1.0 / October 5, 2016
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- swap gems in the bottom line to make columns of three gems ofthesame color
- match more columns in a row to earn extra points

- take your time and try to match as many columns in a row asyoucan to beat high score
- keep your eye on the clock in matching gems will giveyouadditional game time

Download end enjoy this addicting game now!

App Information Diamond.io - Rubin.io Gems

  • App Name
    Diamond.io - Rubin.io Gems
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 5, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    InVogue Apps & Games
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email nabeel@invoguesol.com
    H-326 A1 Block Punjab Govt. employee Cooperative Housing Society Phase-1
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HOW TO PLAY:- swap gems in the bottom line to make columns of three gems ofthesame color- match more columns in a row to earn extra pointsStrategies:- take your time and try to match as many columns in a row asyoucan to beat high score- keep your eye on the clock in matching gems will giveyouadditional game timeDownload end enjoy this addicting game now!
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What is Fruit Splash Ninja?Use the pen power with arch to slice thefruits. Splash maximum fruits with in given time and collect coinsto unlock different fruits and different pens.Use the unique powersof each pen to destroy the different fruits. If you get stuck inthe game, you can use the collected coins to save your life or youcan purchase coins to continue right from there. Let's see how faryou can go how many fruits you can slice.How to Play?» Hold the penby placing your thumb/finger anywhere on screen.» Drag behind togenerate the power with which pen will be released.» Make theperfect angle to target the fruit by sliding your finger up/down. »Now throw the pen by release finger from screen to reach thedestination.Features☆ Super exciting fruit slice game.☆ Let's seehow perfect your angles are on our Arcade game Fruit Splash Ninja.☆Collect coins while not losing fruit with right direction to Unlockbeautiful pens and fruits like pineapple, apple and many more.☆ Youneed a little bit of luck too. Your thrown arrow might hit theother fruit which you haven't targeted so you are safe in thatcase. ☆ Challenge yourself. Don't forget to leave a feedback tomake the game better.