1.2.296 / December 11, 2017
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devolo technicians tool to find devices in the network. Quickaccess to the HTTP(s) config pages and port scanner. Supportedprotocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SSH, ICMP, Ping, SMB, Bonjour,TR-069, DNS, NTP, DHCP, uPnP, LDP, Powerline, devolo FAQ and devoloDHCI.

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  • 1.2.296 (1002296) - Latest Version
  • 1.1.171 (1001171)
  • devolo NetScanner 1.2.296 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /12/26
    Requires Android: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Size: 17.7 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: ff19c072d0a60e5771ab0ffc70e28a4f9b3cf32b
    APK Signature: 6cebd4390ba4c2e20d81c160f671f856f72aa95d
  • devolo NetScanner 1.1.171 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /3/17
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 16.8 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Sha1: d14247819ce60020c2a261e8c94016b86b224d4b
    APK Signature: 6cebd4390ba4c2e20d81c160f671f856f72aa95d

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devolo Cockpit 1.1.0 APK
devolo AG
This app can only be used with one of thefollowing products:- dLAN® LiveCam or- dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ or- dLAN® 500 WiFi or- dLAN® TV SAT MultitunerdLAN® LiveCam:The dLAN® LiveCam gives you an eye on your home at all times.Ensuring the safety of your house, children or pets – you're alwaysup to date, even when on holiday or at work. By calling up thedLAN® LiveCam app video in real time, you can see exactly whathappens in front of the camera at all times. You don't need dLAN®500 AV Wireless+, dLAN® 500 WiFi or dLAN® TV SAT Multituner to usedLAN® LiveCam!dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+/dLAN® 500 WiFi:With the dLAN 500 AV Wireless+/dLAN® 500 WiFi, you get an intuitiveoption to configure your dLAN® home network. It enablesparticularly simple home network monitoring, for example withdisplay of the adapter status and the transmission rate and theconfiguration of individual security settings.dLAN® TV SAT Multituner:The dLAN® TV SAT Multituner for satellite television directly viapower lines. With the dLAN® TV SAT, you get an intuitive option toconfigure and display the status of your dLAN®Multituner.dLAN® 200/dLAN® 500/dLAN® 650:Unfortunately, the Android operating system does not allow anydirect configuration or monitoring of standard dLAN® 200/500/650devices. This requires the use of a dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ or dLAN®500 WiFi or dLAN® TV SAT Multituner for translation. However, youcan then configure and monitor all dLAN® 200/500/650devices.dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N:Unfortunately, these functions can no longer be offered as afirmware update for the dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N, because thestorage capacity of the device is already completely used up.However, all future dLAN® Wireless devices will support thisapp.
my devolo 1.3.6 APK
devolo AG
!! Important note for devolo Home Control users !!Please use ournew "devolo Home Control" app to setup and control devolo HomeControl, the first do-it-yourself smart home. my devoloThis app isthe central controller for your individual home network and yourpersonal smart home. Download this app and configure your in-housepowerline data connections in an easy way. The “my devolo” app alsoenables you to setup and control devolo Home Control, the firstdo-it-yourself smart home. A one-time, at no charge registrationwith your email address is sufficient to enjoy all benefits.Pleasenote: You can only use this app with one of the following products:- dLAN® LiveCam or- dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ or- dLAN® 500 WiFi or-dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac ordLAN® LiveCam:The dLAN® LiveCam gives you aneye on your home at all times. Ensuring the safety of your house,children or pets – you're always up to date, even when on holidayor at work. By calling up the dLAN® LiveCam app video in real time,you can see exactly what’s happening in front of the camera at alltimes. Together with a devolo ID you have all possibilities on yourmobile device, at home or on www.mydevolo.com.You don't need dLAN®500 AV Wireless+, dLAN® 500 WiFi to use dLAN® LiveCam!dLAN® 500 AVWireless+/dLAN® 500 WiFi/dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac:With the dLAN 500 AVWireless+/dLAN® 500 WiFi, you get an intuitive option to configureyour dLAN® home network. It enables particularly simple homenetwork monitoring, for example with display of the adapter statusand the transmission rate and the configuration of individualsecurity settings.dLAN® 200/dLAN® 500/dLAN® 550/dLAN® 650/dLAN®1200:Unfortunately, your mobile operating system does not allow anydirect configuration or monitoring of standard dLAN®200/500/550/650/1200 devices. This requires the use of a dLAN® 500AV Wireless+ or dLAN® 500 WiFi or dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac or dLAN® TVSAT Multituner for translation. However, you can then configure andmonitor all these devices.
devolo WLAN Hilfe 1.0.0 APK
devolo AG
Hinweis: Aufgrund des Android Rechtemanagement ist es für dieFunktion der App notwendig, dass die App die Berechtigung„Standort“ erhält und die Standort Funktion (GPS) aktiviert ist.Die App überträgt keine Standortdaten an uns oder Dritte.“Wie gutist mein WLAN und was kann ich tun um es zu verbessern? Nutzen Siedie devolo WLAN Hilfe um per WLAN Diagnose auf einfache Weise IhrenWLAN Empfang im ganzen Haus zu optimieren. Dank einer grafischenSignalstärkenanzeige finden Sie mit der WiFi Analyzer App dieStellen an der Ihre WLAN Abdeckung schwach ist. Mit hilfreichenTipps unterstützt Sie die WLAN App dabei Ihr WLAN auch dahin zubringen wo vorher kein oder nur schlechter Internetempfang möglichwar.Wollen Sie Ihr WLAN mit einem Repeater verlängern? Auch hierhilft die devolo WLAN Hilfe. Lassen Sie sich einfach zur optimalenPosition für den Repeater führen.Hinweis zu Android 6.0.1 oderhöher:Nach einem Update auf Android 6.0.1 oder höher kommt es ineinzelnen Fällen dazu, dass durch ein Darstellungsproblem dieBerechtigungsanfrage zum „Standort“ nicht angezeigt wird. Diesführt dazu, dass keine WLAN Netze angezeigt werden. Bitte erteilenSie in diesem Fall die Berechtigung manuell. Hierzu rufen Sie imEinstellungen Menü ihres Gerätes die Berechtigungen für die „devoloWLAN Hilfe“ auf und erteilen Sie die Freigabe der Berechtigung„Standort“. Der exakte Ort im Menü ihres Gerätes ist abhängig vomModel ihres Android Gerätes. Auf einem Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 lautetdieser Einstellungen -> Datenschutz & Sicherheit ->App-Berechtigungen -> Standort -> devolo WLAN Hilfe(aktivieren Sie hier den Schalter). Bei anderen Geräten gehen Siebitte entsprechend vor.Note: Due to the Android Rights Management,it is necessary for the function of the app, the app is authorized"Location" and Location Function (GPS) is enabled. The app does nottransmit location data to us or third parties. "How good is my WLANand what can I do to improve it? Take optimize easily your wirelessreception throughout the house, devolo WLAN aid to WLANdiagnostics. Thanks to a graphical signal strength indicator, seethe WiFi Analyzer app the places where your wireless coverage isweak. With helpful tips supports WiFi app while also bringing yourWLAN to where no or poor internet reception was possible before.Doyou want to extend your wireless network with a repeater? Again,the devolo WLAN helps aid. Let yourself be lead to the optimalposition for the repeater.Note to Android 6.0.1 or later:Afterupdating to Android 6.0.1 or later it comes in individual casescause the authorization request is not displayed for "Location" bya display problem. This means that no wireless networks aredisplayed. Please manually grant permission in this case. Trycalling the Settings menu of your device the permissions for the"devolo WLAN Help" on and grant the release of the authorization"site". The exact location in your device menu depends on the modelof your Android device. On a Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 of thesesettings is -> Privacy & Security -> app permissions-> Location -> devolo WLAN help (you activate the switch).For other devices, please proceed accordingly.
devolo NetScanner 1.2.296 APK
devolo AG
devolo technicians tool to find devices in the network. Quickaccess to the HTTP(s) config pages and port scanner. Supportedprotocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SSH, ICMP, Ping, SMB, Bonjour,TR-069, DNS, NTP, DHCP, uPnP, LDP, Powerline, devolo FAQ and devoloDHCI.
Home Control 1.6.2 APK
devolo AG
Everything’s under control – with the new devolo Home Control appIt’s very user-friendly, has smart functions and is so convenient –the new Home Control app lets you conveniently control your SmartHome system in the blink of an eye, no matter where you are. Thisis made possible by practical and thought-out features, such asinitial installation through the app, and controls presented assettings and groups. Statistics and the house diary giveinformation about the condition of the Home Control devices andtheir activities. And thanks to individual configuration optionslike the personalised dashboard, the app can always meet yourneeds. Whatever function you want to perform with the new devoloHome Control app, it’ll be done in just a few steps. All benefitsat a glance • Free: The app can be used on smartphones and tabletswith Apple iOS and Google Android. • Convenient: Complete control,from registration, to switching on the control panel, to addingHome Control devices. • Individual: Personalised dashboard setup. •Quick: It will only take a few steps. • Time-saving:‘If-this-then-that’ rules and manual or timed settings for a smoothoperation. • Effective: Intelligent features like settings orgroups to link steps together. • Controlled: Statistics and a housediary for a perfect overview of all processes in the house. •Informed: Texts, emails, push notifications and systemnotifications for a complete overview. • Optional: You can alsocontrol all devolo devices through the ‘mydevolo’ online portal onPC and Mac. • Immobilised: Remote access can also be switched off.• Open: The Home Control panel supports the integration of PHILIPSHue and Amazon Alexa/ Echo as well as network-capable devices thatcan be reached via http transmission protocols, e.g. turning stereosystems on and off.
dLAN® TV SAT 1.0.0 APK
devolo AG
Get the complete TV programme of the dLAN® TV SAT Multituner ontoyour mobile device now. With the free dLAN® TV SAT App you caneasily watch satellite television whenever and wherever you want.And now with the timeshifting function you won't miss anything anymore. Exclusively for all free TV stations.Functions:• Reception of all available TV stations on your mobiledevice.• All at a glance: Benefit from the clearly arranged programme listof all programmes in progress and those following later.• With the timeshifting function you truly won't miss anything anymore. At any time you can pause programmes which are in progressand easily watch them later.Prerequisites:• The app can be used only with the dLAN® TV SAT Multituner.• Compatible with all Android devices having a dual core processor,NEON support (e.g. Tegra3) and Android 4.0.3 ("Ice Cream Sandwich")or newer
CosmosDirekt devolo Smart Home 1.3.6 APK
devolo AG
Die CosmosDirekt devolo Smart Home App richtetsich ausschließlich an Nutzer, die das devolo Home Control StarterPaket im Rahmen Ihrer CosmosDirekt Hausratversicherungnutzen!Die App ermöglicht Ihnen das Einrichten und Steuern von devolo HomeControl, dem ersten Smart Home zum Selbermachen. Eine einmalige,kostenlose Registrierung mit Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse genügt und schonkönnen Sie alle Vorteile genießen.devolo Home Control:Das erste Smart Home zum Selbermachen: Machen Sie Ihre eigenen vierWände komfortabler, energieeffizienter und sicherer. Mit devoloHome Control haben Sie Ihr intelligentes Zuhause immer im Griff –egal, wo Sie sich auf der Welt befinden. Über die App fürSmartphones und Tablets ist nicht nur eine intuitive Steuerungaller devolo Home Control-Bausteine möglich, sondern auch einebesonders einfache Einrichtung. Darüber hinaus haben Sie stetseinen Überblick, ob Zuhause alles in bester Ordnung ist. Dabeispielt es keine Rolle, wo Sie sich auf der Welt befinden – eineInternetverbindung genügt. Wichtige Warnmeldungen sendet Ihnendevolo Home Control automatisch als Nachricht auf Ihr Smartphoneund Tablet.The CosmosDirekt devoloSmart Home App is exclusively for people who use the devolo HomeControl Starter package as part of your home insuranceCosmosDirekt!The app allows you to set up and control of devolo Home Control,the first smart home to make yourself. A one-time, freeregistration with your e-mail address is enough and you can enjoyall the benefits.devolo home control:The first Smart Home for DIY: Make your own home more comfortable,energy efficient and safer. With devolo Home Control you have yoursmart home always under control - no matter where you are in theworld. Use the app for smartphones and tablets is not only anintuitive control of all devolo home control modules possible, butalso a particularly simple means. In addition, you always have anoverview of whether home everything is in perfect order. It doesnot matter where you are in the world - an internet connection issufficient. Important Alerts sends you devolo Home Controlautomatically as a message to your smartphone and tablet.
Home Network 1.1 APK
devolo AG
Intuitive. Simple. Clear. The new devolo app - everything at aglance with just a few clicks. The new devolo Home Network app forcontrolling your devolo Magic adapter the easy way. Keep an eye onall of your devolo Magic devices at once - no matter how many youhave. Check the connection status in the house or adjust theconfiguration - it's so easy. Even setup can be performed in theblink of an eye with the new devolo app: an intuitive assistantguides you step by step through the installation process, offeringdirect suggested solutions for even small potential problems. Soyou're ready to go with the perfect network - and no registrationrequired! - Easy management of your devolo Magic adapters viasmartphone or tablet. - Step-by-step device configuration thanks tothe new installation assistant. - All devolo Magic adaptersinstantly visible at a glance. - Show both Magic WiFi and Magic LANadapters and check your connection status at all times. - Assignevery adapter an individual name, such as "Living room" or "Lisa'sroom". - No registration required. Get started! - Want to upgradeyour network? No problem! Other devolo Magic adapters can be easilyadded to your network summary. Compatible adapters: devolo Magic 2WiFi devolo Magic 1 WiFi devolo Magic 2 LAN (currently only worksin conjunction with a Magic WiFi device) devolo Magic 1 LAN(currently only works in conjunction with a Magic WiFi device)