1.0.9 / March 6, 2016
(4.3/5) (3)


■ Story ■
You were in dire circumstances to fight monsters in thearena.
Let survived to defeat all.

■ How to play ■
You beat your opponent to make a dominant situation by selectingone of the command for each turn.
When the opponent's HP reaches zero, any remaining my HP to becomea victory, and proceed to the destination.

■ Command tips ■
Dice were multiplied by two to shake out eyes of value, to attackthe result as damage.
SP also I am a little recovery.

And damage the other party has been attacked turn is used to 1/2.(Truncation)
SP recovery amount is large.

Consume SP, increase the minimum value of the dice.

Consume SP, increase the maximum value of the dice.

The SP big consume, to recover the HP.

App Information Dice×Dice

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    March 6, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Nazy Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Visit website Email nakasako00@gmail.com
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This game is a deck construction elements ofthe "Dominion"The combat elements of the "Magic: The Gathering (MtG)"Mix the card game.Won the battle between the witch, let's continue to unlock a newcard to obtain the gold!Is hardball bet rating in the official game, you can enjoy feelfree to play with other players in the free competition.In addition, you can also a private match with friends in the roommatch.You and your opponent, started in both of the 25-point life, itis a victory and a partner of life to 0 points.First in a total of 10 cards will start from the state in thedeck.Seven cards and the magical power to generate the magic is threecards to become a force if the summons of things you do not want togenerate.You are to extract the magic from the card to your turn, or get anew card with the magic, you can use the card you have inhand.Let's overcome the opponent with all your Chiryoku!Basically it has a powerful effect higher the cost card.A more costly card in order to gain from the "market" and earn amagic increases card that First can be extracted.For example, I like the "real magic".Of the three that are in the deck of the game at the start,"Black Cat" can not create magic.But it is in force because, let's summon aggressively.Direct damage "witchcraft" is useful to defeat to choose afamiliar opponent.For example, it is like "fire ball".Online play is a possible match-up only at the same matchingversion with each other.Matching version is displayed in the lower left corner of the homescreen.It is also possible matching regardless of the platform if the samematching version.
Dice×Dice 1.0.9 APK
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■ Story ■You were in dire circumstances to fight monsters in thearena.Let survived to defeat all.■ How to play ■You beat your opponent to make a dominant situation by selectingone of the command for each turn.When the opponent's HP reaches zero, any remaining my HP to becomea victory, and proceed to the destination.■ Command tips ■[Attack]Dice were multiplied by two to shake out eyes of value, to attackthe result as damage.SP also I am a little recovery.[Guard]And damage the other party has been attacked turn is used to 1/2.(Truncation)SP recovery amount is large.[DiceMinUp]Consume SP, increase the minimum value of the dice.[DiceMaxUp]Consume SP, increase the maximum value of the dice.[Heal]The SP big consume, to recover the HP.
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新感覚音楽ゲーム登場!?五線譜を音符が流れてきますので、羽根のタクトで受け止めましょう。音符を受け止めると、その高さの音が鳴ります。タクトはタッチした位置の高さに付いてきます。完璧な演奏を目指しましょう!☆★ 評価システム ★☆音符獲得率=コンプ率とスターの関係は以下の通りです。100%=☆390%以上=☆280%以上=☆180%未満=チャレンジ失敗(演奏中断)☆★ ハートについて ★☆10分に1つ回復します。更にハートが無いとき、動画広告を視聴することでハートを1つ回復することが出来ます。☆★ スターについて ★☆各楽曲には3つの難易度ごとにスター獲得倍率が設定されています。演奏の評価で得た☆に倍率を掛けたものが実際に獲得できるスターの数となります。☆★ ロック解除について ★☆初期で開放されている3曲の「ゆっくり」以外はロックされていてそのままでは演奏できません。演奏ボタンを押して表示されるウィンドウに従い、スターを消費することでアンロックできます。スターの消費量は曲・難易度ごとに違います。☆★ 曲数 ★☆30曲以上用意しております。A new sense of musicgameappearance! ?Since the note the score will come flowing, let's received bythetact of the wings.When receiving the note, you will hear the sound ofitsheight.Tact will come with the height of the position touched.Let's aim to perfect performance!☆ ★ evaluation system ★ ☆Acquisition rate = Comp rate and star of the relationshipbetweenthe note is as follows.100% = ☆ 3More than 90% = ☆ 2More than 80% = ☆ 1Less than 80% = challenge fails (play suspended)☆ ★ For Heart ★ ☆One will recover in 10 minutes.In addition, when there is no heart, you can recover a singleheartby to watch the video ads.☆ ★ For Star ★ ☆Each song has been set to star acquisition magnification for eachofthe three difficulty levels.It will be the number of star multiplied by the magnification to☆obtained in the evaluation of the performance can actuallywin.☆ ★ For unlock ★ ☆Of the three songs that are open in the early other than "slow"islocked can not be played as it is.In accordance with the window that appears when you press theplaybutton, you can unlock by consuming a star.Consumption of the star is different in each song, degreeofdifficulty.☆ ★ number of songs ★ ☆We offer more than 30 songs.
CubeShooter 3.6 APK
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□ ■ Overview ■ □-Cube is the shooting game fight.· The first is weak, but you can enhance the aircraftandaccumulating money.□ ■ game clear ■ □• All the boss of all 6 levels × all 16 stage will be whenyoudefeat the game clear.□ ■ How ■ □· Finger toward a position spaced and ship moves.- Attacks are firing bullets from automatically ship.□ ■ game tips ■ □Let's take advantage of the diamond to be paidthan-once-a-dayheadquarters!Diamond will consume one and to be continue on the fly when theyaredefeated in the quest.· In addition, you can convert the diamond into money. Perdiamond,you can exchange in 2000 money of rate each time youadvance thestage.• When the stage was first cleared the will also be paidonediamond.It becomes, bullets of power to 3WAY bullet When you Lv10, youwill5WAY If you Lv25! Bullet of power Let's raise thepriority.• If you absolutely can not proceed easily, you can buy a diamondinthe shop, please take advantage of.
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ドミニオンやマジック:ザ・ギャザリングをプレイしたことのあるゲーマーならピンと来ること間違いなし!カードゲームユーザーに好評を博した、戦闘要素のあるデッキ構築型カードゲーム「ウィッチデュエルパンプキン(通称:パンプキン)」の正統続編!前作のゲームシステムはそのままに各種パワーアップ!チュートリアルモードは新たにクエストモードへと進化!クエストを進めることで自然とルールを覚えることが出来ます。実績&カードアンロックシステムを追加!クエスト全クリアやプレイ回数、戦績、レーティングが一定値以上に到達、パーフェクトゲームなどで実績を解除し、報酬としてゴールドを得られます。カードは貯めておいたゴールドでアンロック可能となっています。マッチング対戦は、公式戦とフリー対戦に分かれます。公式戦では戦績とレーティングの変動が行われ、このゲームのメインコンテンツとなります。フリー対戦では戦績とレーティングは変動せず、練習を目的としたモードになります。また、フリー対戦では相手に戦績やレーティングは隠してプレイすることになりますので、気軽に対戦可能です。パンプキン2でもMatchingVerが同じクライアント同士であれば一緒に対戦できます。ただし前作パンプキンとは一緒に対戦できません。マッチング状況についてはTwitterの公式アカウントにて配信中です。@wdp2_matchingをフォローしてマッチングを加速しましょう!Dominion and Magic: TheGathering the sure to come with the gamer if pin that may haveplayed!It was well received in the card game user, a combat element deckconstruction-type card gameLegitimate sequel: "witch Duel pumpkin (Pumpkin aka)"!Previous work of the game system is the various power-up as itis!Tutorial mode is newly evolved into a quest mode!You can learn the nature and rules that advance the quest.Add the track record and card unlock system!Quest all clear and the number of plays, KOs, rating reaches thepredetermined value or more, to release the track record in suchperfect game,You get a gold as a reward.Card has become possible unlock the Gold that has beenpooled.Matching competition is divided into the official game and freecompetition.Is carried out change of KOs and rating in the official game, itwill be the main content of this game.KOs and rating does not vary in the free competition, it will bethe mode for the purpose of practice.Also, in the free play so you will want to play hide the KOs andrating to the other party, you feel free to possiblecompetition.MatchingVer even pumpkin 2, you can play together if the sameclient to each other.However we can not play together with previous work pumpkin.It is being distributed by Twitter's official account for matchingsituation.@ To follow wdp2_matching Let's accelerate the matching!
タップレイド 1.1 APK
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タップレイドはユーザーみんなで協力してモンスターを攻撃しまくるクリッカーゲームだ!タップ!ドラッグ!フリック!3種類の方法からお好みの手段でモンスターを攻撃しよう☆全ユーザーで共有されたモンスターをどんどん倒そう!モンスターは全部で300種類!ラスボスはめっちゃカタい!?モンスターを倒せば経験値ゲット☆タップ、ドラッグ、フリックに経験値を割り振ってレベルを上げよう!レベルアップするとモンスターに与えるダメージが大きくなるぞ!各攻撃、レベル20上がるごとに、2分間ダメージが1.5倍になるボーナスが発生!更にポーションも1つ貰える!ポーションを1つ使うと、2分間ダメージが2倍になるぞ!モンスターには弱点属性がある!弱点属性と同じ攻撃をするとダメージが増えるぞ!モンスターの左上に弱点属性が表示されるので要チェックだ!AP(アクティブポイント)も全ユーザーで共有されているAPはアクティブなユーザーが多いほど、沢山減っていくぞAPが0になるとモンスターへ攻撃できなくなってしまう!新しい月になればAPは全回復するぞ!みんなでガンガン攻略しよう!Tap raid is a clickergamespree attack the monster in cooperation with user everyone!Tap! drag! Flick!Trying to attack the monster in your favorite means fromthreemethods ☆Topple more and more monsters that are shared by allusers!Monster 300 kinds in all! Final boss is hella hard! ?Experience get if defeat monsters ☆Tap, will raise the level allocate drag, the experience value totheflick!Damage to the monster is increased when you level up!Each attack, each time the up level 20, bonus damage for twominutesis 1.5 times occurred!Furthermore potions also one Nowak!When the potion use one, damage two minutes is doubled!The monster is vulnerable attribute!Increase the damage and the same attack as theweaknessattribute!I check it out because there is weakness attribute is displayedinthe upper left corner of the monster!AP has been shared by the (active points) also all usersAs the AP has many active users, it goes a lot lessAP becomes impossible to attack to the monster when it comesto0!Once the new month the AP total recovery!Trying to pounding capture everyone!

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ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value