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💎 💎 💎 Hear, hear! Fun color wheel game for adults and childrenhasfinally arrived. Download free the newest 💎Diamond Wheel💎gameandtest your reflexes. Tap to begin the rotation of the spinningwheeland focus. Your task will be to match the color on thediamondwheel with the color on the diamond. Be careful and makeguess ontime because if you miss you will lose. Test youreye-fingercoordination playing this amazing arcade game and set thehighscore. There are three modes of difficulty so choose oneaccordingto your skills and spin the color wheel. Get latest💎Diamond Wheel💎app on your phone or tablet and challenge evenyourself. Try tobreak your personal high score and be proud. 💎 💎 💎Addictive colorwheel game will take your breath away with shinygemstones. Everygirl dreams of having these precious jewels in hercollection. Allof you can have them in your smartphones so rush tothe market andinstall top amazing arcade game. It cost nothing sothere is noreason to hesitate. Play popular 💎Diamond Wheel💎 app andchallengeyour friends. Select among easy, medium or hard modedepending onyour skills and let the fun begin. Focus on the fastchangingcolors of the spinning wheel and do not forget that withyour eachguess the color on the diamond also changes. If you missor tap thewrong color you will lose so think faster than yourfriends and setthe high score that they cannot break. Become thebest player ofthis cool and addictive color wheel game. 💎 💎 💎 Ifyou feel boredand search for an interesting app that will bringback fun to yourday then you are at the right place. Install newest💎Diamond Wheel💎on your phone or tablet and enjoy the excitinggame-play. The shinyspinning wheel made out of the most preciousjewels will amuse youfor hours while you play this cool colormatching game. In additionto that, it is stimulating eye-fingercoordination and you willfind it extremely useful for kidsespecially for girls because ofits main sparkling theme. Thispopular educational game willimprove their reflexes magnificently,so what are you waiting for.Get this top amazing arcade game andsurprise your children withit. It will entertain them for hours andyou will be able to finishall the housework while they play. 💎 💎 💎Never ending fun is thesecond name of this best color wheel app.Begin playing and keep inmind that as you progress the spinningwheel will rotate faster.Discover the speed of your tapping andimprove it. It is veryimportant for you to click on time because ifyou miss the coloryou will lose. The color on the wheel and thecolor on the diamondshould be the same the moment you tap. Onlythen your guess will becorrect so focus and pay attention to yourfinger-eye coordination.Enjoy sparkling theme that brings to yoursmartphone preciousgemstones that shine and shimmer magnificently.Download free thelatest 💎Diamond Wheel💎 game and discover neverending fun.Categories: ✓Free entertaining color wheel game ✓Amazingshiningdiamonds ✓Impressive modes of various difficulty ✓Fantasticsoundeffects in the backgrou

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    June 26, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Energy Fun
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Jumpy Octopus 1.9 APK
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If you want to become a diver and explore the marine life then donot hesitate any longer and download free the top Jumpy Octopusapp. Meet the hero of the new game because it is the cutest evercreature. Its pink color is amazing and makes him even moreadorable. You will find yourself at the colorful sandy bottom. Itis embellished with sea weed and there are even bubbles in thebackground. Tap the play button and start the amazing adventure.Help your hero in reaching the highest heights. Just try to escapethe huge fish because it is your enemy and the two of you will makea great team. Become unstoppable and watch every your step in ordernot to fall. This fantastic game will keep you amused for hours.Try to set the highest score and everyone will envy you because ofthat. Install this popular game and get ready for the cool jumpingchallenge. With the best Jumpy Octopus you will have the chance toenjoy the scenery of the broad sandy marine landscape embellishedwith fantastic sea stars. Help this cute pink creature to jump onthe multicolored sea weed platforms and be extremely careful assome of them are in motion and you can easily fall down. You shouldtry as much as you can to avoid dangerous enemies such as seaturtles. They swim everywhere around you and they will surely tryto interfere with your jumpy adventure. You can use the sensationalshield for protection so be sure to pick it up and it will make youuntouchable for some time. Also, while you play this cool game tryto jump onto the platforms with the spring because that will makeyou bounce higher. Tap the play button and move your smartphone tothe left and right and focus because your goal is to set up a newhigh score and not to lose the game. Share with your friends thelatest Jumpy Octopus so that they can to be entertained by it. Hereis a great idea for you. Organize among the popular jumpingcompetition and try as hard as you can to be the best and setunreachable high score. Discover the spirit of the explorer in you.Dive in the broad deep ocean and meet various creatures. The cutelittle octopus will become your friend. You can jump with him ontoevery colorful sea weed platform. Be sure to collect the sneakersbecause they will help you bounce much higher. You will beunstoppable so start the game and move your smartphone to the leftand to the right and reach the amazing heights. With the top JumpyOctopus you will get in touch with the this game that is soaddictive. You can play it for hours and you will not get bored. Itwill entertain you endlessly. While you bounce and have fun becareful to avoid the sea horses. They are also your enemies andthey can end your jumping mission in a second. Collect the colorfulsurfing board because it will accelerate you instantly. Manydangerous enemies are lurking at the sandy bottom. All of them willtry to interfere with your jumping adventure. Do not get nervouswhen you spot them but jump and get the highest score while you tryto avoid them. Download free the latest Jumpy Octopus game app andmake friends with the cute pink creature. Start a completelydifferent under the water adventure!Categories: Free entertainingjumping game Endless platforms to jump onto Various objects foracceleration and sneakers for higher jump Dangerous enemies toavoid Fantastic shields for protection
Fairy Jump Up 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
You will meet the cutest little heroine as soon as you downloadfree the latest Fairy Jump Up app. It is created for boys and girlsof all ages. The main protagonist is lovely mythical being. She hasadorable pink dress like the one from your dreams. The magic wandshe holds has a heart on its top and it leaves a sparkling trace ofstar dust behind it. She is in trouble right now so hurry up andhelp her. Install this new game and get ready for the best jumpingchallenge. Become the brave hero and enter the deep forest. The sunrays cannot make their way through the dense tree crowns. Althoughit is noon it seems like it is the midnight as it is very dark.With the top Fairy Jump Up you will have the chance to enjoy thesensational scenery. The only source of light is the cool oldlantern that hangs on the ancient tree. Help the fairy jump on themulticolored platforms and see how far she can keep on jumping.Move your smartphone to the left and right and do not let her fall.Set up a new high score and challenge your friends. If you see thespring pick it up because then your pink heroine will be able tobounce higher. Many enemies hide in the dark forest and they willsurely try to interfere with your jumpy mission. You should be verycareful and avoid them at all cost. Also if you see the magnificentshield be sure to pick it up. It is colored with intense green andyou will spot it easily. Collect it and it will protect you fromthe dragons as they will be your main enemy while you play thiscool game. Share with your friends the popular Fairy Jump Up and itwill entertain them magnificently. Now is the high time to discoverthe spirit of the adventurer in you. Step in the darkest forest andhelp the pink fairy jump onto every colorful platform. If you seethe sneakers collect them because they will help your heroinebounce much higher. Move your smartphone to the left and to theright and reach the amazing heights. Organize among your friendsthe popular jumping competition and try to be the best. Setunreachable high score and everyone will envy you. With the topFairy Jump Up your heroine will be the most beautiful mythicalbeing dressed in the fabulous pink dress. Stay focused and do notlet her fall. You can play this sensational game for hours and itwill surprise you with the breathtaking magical scenery. Thesparkling blue dots will make you feel like you have entered theworld of fantasy. You will be entertained in a completely differentway. While you help the young fairy in her jumping mission makesure to collect all the butterflies you see. They are colored withvivid pink or red paint. They will accelerate her and she willbecome unstoppable together with you. Many dangerous mythicalcreatures will try to interfere with your jumping adventure. Do notbe afraid of them but jump and get the highest score while you tryto bounce away from the dragons of the darkest forest. Do not thinktwice but download free the latest Fairy Jump Up game applicationand prepare to enter the world of the fantasy.Categories: Freeentertaining jumping game Endless platforms to jump onto Variousobjects for acceleration and sneakers for higher jump Dangerousenemies to avoid Fantastic shields for protection
Monkey Runner 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
Have you ever wanted to become an athlete? With the top applicationyou can see what it is like to win in the race. Grab your phone andgo to the market to download free the newest Monkey Runner. Thispopular game will take you away to the magical land where you willencounter the wild animal that you like the most. You admire thosegorgeous lions and you have always wanted to possess the power andthe strength they do. This one is sitting on your track ready toprevent you from reaching the goal of your mission. You cannotbelieve that you finally meet the proud king of the jungle althoughhe is at the moment your enemy. Jump over him and keep on movingreally fast. With the latest Monkey Runner your tablet will becomeinteresting and exciting again. It is so addictive that you willspend hours trying to master at least the first two levels as theyare easier and you have to lead only two superheroes on the twotracks simultaneously. Are you ready to start the adventure? Stepon the field and observe the clear indigo blue sky behind you. Restyour eyes observing this the best color as it is a well-known factthat it can help in reducing the tension. Also it will fill yourheart with feelings of security and confidence and you will beprepared for the most significant race. It can make you popularsomeday if you are wise and concentrated enough to avoid all theobstacles that may be on your way. Slide if you see a cloud or thedangerous eagles as they will try to prevent you from accomplishingthe mission from the air. Be on the constant lookout and do noteven think about greeting the monkey. He is not here to makefriends with you but he is the barrier on your track and you shouldjump over it. Get the coolest Monkey Runner game on your smartphoneand have tons of fun. This is your unique opportunity to step intoanother dimension with the latest application for tablets. Thereare four levels and when you select the hard one you will step intothe desert. You have always wondered how it looks like and now youare there. Although the land is barren it carries some exceptionalbeauty and you are seeing it for the first time in your life. Thenyou realize that this is the best way in which you can escape thegloomy reality and city bustle. Here you will find peace andtranquility and when you feel rejuvenated you will step on thewonderful track. Try as hard as you can to finish the racesuccessfully. Be careful and do not stumble upon the barriers asthey will kick you out immediately. Your superhero is moving prettyfast help him to jump over the snakes and mushrooms and reach highscore. You can even share the popular Monkey Runner with yourfriends and organize a competition. Lead three athletes at the sametime across three tracks and stay the longest in this top game tobe the winner. As there are four levels try to master them all andbe the coolest player the world has ever seen. The only skills thatyou will need are fast fingers and concentration and the race canbegin. Download free the newest Monkey Runner game on your phoneand enter the challenge which might make you famoussomeday!Categories: Free entertaining running game Wonderful maincharacter Incredible landscapes for each one of four levelsDangerous enemies in the air  Amazing obstacles on the ground
Jumpy Indian 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
Have you ever dreamed of living in the vast prairie? If your answeris yes then you will find the new jumping game absolutelyfantastic. Get ready to meet the native as he will be your mainprotagonist. The life conditions are harsh here and there are a lotof dangerous enemies so prepare to bounce really fast to avoidthem. As soon as you download free the top Jumpy Indian app youwill find yourself in the middle of the broad prairie. Youradventure will start when you tap the play button. Then you willencounter the native. He wears the traditional orange clothes andthe headdress made of long white and red feathers. The two of youwill make a great team and you will become unstoppable. You willset the highest score and everyone will envy you because of that.Install this popular game and get ready for the cool jumpingchallenge. With the best Jumpy Indian you will have the chance toenjoy the scenery of the broad sandy landscape embellished withhigh towers made of stones. Rest your eyes viewing the clear bluesky. There is almost no vegetation except one bush of the vividgreen grass. Move your smartphone to the left and right and focusbecause your goal is to set up a new high score and not to lose thegame. There are multicolored grassy platforms to jump onto and beextremely careful as some of them are in motion and you can easilyfall down. You should try as much as you can to avoid dangerousenemies such as birds. The eagles that fly above you will surelytry to interfere with your jumpy mission. When you see themagnificent shield be sure to pick it up and it will protect youfor some time. While you play this cool game try to jump onto theplatforms with the spring because that will make you bounce higher.Share with your friends the latest Jumpy Indian and organize amongyou the popular jumping competition. Try as hard as you can to bethe best and set unreachable high score. Discover the spirit of theadventurer in you. Step in the vast prairie and meet the native.Jump with him onto every colorful grassy platform. Be sure tocollect the sneakers because they will help you bounce much higher.You will be unstoppable so start the game and move your smartphoneto the left and to the right and reach the amazing heights. Withthe top Jumpy Indian you will encounter the another type of hero.It is the fearless native who lives in unity with the nature.Whatever the circumstances are do not fall. This game is addictiveand you can play it for hours and you will not get bored. It willentertain you endlessly. There is one more powerful thing that youshould collect here and it is the rocket. It will accelerate youinstantly. Many dangerous birds will try to interfere with yourjumping adventure. Do not be scared but jump and get the highestscore while you try to escape from the eagles. Hurry up anddownload free the latest Jumpy Indian game app and get ready forthe amazing adventure in the prairie.Categories: Free entertainingjumping game Endless platforms to jump onto Various objects foracceleration and sneakers for higher jump Dangerous enemies toavoid Fantastic shields for protection
Thief Math Survive 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
Have you ever wanted to live in an metropolis? If your answer isyes then this is unique opportunity for you to roam the streets ofthe such an place. Get the newest application and install it onyour tablet as it has much bigger screen than your smartphone andyour experience of the latest game will improve. If you want tobrush up on your knowledge about arithmetic then download free thebest Thief Math Survive and you will kill two birds with one stone.Moreover you will improve your multitasking skills as in order toplay you will have to complete several things simultaneously. Firstof all you will notice the up and down button on the left whichwill help your superhero to jump over the barrier on the street orslide if the enemy comes from the air. There is also the stoneboard in the middle and you can see that there is one math problemwritten there. You have to solve it and the solutions are presentedin the right corner and you have to tap on the right one. If you donot know the answer and cannot even guess it and click the wrongone you will lose. Also there is the time limit so be on theconstant lookout. In the same time you have to evade the obstacles.This the top game is also educational one so share it with yourchildren if you want them to learn. What is the most importantthing is that they will have lots of fun while they do that andthey will not notice when they have acquired the knowledge. Youwill feel immense happiness because they were amused in the bestpossible way and you could finish all the housework. Download freethe popular Thief Math Survive game on your tablet and share yourhigh score with your kids and challenge them to beat it. If you areout of idea what to do during your leisure hours visit the marketto check out the latest app that we have created. It is easy toinstall and all you have to do is to click just once. Solve all thenewest calculations while the clock is ticking and let yoursuperhero run as fast as he can. Just do no let him to hit thatblue car as then you will lose. Get the coolest Thief Math Surviveand step on the city streets to start the funniest adventure ofyour life. The little boy will melt your heart while you guide him.His radiant green lock of hair embellishes the brown capwonderfully. His whole outfit is breathtaking and you cannotbelieve that this innocent child could rob someone. Now he is ingreat danger and he has to escape the villains that chase him andyou are the only one who can help him. Tap the up and down buttonsto avoid the enemies and solve math calculations on time. Wheneveryou feel blue play this popular game and it will cheer you up inthe coolest way. Feel the rush of adrenaline when you step on thestreets and you see the question which you know you have to answerpretty fast. Accomplish the mission successfully and set the highscore that no one can beat. Share with your friends to boast howyou are an math expert and they will envy you for sure. Organize arace and the person who stays the longest will be the winner.Concentrate and show your multitasking skills to the whole world.Download free the top Thief Math Survive on your phone and run withyour superhero all day long.Categories: Free entertainingarithmetic game  Wonderful main character Math questions withcorrect and false answers Dangerous enemy in the air Amazingobstacle on the ground
Robot Defense 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
This is your unique opportunity to feel like a child again so grabit with both hands. The newest application will amaze you with itsmain character. What is also important is that it is easy to getit. Just tap one button and download for free the latest RobotDefense on your phone. This the coolest game will show you theimportance of being happy. The swarm of thoughts in your head thathaunts you will disappear finally and you will feel blessed. Stepon the battlefield and fight till the end to secure your best toysfrom the dangerous attackers. They want to steal you your childhoodfrom you and your memories of these golden days but you want letthem. These are your greatest treasure and you will confront anyoneto save them. It does not matter to you how strong the enemy is asyou have summoned up all the courage to eliminate them all. Withthe coolest Robot Defense you will have the chance to escape thegloomy reality during the leisure hours. All the problems willdisappear and you will relax magnificently. After some time youwill be rejuvenated and ready for any future obstacles that are yetto come. Listen to the soothing music in the background and let ittake you away to another dimension. There are no human beings therejust you. Now you are all alone and you have to confront the scarymachines that want to take away from you your precious toys. Withthe popular Robot Defense you will have tons of fun. Only this topgame can help you in running away from the everyday life on theplanet. Close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere else.With your very fast fingers you can get rid of any enemy. Soovercome all your fears and arm yourself with patience as intruderswill come even in clusters. Share the latest application with yourfriends and call them to visit you. In the meantime bake somecookies and prepare some coffee to serve them with. They will beamazed with this the newest game. You can even organize a contestto see who will get the highest score. The best Robot Defense iseasy to play as it does not require any special skills. You justneed to concentrate and be careful who are you smashing. Some ofthe machines are there to help you and if you harm them you willlose. So when you arrive on the battlefield open all four eyes notto hurt the ones you should not. Smash only the enemies and bewarethat some of them will be pretty strong and you will have to tapthem several times to eliminate them. Feel the rush of adrenalinewhile you do that and try to stay in the top game as long as youcan. Also you have to be on the constant lookout because from timeto time the precious bonuses will appear on your screen. When youcollect them they will either kill or slow your enemies. Make surenot to miss the blue spring and rocket under any circumstances.Enjoy your phone like never before and download free the popularRobot Defense today. Categories: Free entertaining defense gameAmazing items that should be protected Various objects for bonuses Friends that will help you during the battleFantastic music inthe background
Monster Defense 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
We have created something special for you that will suit the needsof people of all ages. Rush to the market and download free thelatest Monster Defense on your phone. It will take you away to theworld of your dreams where you will have the chance to prove thatyou are really the coolest hero. Fight against the evil creaturesthat are ready to take over your favorite toys. You were at theattic trying to clean it. When you opened the old boxes withplastic cars it reminded you of your childhood and how happy youwere while you played with these. Now your everyday is full ofstress and worries and it can be harmful to your health. Finallyyou have found the top application that will amuse you so much andmake all the problems go away. Smash all those monsters and whilethey disappear imagine that you are getting rid of the realtroubles. Your favorite toys are in danger and you are on the wayto secure them from the eeriest spiders. Their frighteningappearance will not make you run but you will stay and fight. Youwill overcome even your greatest fears in order to save yourtreasure. Give your best on the newest battlefield and think aboutthe good old days and how you used to spend hours in the gardenplaying with that pink balloon. Now some scary devil want to stealit from you. But you want let him and you will summon up all yourcourage to destroy him and secure your favorite memories. No onewill stand a chance against you and you will show the world thatyou are the bravest warrior out there! Get the popular MonsterDefense game on your phone and enter the fantastic world that willamuse you for hours. Are you out of ideas how to entertain yourchildren and you are desperate because you have to finish all thehousework? We will provide you with the best solution ever and allyou have to do to get it is to tap just one button. After youinstall the latest app show it to your kids and let them play. Theywill be on cloud nine when they realize how easy and simple it is.Yet the newest Monster Defense is so addictive that they will enjoyit for hours. The coolest game is created and designed for peopleof all ages so do not be shy but invite all of your friends andspend the lovely afternoon together. Organize a little contestamong you and the winner will be the one who achieves the highestscore. Make sure to be the one and maybe someday you will becomepopular because of it. You do not need any special skills to playthis, just the fast fingers and good concentrations. The incrediblybeautiful beings that are painted with vivid colors are actuallyhere to help you so make sure not to hurt them. If you accidentallydestroy them then you will lose and the battle will be over. Allyour toys will end up stolen by the strange creatures and you donot want that to happen, do you? Also you have to be on theconstant lookout for the bonuses that will from time to time appearon the screen as when you collect them they will be of great help.Keep in mind that the magnifying glass and wooden mace will eitherslow or kill your enemies. Download free the top Monster Defensegame and enter another dimension to prove your heroic skills.Categories: Free entertaining defense game Amazing items thatshould be protected Various objects for bonuses  Friends thatwill help you during the battle Fantastic music in the background
Drums Tiles Run 1.9 APK
Energy Fun
Have you ever wanted to learn how to play your favorite musicalinstrument? With the newest app you will be on cloud nine when yourealize that you can practice fast fingers with it and improve yourconcentration. It is easy to play as it does not require anyspecial skills and it is very exciting. Download free the latestDrums Tiles Run on your smartphone and play it all day long. Areyou sick and tired of sitting in the waiting room for hours? Youare bored to death and you desperately need some fun. The top gameis perfect solution for you. Prepare to enter the most excitingadventure and follow the tambourines as fast as you can. Do notclick on the dark areas because when you do it you will lose. Thenyou can organize a race with yourself and see whether you can beatyour own high score. Listen to the relaxing music in the backgroundand it will take you away far from your home. Close your eyes andimagine that you are the superhero and that you are very popular.Wake up when you hear the sound of the drums and you try toconcentrate and tap only illuminated tiles. Follow your dreams andcomplete the mission successfully. You will escape the irritatingcity bustle and run to the place where all your worries andproblems will disappear. This top addictive game will provide youwith the best entertainment you can imagine and you will share itwith everyone. It is designed and created for people of all ages asit is pretty easy and simple. The swarm of thoughts in your headwill be gone when you open on your tablet the coolest Drums TilesRun. Get the newest app that will enchant you and improve your moodin the blink of an eye. Share it will all of your friends. Spendthe afternoon together and organize a contest among you. Each oneof you will be playing on his phone the latest game. The winnerwill be the person that has the fastest fingers and reaches thehighest score. Try as hard as you can to prove yourself as the bestplayer the world has ever seen. You cannot believe that you havefinally found something that will keep you occupied for hours.There is no time for thinking about various troubles that haunteven when you sleep as you need to concentrate when you start therace and begin following the illuminated areas. Keep in mind thatyou are not allowed to make a mistake and touch the dark spots asit will eliminate you immediately. Run after the wonderful musicalinstrument known as tabla and listen to the magnificent sound thatyou can hear when you tap it. You will get the impression that youare playing it and you will enjoy the mesmerizing music. It willrelax you in the best possible way and you will feel rejuvenatedand ready for any obstacle that is yet to come. Play this thecoolest game on your tablet as it has much bigger screen than yourphone and you will enjoy it more. Download free the popular DrumsTiles Run and feel the rush of adrenaline while you rush againstthe ticking clock trying to get some bonus time. Categories: Freeentertaining tiles run game  Wonderful musical instruments astiles Interesting sound effect when you lose Does not require anyprevious knowledgeAmazing music in the background