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***** Halloween Sale! ***** WARNING: HD version is availalble!Halloween is coming! Here they are - demons, vampires, zombies, andwitches with spiders. Match 3 of them in a row if you dare! ...Thusour story begins. In the middle Ages there were Five Counties. Theylived in peace until the day the earl of the Central County hasopened Infernal Gates and let the Evil in. Do you like match 3games? Because the future of Five Counties depends on you! You willtravel with a young devilry huntress, fire and sword clearing yourroad to the Dark Earl's Sanctuary. You will use white magic, fire,silver bullets and holy water. Oh, and vampire's blood as well.Madness? No, it's fun! The game is a match-three puzzle (obsoletenon-HD version, search for Devilry Huntress HD on Google Play): youswap and match 3 or more signs on the game field. Burst 4 or moreat once to get a bonus. In each village you have to gather a magicspell pieces, letter by letter. Then you put spells together andsave the world. Easy peasy, ha? But hurry up, doctors warn:excessive consumption of vampire's blood can be harmful! Passed thewhole Campaign? Come test yourself in Survival mode! How long canyou stand against armies of Evil? No more limits, nowhere to runanymore, restock your vampire's blood supply and fight! Your scoregoes online to compare your skills to those obtained by otherdevilry hunters. The FULL VERSION features: - no annoying ads - 40unique levels - Unlimited Survival Mode - online leaderboards Seemore about this "match 3" game on our site:http://smartpixgames.com/huntress

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    Devilry Huntress
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    August 22, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Smartpix Games
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    Office M0095 265-269 Kingston Road Wimbledon SW19 3FW London
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"Myth Defense: Light Forces" has the best elements of tower defensegames and also includes such original features as alchemy, randommaps, campaign and more. The game supports all screen resolutions,and it is recommended for HD devices. Full version features inbrief: - Battle mode: 4 basic maps + 3 special maps + random map -Achievements and ranks - Campaign: 18 maps; replay campaign manytimes to obtain prize and a higher rank - 2 independent profiles:Advanced and Casual - Various skills enhancements - 22 tower types+ 3 special traps - Special characteristics of towers and enemies -Alchemy: create various runes to enhance your towers - Terrainfeatures: use swamps, puddles, etc. to employ the best tactics - 33levels of hardness - Multilingual interface - Panoramic sound onthe battleground; original sounds and music - Online worldwideleaderboards - Interactive help items for beginners The game hastwo independent profiles, for advanced (challenging) and casual(easy) play. Casual profile is active by default but you can switchto another and both profiles will be saved. Older versions had onlyone profile now called "advanced". Player's progress of the freelimited version is automatically migrated to the full version (SDcard required). To enjoy playing the game even more read ourHow-To's here: http://smartpixgames.com/faq.php#md_howtos KNOWNISSUES: ------------ If game runs improperly on your device, try toswitch to "Software" instead of "OpenGL" in Settings. In some casesyou should check "Simple animation" or uncheck "Sound On". ***Pressabout the game*** ndroidgamers.com: "Combining solid tower defensestrategy, beautiful graphics, tons of upgrades and different gamemodes, Myth Defense: Light Forces must be the best TD gameavailable on the Google Play." pocketgamer.co.uk: "Helicopters willconstantly undermine you and you'll often find yourself overwhelmedby mace swinging orcs. But if you get beyond that, you'll find arich, engaging and highly rewarding experience." droidgamers.com:"With the earning of GPs and artifacts, players can create a hugenumber of variations in their game(s), making Myth Defense LightForces an extremely fun, entertaining, and engaging game. So if youlike tower defense games, head over to the Google Play."gamezebo.com: "Myth Defense offers lovely visuals that are amongthe best since on Android to date. It's very well presented andthere is no noticeable slowdown, even when the screen is burstingwith towers, fireballs, arrows and goblins." androidspin.com: "Justwatch this video and tell me this doesn’t look amazing. Thedeveloping company, Smartpix Games, has made your addictionextremely easy." androidapps.com: "The art and visuals are crispand detailed, and the sound effects and music definitely make thegame seem like an epic fantasy. There is a lot of content here. Ifyou like tower defense games, this is probably going to satisfyyour TD itch." seetechno.com: "Challenging without having to beirrationally complicated or impossible to progress hanging around.More Options than another TD I have come across."
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Popular "tower defense" game is back! Light Forces repulsed theattack of Dark Forces and passed to the offensive. Now you fight onthe dark side. Restore the balance between Light and Darkness!Build towers and traps using technologies of Orcs, Goblins andNecromancers. Show your tactical skills combining various towers'effects and using terrain features. Protect the stronghold of theDark Forces from the onslaught of hostile armies of Light! This isa free version that you can extend to the full version directlyfrom the game menu (except this payment no additional paymentsrequired to play the full version). If you want, you can also buyadditional campaign add-ons in Battle menu (currently 2 add-on areavailable). FAQ: http://www.smartpixgames.com/faq.php#p10
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Crystallight Defense HD is a "tower defense" game with onlineratings and hours of exciting gameplay. Build towers, mix crystals,use obstacles and mines to destroy enemies! Various crystals’features and unrestricted mixing abilities allow you to build yourown unique strategies. You will fight against evil mechanicalcreatures of the Mech Lord to defend your Kingdom, castle by castlein the Campaign mode. As you go, you get skill points to upgradeyour abilities that help you to move forward. Fight in the Battlemode with your own setup to challenge other defenders in worldwideleaderbords! The FULL VERSION features: - no annoying ads - 40unique maps (you can replay each to get a higher score) - 4 basetypes of crystals that can be mixed to get unique effects - Battlemode up to 320 waves - cloud profile storage - online leaderboards(6 tables + table for each castle and user profiles) See more aboutthis tower defense game: http://smartpixgames.com/crystallight
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"Myth Defense 2: DF Platinum" is a classical tower defense gamewith interesting unique features and tons of battle maps! LightForces repulsed the attack of Dark Forces and passed to theoffensive. Now (unlike most tower defense games) you fight on thedark side. Restore the balance between Light and Darkness! Buildtowers and traps using technologies of Orcs, Goblins andNecromancers. Show your tactical skills combining various towers'effects and using terrain features. Protect the stronghold of theDark Forces from the onslaught of hostile armies of Light! You cantry the free version if this tower defense game first, see "MythDefense 2". WARNING! Please note that the Myth Defense 2 PlatinumVersion is a standalone paid app without in-app purchases. Itincludes the entire Myth Defense 2 Full Version and all DLC packs.If you don't like in-app purchases, get the complete Myth Defense 2content in one paid app and save 20% of total price! In case you'vealready purchased the Full version, there is no reason to purchaseMyth Defense 2 Platinum version as you can purchase DLC campaignsfrom the Full version if you wish. FAQ:http://www.smartpixgames.com/faq.php#p10 - 6 maps + random map inbattle mode - campaign: 10 + 50 missions and 2 modes to pass it:Normal and Heroic - extra campaigns included: Nothern March,Tropical Assault - achievements, increasing amount of Glory Pointsfor mission - different skills improvement - 24 types of towers and3 types of traps in 3 technological branches (Orcs, Necromancers,Goblins) - special features of monsters and towers - runes to maketowers stronger, and Alchemy to create runes - terrain features:difficult terrain, moving platforms, etc. - 40 levels of hardness.The higher the level, the greater the reward - multilingualinterface - original panoramic sound and music - no in-apppurchases!
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Welcome to the Ancient Egypt! Swap and burst jewels to travelthrough pyramids! Get famous match-3 game! Jewellust is agem-swapping puzzler with original features, magnificent colorfulgraphics and vivid animation. This jewel puzzle reminds Bejeweledbut has many interesting features and exciting gameplay. One of thefirst Android top-seller games, Jewellust now supports all existingscreen resolutions and 5 languages (English, French, Spanish,Russian and Japanese). ***Rules*** Burst the gems by grouping themto three or more in a row (or a column) before time runs out. Youmust take all mosaic tiles to the lowest row. If you've burst fouror more gems in a row, a bonus gem will appear (if available). Incampaign mode new bonuses become available as your journey goes. HDversion released! NOTES: - Since version 3.0.0 the game asks forsome additional permissions to download apk expansion pack with HDgfx. - As the game has online leaderboards, it's necessary to usethe phone hardware ID (not your phone number) to identify yourunique record on the leaderboards. It's only used when you postyour scores online.
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The brilliant "match 3" puzzle game foreverybody who loves a magic atmosphere, ancient mysteries and acrystal chime of jewels.Immerse yourself into a fascinating journey through deserts, oasesand even over the sea of Ancient Egypt! You will exploretreasuries, magic spells and unique artifacts that make the gameeven more interesting.- enjoy 700+ game missions (more and more with game updates)- create powerful Bonuses by making different combinations of 4 or5 gems- mix Bonuses and get Super Bonuses- use marvelous Magic Spells- get reusable Boosters that are charged during the game- each mission has its own Leaderboard, replay missions and competewith other travelers- pass first 25 missions and unlock daily Pharaoh’s Roulette- earn valuable prizes in Treasure TrovesThe game works on various screen sizes and can speak English,Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian and German.No social network connection needed! Saving your gaming profile inthe cloud allows you to keep the progress, even if you have changedyour device. If you have several devices, each has its ownprofile.Jewellust was one of the first "match 3" puzzles for Android, itstayed in the Top 10 for a long time and gathered a lot of positivefeedback from players.Its modern version - Jewellust Journey - is a totally redesignedand improved game with a lot of content and new missions comingsoon!We have kept the spirit of the original "Jewellust" puzzle but alsogreatly enlarged the game world and added much moreabilities.A unique combination of features sets Jewellust Journey apart fromother games in the genre of "match 3". The game will bring you alot of fun and you’ll definitely love it!Visit our site: http://smartpixgames.com/journeyAny questions? Feel free to ask:http://smartpixgames.com/support
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EGGGZ is amazing eggs-catching game. Tap chickens to help the guyto catch eggs. You have several lives. Each broken egg takes onelife. You lose if you spend the last life. The game has: - 50missions - special missions - unlimited Championship mode withonline Leaderboard ***Campaign Mode*** Pass missions of theCampaign and earn golden eggs. Tap a mission, read the descriptionand play! Missions differ by aim and initial conditions. In thebeginning of the Campaign you have a simple farm. It's small andhas basic rates. Spend your golden eggs in the Shop to upgrade theFarm. Improvements are important to achieve better results in theCampaign and World Championship. A free trial version is alsoavailable, search Google Play for "EGGGZ lite" ***Trophies*** Whileyou play you will earn different trophies. Tap "PLAY" button in themain menu and you will see them (earned and available). Tap anytrophy to get the info. Each trophy increases one of farm rates. Ifyou have all the trophies you have more chances to become aworldwide leader! ***Special Missions*** Two missions at the top ofthe map are available only if you have "Great Farmer" trophy. Youcan pass them several times. Each time they become harder, but youcan get extra gold eggs to improve one of farm rates.***Power-ups*** Spring: prevent 1 egg from breaking. Heart: Adds 1life (if you have less than 5 lifes). Anvil: Stuns a chicken forsome time. Magnet: Basket attracts eggs for some time. Hourglass:Slows down game speed for some time. ***Specials*** The racoonappears from time to time to stole a golden egg. You can buy thedog and the hedge to prevent this. The dog barks at the racoon...if isn't sleeping. The dog increases probability to stop the coonby 30%. When the rooster sings some chickens become in love andstop to lay eggs. Flowerbed makes chikens feel good and they laygolden eggs more often. Big flowerbed makes laying hens even morehappy. Hedge sometimes helps to stop racoon. The better hedge youhave the less eggs will be stolen. ***Online World Championship***
Jewellust Xmas 1.3.1 APK
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This is a magnificent and magical Christmas version of our populargame Jewellust. It will help you to feel the Christmas spirit evenin Summer! And you can play handbell melodies with it! Swap andburst colorful jewels to gather mosaic tiles. Help Santa to delivergifts, pass 7 villages and solve jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy richgraphics, charming sounds and get into the Christmas spirit! Thegame has: - 2 game modes - 35 levels - various bonuses power-ups -simple jigsaw puzzles - online scores ***Game rules*** Exchangesigns with each other to destroy a combination of 3 or more signsof one kind. If you’ve burst four or more signs at once, a bonussign will appear. In campaign mode new bonuses become available asyour journey goes. You must collect all mosaic tiles before timeruns out. ***Campaign mode*** You will visit 7 villages. To getinto the next village you must solve the jigsaw puzzle. Note, thatyou can swap only adjacent tiles. Each village conststs of 3-7cottages. ***Survival mode*** Rules are the same, but your aim isto get as much score points as possible. Each burst sign gives yousome extra game time. Gradually new signs and bonuses becomeavailable and the time reward decreases a little. Each destroyedsign increases remained game time by 1/2 sec. If all mosaic tilesare gathered, time increases by 3 minutes. Time reward decreasesgradually and the game becomes harder. After each 500 points a newbonus is available. Each 300 points gives a new level of theSnowball. Completed mosaic gives three minutes of extra time and500 game points. ***Sounds*** Each line of signs has its own sound- so you have seven beautiful notes. You can even play a melodywhile swapping signs! ***Power-ups*** Every time you burst acombination you get some score. To get even more score use CandyCane, Snowball and bonus signs! For example, Firework bursts 8random signs on the playing field, while Snowman finds a mosaictile on the playing field and bursts two signs just below it.***Online scores*** Using ONLINE SCORES button from main menu youcan see your own score in online rate table. When you look the ratetable from your device (not from PC browser) you can see your scorehighlighted.