibe to street fighter. The main difference beingtheability to fly and charge up an energy bar which is used forenergybased attacks.The main game's story mode is told in several short missionswhichprogress right from the Saiyan Saga to the Buu Saga. There arealsowhat-if battles which take place outside the traditionalSaiyanstoryline and provide comic relief or uniquesituations.Each character has three special attacks which consume between20%and 50% of the player's energy. There are also specialattackswhich when triggered will cause a minigame to occur. Thedefenderhas a chance of blocking or countering the attack dependingon thesuccess of the defender at the minigame.Each character has between 1 and 5 power level states. At thelowlevels, energy will regenerate. At higher levels the energywilldrain but attacks will be stronger, so there is a trade-offbetweensaving energy for attacks or putting it all into increasingdamagepower. By pressing A,B,Y,X at the same time, your characterentersa 'burst mode' which provides infinite energy for a limitedtimeand can only be used once per round.There is a challenge mode which provides players withdifferentmatches to complete against various CPU players. There isalso alocal multiplayer mode which can be played with anadditionalplayer.
Goku Fighting: Saiyan Warrior 2 1.0.2
Goku Fighting: Saiyan Warrior 2 is a2Dfighting game where the player chooses a team of three tofightagainst an enemy or another team. There are various modes tochoosefrom which can help bring up the player's characterroster★ Story ModeIn this game mode, the player selects one character andfightsthrough a series of eight opponents, which follow theoriginal GokuWarriors storyline in the chosen characters’perspective.★ Challenge ModeThe player selects three characters to form a team and mustbattleagainst pre-set enemy teams that are generated by thecomputer AI.Character selection cannot exceed level four, and inorder todefeat the enemy team, the player must fully utilize theirthreechosen characters’ abilities★ Z Battle ModeIn Z battle mode the player chooses a character, and mustbattleagainst 8 enemies, however after completing a round of Zbattlemode, the chosen character is given a ranking★ Free Battle ModeFree battle mode unchains all restrictions that are placed fromtheother modes, allowing for a free range of battles foranycombination of enemies.[Features]· Fun & Challenging Gaming Experiences· Unique Graphic Style and UI· Cool Effect with super skills· Many challenges· Save & Load· More than 60 designer battles and power levels· KI Blast· Dragon Strike
Goku Dragon Kai - Attack of Saiyan 1.0
You play as a wide range of heroes fromthepopular anime series, from Goku to Tien to Krillin as theymovethrough events based largely on the Vegeta Saga, startingjustbefore the arrival of Raditz on Earth. The hook here is thegame isactually a traditional turn-based role-playing game insteadof atwitchy fighter.Just so you don't get the wrong idea, that means you won'tbehammering out strings of attacks in real-time, but ratherinputtingmenu commands for attacks, item use, and specialabilities. You'llalso need to bring with you an appreciation forthe series, sinceif you aren't aware of what a Kamehameha is or whyanyone shouldcare about King Kai or Snake RoadThe gameplay itself, however, is enjoyable. It'snothingrevolutionary, but it's a sturdy enough system that shouldbeappreciated by any genre fan.The storytelling is fractured and uneven, dropping characters inthemix with little to no introduction. Having watched the VegetaSagayears ago, I understood the context as I played and knew whatwascoming so it wasn't all that disorienting, but any newcomer isgoingto have a hard time trying to figure out who allthesebattle-obsessed people are and how they relate to one another.Ifyou manage to stick with it through the rest of the gamethefiction becomes clearer, but on the path of learning fortheuninitiated there's a high step you'll need to climb over atthestart.Newcomers might still find things to enjoy, despite the ofteninane,slow-moving dialogue sequences, since the battle systemworks well.You get standard attacks for the cast of characters,where youattack enemies with flurries of punches and kicks thatmimic thepresentation of the show. You draw on Ki power toinitiate specialattacks like Krillin's Destructo Disk andPiccolo's Special BeamCannon, and when the right abilities areactivated more damaging andelaborate combo attacks areunleashed.