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Devil Jelly Button Use this new button to enjoy the meme ofDevilJelly ! With an amazing sound and an amazing gif dance! Justpressthe button by touching the screen and entertain everyoneandeverywhere! Enjoy the entertainment of Halloween with thatfabulousjoke joke, with this joke prank ! It's Time to eat JellyPeanutButter ! Enjoy & troll PBJT! About Peanut Butter JellyTime(< strong> PBJT ) is a flash animation that consists ofananimated character from Dancing Banana and the song It's TimetoEat Jelly Peanut Butter. Known to be detestable and funny,theDancing Banana video became a hit in the early 2000s, which ledtomerchandise related to PBJT and dozens of parodies andtributevideos on YT . Indicative of the legacy of animation inonlinevideo culture, there are dozens of derivative videos thatincluderemixes and mashups available on the tube, many of whichhaveaccumulated hundreds of thousands of views. His appearancesGuy:This meme has appeared in a multitude of animatedtelevisionseries. In the animated series that was most successful,DevilPeanut Butter was in Family History HALLOWEEN Popularly knownasThe Night of the Witches , night of the dead on oche on the eveofthe deceased . It is celebrated on the 31st of Octoberandgenerally the people (children) dress up as scary characters togohouse to house asking for sweets or candy (trick ortreatstrong>). The setting for Halloween is usually veryvariedwithin the horror genre. Used: cobwebs, pumpkins with cuts ofevilsmiles, vampires , ghosts , witches ... All prepared for thenightof terror . Devil Jelly Button!

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    October 8, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Meme World Apps
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Ugandan Knuckles Sound Button Meme Touch the screen, press thebutton and have fun! It will sound the Do U Know da Wey of themagnificent meme of 2018 Ugandan Knuckles! With a fabulous gif formore fun! Follow the queen, where is da queen? Come back fromUganda! Click click click click ... Download this app to know theway! If you love this character of the internete do not forget toleave a good comment and a great valuation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ What's in thisgame? - Brutal Fondaco with Ugandan Knuckles. - Button with thesame Meme for a total immersion in the tribes game. - A Renaissanceuser experience with a touch of cinnamon (good for the defenses)(well there may have happened to me). How is this app used? If youknow how to press a digital button, you have done all the work andall the teaching. Simply press and hold the Meme button and enjoylistening to the wonderful sound Do you know the way. Do not knowhow to press a button touching the screen ?. Then I will teach youto press the button. Choose a finger (you can also use any part ormember of your body that is sensitive to the capacitive (touch)screens of your device). Once you have selected this part, directit to the screen, more specifically to the green button with thedoll (Ugandan knuckles) and touch it. Excellent!. You already knowhow to use this game. Now you can play again and again withoutstopping to have fun. What is it for? It is used to remember thememe, have fun without stopping as if there were no tomorrow, andtroll your friends and family imitating this great meme. Justpress, press, press, touch. Feel the power in your fingertips (orwhatever you use for this app). Origin This internet character hasbeen created by the great influencer of Gregzilla social networks.The character appeared in 2017, but it was not until 2018 when thecurious ninote (Charlie ekisde) began to gain fame withoutstopping. I could tell you more, but why? Just tell you that thephrase Do you know the way? it is pronounced in the networks as "doyou know de wey". Oh yes, and that all this "history" is set as ifan African tribe of the great savannah was treated. Differentphrases of the meme - yu kno de wei (by Rubius). - do you know dewey (Person on foot). - do u know de way (Person with somedeficit). - de u now de wey. - do you know of wey. - You Do NotKnow the Way.
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Banana Jelly Button Use this new button to enjoy the meme ofBananaJelly ! With an amazing sound and a fabulous gif bailon! Justpressthe button touching the screen and entertain all your friendsandfamily! Enjoy memes with Meme World Apps ! It's Time to eatJellyPeanut Butter ! Enjoy & troll PBJT ! Peanut Butter JellyTime(PBJT ) is a flash animation that consists of an animatedDancingBanana character and the song It's Time to Eat Jelly PeanutButter.Known for being adorable and fun, the Dancing Banana videobecame ahit in the early 2000s, which led to PBJT-relatedmerchandise anddozens of parodies and tribute videos on YT.Indicative of thelasting legacy of animation in online videoculture, there aredozens of derivative videos that include remixesand mashupsavailable on Tube, many of which have accumulatedhundreds ofthousands of visits. His appearances Guy : This meme hasappearedin a multitude of animated television series. In theanimatedseries that was most successful, the Peanut Butter Bananawas inFamily Source: https://www.albinoblacksheep.com/ flash /banana
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Zombie Monster Jelly Button Use this new button to enjoy the memeofZombie Monster Jelly! With an amazing sound and anincredibledancing gif! Simply press the button touching the screenandentertain everywhere and everyone! Enjoy Halloweenentertainingwith that fabulous joke prank meme! It's Time to eatJelly PeanutButter ! Enjoy & troll PBJT ! Peanut Butter JellyTime (PBJT)is a flash animation that consists of an animatedDancing Bananacharacter and the song "It's Time to eat Jelly PeanutButter".Known for being both obnoxious and funny, the DancingBanana videobecame a hit in the early 2000s, leading toPBJT-relatedmerchandise and dozens of parodies and tribute videoson YT.Indicative of the animation's lasting legacy on the onlinevideoculture, there are dozens of derivative videos includingremixesand mashups available on tube, many of which haveaccumulatedhundreds of thousands of views. His appearances Guy:This meme hasappeared in a multitude of animated television series.In theanimated series that had the most success Zombie MonsterPeanutButter was in Family
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2000 Years Later Button You can now make jokes with and yourfriendsthat are the most unpunctual. If you have met with someoneand youare late ... Press the button of 2000 years later ! Thanksto MemeWorld Apps and enjoy with this Meme Languages ​​ Currentlythe appbutton button has two languages: -English (2000 Years Later)-Spanish (2000 Años Más Tarde Button ) You can alternatethelanguages ​​as it suits you and have fun without stopping topressthe button. Use As we mentioned before, this application is aMEMEof a sponge bob series in which when changing the scene,toexaggerate the time spent, phrases of the style are used:-Twohours later -Two thousand years later -Many time after -Aneternitylater -The narrator got tired of waiting. Origin So youwant toknow that xdd greetings. Well, in a bob series of animatedspongedrawings. Give us a good like friend friend brother tetenanopartner and a good review and rating. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐</h1