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Collect all Diana's memes!

App Information Diana Shurygina Puzzle

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    Diana Shurygina Puzzle
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    March 17, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Nautick ind
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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Welcome to the World of the robots.You transformers tank.expect afight with the killer robots.In this difficult fight the best manwin .A robot of concurrent world are trying to capture and enslavethe city.The only defender is that you and your best friend TankTransformer.Do not not be underestimated ingenuity and cunningcreatures come from another world.Earn bonus points by killingenemies, who at any moment can catch you.Become a hero for the cityresidents. War robots you amazing.Transforming robot tank hasenergy and is able to defeat the army of transformers.Simple anddynamic combat mode.2 modes of warfareThe exciting city and a largenumber of enemies
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In robot battle game, game play is simple but tough. This gamebrings out your survival and defensive instincts withmulti-reflexes and combat skills. It is now time to put forth yourfighting skills because this game play is so intense that it’llblow your mind. Back to the game play, the enemy killer robots willfind and locate your destination and attacks you. These deathmachines are seriously dangerous and are ready to kill you. So showno mercy and unleash hell on the battlefield and destroy all of thewar robots and protect the city.The really amazing feature of thisgame is the shifting of robots into furious sports cars. The enemyrobots can transform into drift cars too. So transform into yoursport car and sprint, tackle and wreck the enemy machines. Yourcars can fire unlimited missiles and use gun power against enemies.Fight for the honor of metal warriors in robot battle game!Prepareyourself for battle in the world of futuristic robots transformingCar Robot.Only you know all the secrets, to defeat these deadlymachines! Your task is to destroy them strong robotic vehicles andflying robots in this awesome game.You are the driver of theultra-modern robot transformer. Your car has to defeat the enemiesand save the humanity and become the hero of the world.Transformersthe strongest cars in the whole galaxy control them and enjoy thisgame in addition with races around the city and shooting at enemyrobots.
Diana Shurygina Puzzle 1.01 APK
Nautick ind
Collect all Diana's memes!
X Ray War Robot 1.0 APK
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The war robots continues. You have to defend your city.Robots gamesharder.Transformers became stronger and faster, but also developenemies.Unique robot brought to Earth from space. You had thechance to defend the city in the form of machine Carobot. Use yourstrength and speed, that would do good and help people deal withother robots. You will be a real war machine.The gameplay of thisgame is quite simple, you will fight against other robots and youhave to beat them to get access to the next level. I must tell you,it is not just really! You can switch the robot on the racing carby pushing the button on the screen that can be used to firerockets and an unlimited number of shots.3D third-person shooter.*Amazing transformation.* Infinite missiles.* Devastating Weapon.Youfind yourself in an application that puts you right in a futuristicRobot X Ray Battle. These bots can be transformative turns intoviolent automobiles and related physical force intended to damagethe enemy robots simultaneously. If you are a lover of cars who arefighting against a robot, or a robot transformer, a combat robot,it is only a game for you. Futuristic X Ray Battle uses cuttingedge of innovative games. Pile of various Futuristic Robot X RayWar arrived on the ground to capture it. Futuristic Robots X RayWar ready to battle.Real games Transformers.Feel the real battlerobots that turn into Carobot.Extreme Car driving.It will providean opportunity to feel like a robot driver.Update features* Warrobots in the city.* Beautiful new environments with real effects*Realistic management include steel robots and furious cars.*Amazing cars turning into robots, and vice versa.* Flight mode withslow and fast Boost, quality..You are a unique intelligence is nowyour duty to defend the big city and make a real honor to becomerobot. Fast combat robot in 3d action.Step into the future ofrobots and fighting games!
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X Ray Robot Transport Truck. Drive your truck and get all neededpieces to build new robot. Hurry up, time is over!Trucks are themost convenient mode of transportation for transporting robotparts. Your task as a truck driver and designer is to assemble allparts of the robot transformer. Get behind the wheel and enjoydriving your own car. Robot and transformers defenders, your cityand you must have time to deliver the spare parts to the militaryassembly in the city center. Robot car game super fun. If you are afan of simulation robots or truck sim games, then you will besurprised to drive this robot truck or trailer transport truck.This game is simple, but gave you a chance to test yourself as atruck driver and robot designer. Real steel will be made fromparts. The War of Robots will soon begin and you must help indefending the city. The robot you collect will consist of partsthat are stored throughout the city. Trucks maneuverable and fasttype of cars is very convenient for transportation around the city.In this city, the robot and trucks are an excellent choice forprotection from the enemy army. The vehicle traffic is movingaround the city, so be careful. In this driving simulator truck.The city is moving different sports vehicles and military truckswill help you with this.Compete with your friends, earn points,spend well with the benefit of your leisure
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X Ray Robot Stunts.Compatibility of the robot and moto. Feel like amoto driver and drive X Ray Robot. Use nitro to increase yourspeed. Perform tricks and jump on the trails on your moto. Increaseyour speed on moto collect bonuses and get extra nitro.X Ray Robotat any time can transform into moto.X Ray Robot Stunts.Powerfultransformer protects the city and drive a bike.The speed of yourbike is great and your stunts are dangerous.Very interesting andexciting game in the urban style of the city in which you areimmersed and can not tear yourself away.Very good graphics andquality of textures will allow you to spend time with benefit andinterest.Many bonuses and a lot of tricks and stunts.Futuristicrobot and moto in the big city.Time stuntz, racer. Are you readyfor complicated tricks, complex tactical maneuvers and many othertricky tricks? Then play this flying robot BIKE simulator game in3d in order to turn robot games.Race against the movement in thisFuturistic Robot game with Futuristic Tron bike.Ride on the highwayat rush hour. This driving game allows you to drive through thecity with surprisingly high speeds on Your futuristic thronemotorcycle. Use the world in your racing motorbike robots, becausewe know you love Futuristic robot games, death racing games,Furious racing. Realistic and take control of a smart robot. Inthis amazing robot game, you'll be testing controlling skills likemodeling robots and robo moto, and the speed of your bike.
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Welcome to the war robots.Your main goal is to free the city andclean it.Tricky opponents well camouflaged do not forget aboutit.It is necessary to work hard before you clear all areas.VenueYour city. The city is divided into 5 zones. Zones differthematically. To open a new zone you need to score points for thedestruction of enemies and turrets. -first and second zone of5000 points;-Third and fourth zone of 7500 points;- The fifth areaof ​​20,000 points;You'll earn points and buy yourself a newweapon.The robot can transform into a sports car.The city lies kitsfor recuperation.Use your ingenuity and resourcefulness in thisbattle.War Robots in City.Interesting location will allow you toplunge into the virtual world, which are the battle for territory.Each zone on the is unique.Enemies are well camouflaged be readyfor battle.* Beautiful New Environments With Real Effects *Realistic Controls include,steel robots, and beautiful incrediclefurious Cars. * Amazing transformations Carobot into robots.Youwill be pleasantly surprised and you enjoy the robotgames.Transformers the strongest cars in the whole galaxy controlthem and enjoy this game in addition with races around the city andshooting at enemy robotsTransformers can be used as defenders ofthe city.Collect points buy weapons to destroy enemy robots.Gentlydestroy the enemy machine.Transform into a sports car for quickmovement around the city and your transformers will destroy allenemies.Be the defender of your city as you are a real X Ray Battlerobot.
X Ray Rush Runner Robot 1.1 APK
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Your task is to reach the point teleport to places and Lost.Destroyeverything in your path and do not stop because in front of so manyinteresting things. Your reservation is absolutely withstand anytest because it is made of nano ore mined on a differentplanet.Time is limited hurry to help the inhabitants of the earthto save the city.Humanity needs your help.Receive various bonuses.Buy new weapons to help you in the fight against the enemies.Be thefirst in this difficult battle.X Ray Robot battle deep in game.YouCan Rush And Run.Fight with your enemies in a futuristic battlerobotand feel the power of your transformer.Jump and run that'swhat you need.Your robot jumper very quickly runs and jumpshigh.Powerful weapon to help in this battle with warrobots.Transfomers are help in this city is not an easy warrobotsBattle Robot is so strong that it can defeat an army.It willbe a real steel.Run and Surf in the city.Jump higher andfarther.Feel like being a futuristic robot transformer.